How to Burn a Decoupage Candle

Once upon a time, candles were used to illuminate our surroundings, but the time electricity started to arrive, the use of candles for lighting things up for us has gone down a lot. But one thing no one can ever deny is that no matter how much light we have, we still use candles. Nowadays, candles are in high demand for meditation and decoration. A type of decoration candle is known as the decoupage candle. If you have them and you are concern about how to burn a decoupage candle, keep reading ahead to know.

How to Burn a Decoupage Candle

What is a Decoupage Candle?

Before you learn how to burn a decoupage candle, you need to know what is a decoupage candle. To make it simple for you, decoupage candles are candles that have beautiful and various kinds of design to them. The plans are put with paper and other materials.

The thing about decoupage candles is that they are an excellent accessory for keeping your home looking decorative. But if you are going to burn them, you will need to know how to do that. Because usually, decoupage candles cannot be consumed due to the fact that the fire can get caught onto the design and create problems.

But a lot of people will want to burn them, and there are ways you can do that.

How to Burn a Decoupage Candle

​Learn: How to Burn a Decoupage Candle

The decoupage candles are so dangerous if you are not careful with them and end up lighting them up without giving them proper thoughts. There are designs on it that are flammable, so burning the light without thinking about them will only create a problem for you. It is especially bad if you have kids around you.

The best way you can burn the decoupage candle is by peeling all the decoration off from the candle. The decorations are the main reason why fire cannot be used with this one. So, by removing them, you will have no problem lighting up the candles. They will not have any hampering substance surrounded, and you will be able to light up the candle to enjoy the peacefulness.

How to Burn a Decoupage Candle 3

But if you do not want to remove the design, you can still use the candles. To do so, you will have to use a bigger candle. Candles that have a diameter of four inches will do a better job. To start the possess, you will have to light up the candle, and you will slowly see that the fire is only melting in the middle. It will continue to do so until the full flame is gone. And the decoration will stay the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Burn a Candle That Has Tissue Paper on It?

Yes, you can burn a candle that has tissue paper on it. A few things to keep in mind before burning the candle are:

1. Keep the flame away from anything flammable such as curtains or papers.

2. Make sure the wick is fully lit before lighting the taper candles so that there is no chance of a fire starting when someone walks past your table and touches it with their hand.

Can You Burn a Decoupage Candle?

A decoupage candle is a wax-based candle that has been decorated with various materials. Yes, you can burn a decoupage candle, but it may not last as long as a normal wax-based candle due to the added decorations.

What’s the Difference Between Mod Podge and Decoupage?

Decoupage is a decorating method by layering paper, fabric, or other material on top of another material. It’s also called paper mache. Mod Podge is a two-part paste consisting of water and acrylic polymer modified by pigment that can be used to create temporary or permanent crafts.

Can You Burn Mod Podge Candles?

Yes, you can use Mod Podge to make candles. It is easy to do, and the wax dries quickly so that the candle doesn’t melt too quickly.

The only thing you need to do is apply a layer of Mod Podge onto your candle wick, wait for it to dry, then light the wick.

What Happens When You Burn a Candle?

When you burn a candle, it releases heat and light into the air. The heat from the flame is absorbed by the wax and creates a layer of hot gas that rises. The gas escapes through holes in the wick, which causes the flame to flicker and become weaker.

The smoke is then released into the air due to its lower density than the surrounding air. When you blow out candles, they release particles back into your environment, which is hazardous to health.

​Final Thoughts

There you go- we told you the ways we know how to burn a decoupage candle. Even though the candle is very dangerous, you will want to use them once in your lifetime. If you are going to take the proper measurement, you will be able to light them up without messing anything.

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