How to Fix Mini Cooper Power Steering Pump

Power Steering Pump

Do you have a Mini Cooper? If so, the chances are that your power steering pump has gone out. Unfortunately, this is a common problem for the Mini Cooper, and it can be an expensive fix. Luckily, there are some DIY ways to save money on this repair by fixing the existing power steering pump.

The blog post will give you step-by-step instructions on how to fix mini cooper power steering pump. It also includes helpful information and tips for those who are not experienced with car repairs. 

What Is a Power Steering Pump?

The power steering pump is responsible for sending hydraulic fluid (oil) to the different components of the power steering system. These parts include the power steering rack and pinion, which moves the wheels and other gears that are part of the power steering system. The internal components are made of metal or plastic. These parts are all held together by a gear casing, which is attached to the engine block.

The power steering pump in a Mini Cooper is responsible for transferring power from the vehicle’s engine into the steering gearbox. Without the pump, there would not be enough pressure to turn the wheels on your car. So when the pump goes out on your Mini Cooper, you will have one less way of turning. This could be problematic if you were in an emergency or needed to make a sharp turn.

How Does a Power Steering Pump Work?

Minis are equipped with electric power steering (EPS). The driver does not have to physically move any part of the steering wheel to get it started with older cars using hydraulic fluid instead of electricity. Unfortunately, since this system uses EPS, it can drain the battery quickly, which has been one of the most common complaints over the years. 

Using Hydraulic Fluid

To make steering more efficient, a power steering pump is used. It has a pulley that takes the energy from the engine and turns it into hydraulic pressure, which can be transferred through hoses to other parts of your vehicle. The highest amount of pressure is created at the pump itself, letting you have ease in turning without having to physically move anything yourself.

Procedures: How to Fix Mini Cooper Power Steering Pump

1. Checking the Air Pressure

If your Mini Cooper is equipped with air pressure, then it could be contributing to the failure of your power steering pump. The air pressure must be checked at least once a month for optimum performance. If you live in areas that receive freezing temperatures during the winter months, check the air pressure even more often because cold weather winter, then it is very important to check the air pressure more than once a month. If you are not sure how to check the air pressure for your car, then stop by your local auto shop or call the manufacturer for instructions.

2. Tightening Belt Tensioner

If you have performed all of the checks recommended above and are still having problems with your power steering pump, then check the belt tensioner. The belt tensioner is a small pulley that keeps the belt tight around the other components of your power steering system. If this is out of whack, it can cause a loss in power steering fluid and eventually cause your pump to fail.

3. Cleaning the Filter

This is very important because anything that gets into these places can cause the pump to overheat and even destroy other parts of your power steering system. The two areas of concern are the filter for the fluid and the filter on top of your pump housing. Again, if you have checked all else, then it may be time to replace these filters with new ones.

4. Replacing Your Pump

If you have performed all of the above checks and are still experiencing problems, then you may need to replace your power steering pump. The best way to find out for sure is to check with a mechanic who specializes in Mini Coopers. A good auto shop will be able to test your power steering system and let you know if it is time for new parts or not.

5. Replacing the Power Steering Rack

If you have your power steering pump replaced and are still having problems, then check the pump housing for signs of leakage. If your pump housing is damaged in any way, it could allow contaminants into the system and causing damage to other parts as they come in contact with it. Call a Mini Cooper specialist to have your power steering rack replaced if this is the culprit.

Checking Belt Tensioner

Tips To Avoid Power Steering Pump Failure

Tip 1: Adding Aftermarket Parts

There are several aftermarket parts that can help prevent your power steering pump from failing. These include lubricants, heat shields, and cooling fans. Each of these additions will help keep the pump working in optimal condition longer than if you did not have them installed on your Mini Cooper.

Tip 2: Minimizing Drag on Your System

Mini Coopers do not have a lot of power steering assist, so you will want to be sure that any additions to your car are not increasing drag on the pump itself. For instance, adding a spoiler or mud flaps could add too much pull for the system and cause problems.

Tip 3: Turning on the AC or Heat in Cold Weather

In cold weather, you may not be able to feel your steering wheel very well since it is harder to move with frozen fingers. If this has happened and you turned on your heat when you meant to turn on your air conditioning, then this could cause damage to the power steering pump. To avoid this, be sure to check your switches before turning on any of the functions.

Tip 4: Mixing Different Types of Fluids

You should never mix different types of power steering fluid in your system because they are not compatible with each other. This can cause corrosion and other issues inside of your pump housing that will eventually lead to the failure of the entire system.

Tip 5: Avoiding Using Your Car in Cold Weather

If you know that your power steering fluid will be exposed to extreme temperatures, it may be best not to use your car until it gets better. The cold can cause a decrease in power steering assist and make it harder for you to control your car safely when it is slick out.

You can avoid experiencing power steering problems with a little maintenance and don’t need to hire a Mini Cooper specialist for repairs.


The Mini Cooper Power Steering Pump is one of the most important parts to keep your car running properly. If you have been experiencing problems with it, we recommend that you take it in for service right away before any more damage occurs. We hope this blog post on how to fix mini cooper power steering pump has helped, and feel free to contact us if you need any information!

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