How to Fix a Buckled Rug

If you have a buckled rug, it can be frustrating to know the right way to fix it. This article will discuss how to fix a buckled rug and ensure that the problem doesn’t happen again in the future. When you’re first looking at a buckled rug, some things may influence why it is happening.

Whether or not there is furniture on top of the carpet if there’s furniture pressing down on one side more than another (like an armoire), or if something heavy has been dropped on one section of your carpet. If none of these situations apply to your home, then you should look into other possible causes for buckling, such as humidity levels being too high or low in your area. Read on to know more information!

How to Fix a Buckled Rug

8 Effective Methods: How to Fix a Buckled Rug

It’s common for rugs to be rolled up or folded improperly and end up with an unsightly buckle. Here are some tips to fix your buckles:

Method 1: Place the Bum End Under the Buckle

One of my favorite tricks for buckled rugs is to place the “bum end” of the rug under the buckle.  The “bum end” is the short side of the rug that is on the wrong side when you’re looking at it.

It may or may not be labeled as such, but usually, it’s easy to spot because it has little fabric loops sewn along the edge. To fix the rug, flip it over so that the bum end is under the buckle and then push down on the buckle to flatten it out.

Method 2: Use a Thimble

If you don’t have any other objects around, such as spoons or rolled-up magazines, grab yourself a thimble! Pry the thimble between the bottom of the buckle and the fabric of the rug.

Next, push down on the top of your thumb with your opposite hand to force it under the edge of the buckle, then pull gently back toward you. That should flatten out most buckles in an instant!

Method 3: Iron It Out

If all else fails, grab iron and your Buckle-Be-Gone spray. You’ll need to flip the rug over for this method so the “good side” is facing up. Next, flip it back over so that the buckle is on top of the front side. Place a towel or cloth over the buckle not too thick, or it will slow down the heat.

Turn your iron to its lowest setting and slowly move it over the buckle until you see steam start to rise from under the towel (this may take a few minutes). After that, watch as the rug magically flattens out!

Method 4: Use Kitchen Gear for Instant Results

If you need a quick fix and don’t want to spend time searching for your thimble or iron, you can use other common household objects. This method requires the most patience because it takes longer than any others (though it’s still faster than ironing).

All you need to do is place the object under tension on top of the buckle, then slowly lower the object toward the floor to force the buckle flat. Again, we recommend using something heavy, such as a stack of books or even just larger cookbooks.

Try Using a Spatula

Method 5: Use a Spatula

If you’re desperate and kitchen gear isn’t working for you, try using a spatula. Just like with the ironing method, it’s essential to be careful when using sharp objects around your rug. A good precaution is to place some paper or cardboard under the buckle before moving in with your spatula.

Method 6: Use Other Home Objects

This method is very similar to the kitchen gear method. The only difference here is that you’ll need smaller objects with a bit more weight behind them instead of using large, heavy objects. Common household items perfect for this job include screwdrivers, small rocks or marbles, and even paper clips!

Method 7: Flip Your Rug and Pat It Down

The quickest and most straightforward solution to buckled rugs is to flip them over, so the good side is facing up. Once you’ve done that, take a piece of cardboard and place it under the buckle before patting it down on top of it to smooth out the fabric.

Method 8: Use a Rolling Pin

If you don’t have anything else on hand to flatten out your buckled rug, grab your rolling pin! Place the good side of the rug on top of your work area (such as a table). Next, place your rolling pin flat on top of the buckle. Push down on both ends of it with your hands to flatten it out.

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Tips to Prevent Buckling on Your Rug:

Make Sure You Buy a Rug Pad

1. Make sure you buy a rug pad.

2. Don’t step on the ends of your rugs while wearing shoes with metal cleats.

3. If possible, put the rug against the wall rather than in front of it so that its weight is supported by something solid rather than just sandwiched between two non-slip surfaces.

4. Make sure your room is cool and dry, with no humidity or standing water on the floors, as this can cause the rug to buckle.

5. Take occasional breaks from walking over an area rug, and give it time to “rest” by opening doors across it or moving furniture over it for a few days.

6. Don’t let small children or pets play on an area rug. They’re likely to leave their scuff marks over time, which can cause buckling or ripple effects that will make it obvious that something is wrong with the rug.

7. Use pillows to cover your rug when you eat so people’s shoes won’t damage it, and have them remove their shoes before stepping on the rug.


You can fix a rug buckle by using the following steps mentioned in this blog post. First, unroll and flatten your rug. Next, cut two strips of heavy-duty fabric to cover the area where you want to repair it. Stack one strip on top of the other with right sides together. Sew across three edges (lengthwise), leaving about half an inch open for turning out, and then sew around all four sides left unsewn.

Turn on inside out and press as flat as feasible before stitching up the remaining opening near to the edge. If you want to make the seam of the shirt look nice, you can do a hemming stitch that will guarantee that there is no future unraveling at the repaired location. We hope this blog post on how to fix a buckled rug has been helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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