How to Decorate Columns for a Wedding

As the wedding date for your friends or relatives’ approaches, you will have more than one thing to do. You cannot just expect to attend the wedding without contributing some work to it.  You may be a part of the shopping group or the decoration group. For those of you who are going to be involved in decoration work, you may encounter something that is how to decorate columns for a wedding.

In every wedding venue, there will be some columns that need to be decorated to make the venue look good. Also, columns are mostly used as a background to take pictures or say the vows. Whatever is the reason you know you need to decorate those columns to make them look like a part of the wedding. To do so, we will tell you the ways how to decorate columns for a wedding.

Learn: How to Decorate Columns for a Wedding

Usually, any decoration on the venue should be matching with the theme of the wedding if they have some. So, whatever you are going to use for the decoration, should follow the theme. If there is no theme, you can get materials that you think goes well with a wedding.

Usually, columns are coming in white color, so our ways will be based on white columns.

  • The first thing you are going to notice if the columns are round, square, or hexagon shape and if they already have some design to them or not.
  • The essential thing you can decorate the columns with is flowers. Buy various kinds of flowers with the stem on them. They could be real or artificial, but we will suggest getting the artificial ones.
  • You can stick those flowers all around the columns. If there are some designs, you need to avoid them.
  • Put the flowers on top of the columns and around them in beautiful shapes.
  • You can use fabric as decoration too. You can get sparkly fabric or mesh fabric (we will say mesh fabric has most demand) and drape them around the columns. You can use them to connect a few columns like a curtain.
  • Another thing you can use to decorate is lights, especially if the wedding is at night. You can put the lights around the columns, flowers, and fabric to glow around the columns.
  • You can use small lights to hide inside the flowers. They will illuminate the flowers when the sun starts to set. It will also be a great idea to take pictures. And that’s it for how to decorate columns for a wedding.

Final Thoughts

These are the few ways you can put some right decoration on columns for the wedding. We hope our tips will help you to learn how to decorate columns for a wedding. We will say there are many things you can do to make the columns pleasant. It is not only the columns but also the surrounded place that will accentuate the columns’ design.

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