How to Hang a Shower Caddy on the Wall

Hanging a shower caddy on the wall is an easy way to save space in your shower. Not only does it free up floor space, but it also allows you to store all of your items in one place. Although there are multiple ways to hang a shower caddy on the wall, this blog post will focus specifically on how to hang a shower caddy on the wall. 

The steps below have been broken down that detail how you can hang any suction cup-style hook onto your bathroom tiles without worrying about damaging them or creating holes in the wall. Then, we’ll show you how to do just that, so you have more room in your bathroom and don’t have to worry about balancing things on top of wet surfaces.

How to Hang a Shower Caddy on the Wall

8 Reasons Why Hang a Shower Caddy on the wall:

Hanging a shower caddy on the wall is much better than having it sit on the floor or shelf in your shower. There are many benefits to turning your shower caddy rather than placing it on the bottom of a nook somewhere.

1) Your Caddy will Stay Cleaner:

It always seems like when you have things placed on your shower floor, they collect dirt, and it will get gross with time.

2) Less Work for You:

When you have things on your shower floor, they will inevitably fall over when you try to get something out of them.

3) Your Kids Will be Safer:

They shouldn’t play around in the shower if you have kids or even just toddlers. It’s much better if your caddy is hanging on the wall, so they can’t pull it over.

4) Your Caddy will be More Accessible:

When things are placed on a shelf or your shower floor, they tend to get pushed further and further back as time goes by. If you have them hung from a hook on the wall, they are closer to you, so you will be more likely to use them.

5) You Can Use what you Need:

If your shampoo or body wash is sitting on the floor of your shower, inevitably, after a while, it will get pushed back until there is no more left for you to get out of the bottle. You can quickly grab whatever you need when you have your caddy hung on the wall.

6) Your Caddy will look More Sophisticated:

It is always nice to have things around your home match rather than clash. For example, hanging your shower caddy on the wall will seem more put together and less messy.

7) You Will be More Mindful:

It is always nice to have things around your shower neat and up to par. However, hanging a caddy on the wall will help you put more effort into keeping your shower as clean as possible.

8) You Can Use Your Caddy for More than Just Shampoo:

Many people hang their shampoo and conditioners in their shower caddy, but it can also be perfect for soaps, gels, shaving cream, etc. Hanging your caddy on the wall will let you use it for whatever you want.

Things to Know When Hanging a Shower Caddy on the Wall:

As bathrooms become more and more cramped, we need to resort to some creative organizing. A shower caddy can be an excellent tool for storing and organizing your bathroom items, but where do you put it? This blog post will discuss how to hang a shower caddy on the wall. When choosing a place to install a shower caddy in your bathroom, you should consider the following:

1. The location you choose for a shower caddy in your bathroom should be away from water splashes. If it is too close to the showerhead or directly in the stream of water when someone is bathing, there will be a lot of rusting and/or rotting of the hooks, caddies, and shelf.

The location should also be far enough away

2. The location you choose should be dry after taking a bath or shower. This prevents mold or rots on plastic items or rust on metal ones.

3. Choose a location close enough to your toiletries to reach them without disturbing anything else in your bathroom. This makes it possible to keep everything you need for showering in one easy-to-reach place. The location should also be far enough away so that when someone sits on the toilet, nothing is between them and the shower caddy.

4. If a shower caddy is on a door, be sure to check how it opens and closes before hanging anything on it. Many doors have hinges that swing in the opposite direction of what you expect them to.

5. If you do not want your shower caddy obstructing your view when you look in the mirror, install the caddy as high as possible on the wall.

6. One caddy probably isn’t enough to hold your entire collection of toiletries, so consider adding more than one if possible.

Instructions: How to Hang a Shower Caddy on the Wall with Command Strips

When you are ready to install a shower caddy in your bathroom, follow these instructions on how to hang a shower caddy on the wall:

Step 1:

Clean your chosen location on the wall to remove any residue. If there is already tile grout in place, make sure you wait until it has fully dried before continuing with this project. Read all instructions on the back of the Command Strips package before beginning this project.

Instructions to Hang a Shower Caddy

Step 2:

Prepare your shower caddy for installation. Remove the Command Strips from their packaging and turn them to latch. Twist a hook off the strip in your hand.

Step 3:

Place one hook near the top of your shower caddy where you want it to hang. Lay the second hook on top, making sure that they latch together. Allow space at the bottom for water drainage.

Step 4:

After 24 hours have passed, you should be able to hang your caddy. If this doesn’t work out for some reason, simply apply a little more pressure and latch the hooks together again before waiting another 24 hours. Apply two coats of enamel to protect hooks from rusting. This may not be necessary if they are installed in a bathroom.

Step 5:

Have a friend help you hold the caddy in place while marking where the holes need to be drilled. Use a pencil and paper for this step.

Step 6:

Drill your holes, being careful not to drill too deep or wide. Insert drywall anchors if you are installing on drywall. At least two of these should hold the weight of your shower caddy. Remember to remove the hooks from the wall before drilling and let drywall anchors sit for 24 hours in a dry location before filling them with concrete.

Step 7:

Put a little toothpaste on the end of your drill bit to remove any excess paint at your destination. If you have not already, apply two coats of enamel to protect it from rusting.

Shower Caddy Hanging Tips

1. Do not install on freshly painted walls. Instead, wait at least two weeks for the paint to dry before hanging your caddy.

2. Ensure the hooks are securely attached before applying pressure to flush with the wall.

Shower Caddy Hanging Tips

3. If you purchase a shower caddy without hooks, you will need to screw them into the wall. If your caddy has looped ends, you can use self-adhesive strips to attach it to the wall.

4. A shower caddy with two hooks is more stable than one with three.

5. Standard hooks are not too heavy for most drywall; however, if you feel that they may be too heavy, use anchors and plastic screws (to prevent cracking the drywall).

6. Use a level to ensure that your caddy is hung straight before marking its position on the wall. You can also drill holes into the wall to turn it and test the stability by hanging one hook in each hole. Do not add any more hooks until the caddy is hanging securely.

7. If your shower caddy has a sixth hook for razors, ensure it is secure and cannot be accidentally knocked off. A razor hook should hang at least six inches from the edge of any shelf or ledge to prevent accidental slashes.

8. Make sure that all the holes in a shower caddy face are away from where a person would stand.


The towel rack is the best way to hang a shower caddy on the wall. You can use it for other items, too! Hanging your towel rack high enough will allow you to have plenty of space in front of your shower head and water controls. It also leaves room under the towel rack to avoid obstructions while using soap or shampoo bottles.

In this blog post, we’ve covered the basics of hanging a shower caddy on the wall. If you want more information about any other aspect of installing or hanging your shower caddy, feel free to ask us in the comments below! We’re always happy to answer questions and provide tips for our readers.

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