How to Clean a Melodica

When you are a musician or someone who loves to play instruments, you would know how important it is to keep them clean. Especially those that are used with your mouth. The melodica is one of the instruments that you need to use through the mouth for playing. It is an instrument that is a combination of accordion and harmonica. You can play it by blowing through the mouthpiece while playing the keys. Here we are to tell you how to clean a melodica

How to Clean a Melodica

As you should know, when you are blowing through the mouthpiece, there is going to be your spit inside the melodica. With the help of the warmth of your breath, it could create condensation. Besides, over time dirt will also enter. That is why it is needed for you to know how to clean a melodica. And if you have bought it from another person, you need to clean it before using it.

Learn: How to Clean a Melodica

There are various ways to clean a melodica. What you have to focus on is how to clean a melodica thoroughly, so you will have no doubt left.

Cleaning A Melodica

The first thing you have to do on how to clean a melodica is to clean the spit valve. There is a valve right after the mouthpiece. You can clean it by using the first key of the melodica. When you press the key, the spit valve will be open. Blow through the mouthpiece, all the dirt and water will come out.

Next, you need to take off the mouthpiece and clean it properly. If the mouthpiece is made of plastic, it will be easy to wash it with water and soap. But if it is made out of brass, make sure you use a brass cleaner to clean the mouthpiece. Otherwise, you will have a chance of damaging the product.

Next, you will need a pipe cleaner. What you have to do is use the pipe cleaner to clean inside the hole of the melodica. You need to be extremely careful with this. If you are not careful, you may end up messing with the reeds, and that will cause damage to the melodica itself.

As for the last thing, you can open up the melodica to clean it thoroughly. But for that, you need to consider beforehand. Melodicas can be different. So, make sure you know how to open it and then put them back together. Careful not to make a mistake that will end up ruining your melodica.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to clean a melodica. We hope that our instructions will be helpful to you. Whether your melodica is new or old, you need to always keep it clean. You also need to make sure that you know how to take care of your melodica, and cleaning is surely a part of it. To keep your melodica good for years, taking proper care of it is extremely important, as well as it is beneficial for your health.

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