How to Lock French Doors Interior

Having some luxurious and elegant doors on your house will change the outlook of the entire house. One of the popular doors is called a French door. These double-leaf doors are not only there to be a door but a piece of interior design on your house. They are a favorite of many people, not only because they are good to look at but also the amount of light they let inside the room. But one of the problems with them is that they might not be very secure. Especially if you have them in your bedroom and want them to be able to lock from inside. If you want to know how to lock French doors interior, keep reading ahead.

Learn: How to Lock French Doors Interior

The doors are not only meant as a decorative purpose. If you have them around your bedrooms, you will want them to be able to lock from inside. There are many locks available for them to be used. We are going to mention the two easy ways of how to lock French doors interior. You will be glad to know that these locks are easily found on the market and easy to install as well.

Using a One-sided Deadlock

Deadlocks are the preferable ones when it comes to lock French doors. With deadlocks, you can easily connect the two doors. The best thing about them is that they are one-sided, which means you will not be able to do anything outside when the door is locked from inside.

Also, deadlocks do not require any key. You can lock it using the bolt that is attached to the lock. As for the installation process, anyone with little DIY skills and instruments can do it.

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Using Combination Locks

The next secured locks for how to lock French doors interior are using two locking systems. We believe that you are not going to use both of the doors all the time. So, it is better to keep one locked and the other one in use.

For this, you can use a flash bolt lock to secure one of the doors. The flash bolt lock is very secure and safe, so there is no chance of budging.

As for the other door, you can use a knob lock. But you need to remember that the knob lock should be one-sided as well. So, you can keep the knob lock secured from inside.

So, when both the door is a lock, one cannot open it from outside. You can make it even more secure by adding some screws here and there to make sure intruders cannot break through. Also, keep the key of the knob lock safe.

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Final Thoughts

That was all from us on how to lock French doors interiors. French doors are indeed a very decorative door to have inside your house. It also allows you to have a full door. So, if you secure them properly, you should not have a problem using them.

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