How to Keep a Rug From Curling

When a rug is rolled up or bent, it can easily curl at the ends. To keep the rug from curling, you will need to lay it flat before storing it away. If your rug has already curled and you want to try and flatten it out again.

Rugs that curl up at the edges can be a big annoyance. Not only do they leave unsightly gaps between your rug and furniture, but it also looks sloppy. However, if you want to keep them from curling in the future, there are a few steps you can take. The following guide will help you find out how to keep a rug from curling and what causes this problem in the first place. Read on to know more!

How to Keep a Rug From Curling

10 Ways on How to Keep a Rug From Curling:

1. Buy a Rug pad:

A rug pad is a thin piece of spongy material used to protect the bottom of your rugs by preventing them from slipping and bunching. You can buy them in most department or houseware stores for less than $20. They come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to pick an appropriate size for your rug!

2. Fold it:  

This is a very simple, albeit temporary, way to keep a rug from curling. It’s beneficial if you have a very large or heavy rug that can’t be easily moved or lifted. Just fold the rug in thirds lengthwise and then roll it up from one end to the other. Once you reach the end, unroll it, and you’ll have a non-curl rug!

3. Weight it:

A rug can also be weighed down using heavy materials like books or bricks. Just spread the items out in a single layer over your rug and let it sit for about an hour to flatten out any curling. You can use smaller objects if you have a small rug but don’t pile too much on top of one section, or it might cause permanent buckling of your rug.

Apply Carefully to the Underside of Your Rug.

4. Use a Rug Saver:

This is a specially designed adhesive product that will flatten out any curling edges or corners underneath the application area. Just clean your rug thoroughly with soap and water to remove all dirt and dust, peel off the back of the rug saver and apply carefully to the underside of your rug.

It’s best applied to the back, bottom side so it doesn’t show on top and can be used in conjunction with other methods like folding or weighting. Rug savers come in several different widths, colors, and thicknesses, so you should be able to find one that is right for your rug.

5. Lay it Flat:

You can also leave your rug out in the open, perhaps using furniture to weigh down any corners that might curl up. The room’s humidity levels will probably not be high enough to flatten your rug entirely. Still, it will keep it from curling for several days or weeks at a time if the humidity levels are relatively consistent.

6. Try Taping It:

If you can’t leave your rug out in the open, you can also use duct or packing tape to keep it flat. Just cut a piece of tape that’s about 1″ longer than your rug on each side and press it firmly onto the back of your rug, directly on top of the curling edge. The adhesive in the tape will keep it flat and make for easy removal once you’re ready to use your rug again.

7. Use a Steam Iron:

An iron will relax any wool fibers that might be causing your rug to curl up after repeated use or high humidity levels. Just be sure not to let your iron touch your rug and set it on the highest setting possible.

Hold the iron over any areas that curl up, and you’ll find that they will relax back into place fairly quickly. This method is best used in conjunction with one of the other methods to prevent curling after using an iron because it’s not a permanent fix, and your rug will probably curl up again after a while.

8. Rotate It:

Another temporary and straightforward fix is just to turn your rug over, so it’s on the opposite side whenever you’re not using it. This way, both sides will get an equal amount of use, and your curling edges won’t be as noticeable.

9. Staple the Top of the Rug:

If rotating your rug doesn’t quite do the trick, you can tack the corners of the top side to the underside with a hand stapler and some staples. Use staples that are smaller than your rug so they won’t be noticeable and don’t staple through to the front side of your rug, or you’ll have a hard time vacuuming it.

Wrap a Strip of Masking Tape Around the Edges

10. Wrap Masking Tape Around:

You can also wrap a strip of masking tape around the edges and under your rug to prevent them from curling. The adhesive will keep it in place, but you should still remove the tape whenever you want to use your rug again, so it doesn’t damage or discolor your carpet. You can also use duct or packing tape if you prefer, which has even stronger adhesive and can be left on the rug until you’re ready to use it again.


The rug is still beautiful, but it’s not as aesthetically pleasing when it curls up. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent this from happening. The best way to prevent a rug from curling is by using the correct type of adhesive. We recommend inspecting the underside of your rug and using a non-skid pad or double-sided tape if you notice an issue with sliding on certain types of floors.

But, if you still want to use another adhesive, we suggest using application tape such as Frog Tape so that your edges don’t lift and leave behind bubbles when applying the glue. You can also try unrolling the rug every so often to relieve some tension in the fibers. We hope this blog post on how to keep a rug from curling has been helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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