How to Make Bottle Cap Pins


Many techniques can be implemented to make bottle cap pins. Today we will exhibit such a process that will allow our readers to make a fabric pin out of bottle caps. The process is discussed below.

How to Make Bottle Cap Pins

Required Materials:

For this project, you will need:

  • Bottle caps (lids)
  • Embroidery needle with thread or sewing machine thread in a color to match your bottle cap lids. I used a green embroidery needle and thread for mine, but it’s up to you what colors work best for you!
  • Glue/adhesive stick of some kind…I used glue dots because they’re easy and less messy (no dried droplets all over my workspace!)
  • Pliers – if using scissors instead of pliers, be sure not to cut too deep into the underside of your lid so that there is still enough metal on the top surface where you can seal the edges closed when finished. You want to leave about a millimeter or less of metal around the edges.
  • Scissors – if using pliers instead, then you can use them for this step
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks (optional) – I used these as an additional precaution on some bottle caps just in case my thread didn’t hold up over time due to being glued shut with adhesive dots.

This helped ensure that there would be no leaks from any of the seams where I had threaded through my needle because I sealed it closed tightly enough when stitching all three sides together so that none of the stitches have come undone yet! It’s always good to plan and anticipate potential problems beforehand.

Processes on How to Make Bottle Cap Pins

Procedure One:

Step-by-step Instructions: Place your lid upside down on your surface of choice with the threaded needle coming out from underneath it. Thread the other end through one side of a bottle cap and back up through to another side. Repeat for all three sides, adjusting as you go so that each wrap overlaps with where it meets its neighboring wraps until they are tightly closed together.

  1. Cut off any excess thread or wire poking out at either end (can be done now or later, whichever is more convenient).
  2. Poke holes in opposite corners using an ice pick or something similar – I used a sewing measuring tape because I’m not much of a carpenter, but this might be easier than trying to find what works best if you have tools lying around. For me! Just make sure that both points meet the same side of the bottle cap.
  3. Thread needle through one hole and out other, then thread wire around outside edge of that point to create a loop
  4. Finish off by tying it into a knot or making your own little design with some extra wire – these are not limited to knots! I like using half hitches because they look really cool on the backside
  5. Repeat for all four corners, and you’re done! You’ve now got yourself an adorable custom pin that will go great on any shirt, bag, or hat!”

Procedure Two

Bottlecap pins are much used with your denim jackets. This provides a rugged look to your attire. For making bottle cap pins, you will need certain things that are important for the entire process.

At first, you will need some used or new bottle caps, and they should be steel in terms of materials. Then you will need some pins and a hammer. This is much required for making the hole in the cap. Then you will need some screw and adhesive.

Once you have gathered all these, you can start making the bottle cap pins. You have to take a bottle cap and then use a pin to make a hole in the cap. You can also use a drill machine in this case, but the drill bit should be tiny in thickness. You have to repeat this process for both sides of the bottle cap.

As it so steels material, so you have to use a file to make the edges blunt. Once the holes are completed, you can go for the next step of the pin connection. Now you have to take a pin insert it through the bottle cap.

Then you have to take some glue and seal the holes. This is important because the gaps might be more significant for the pins, so adding some adhesive will make the connection rigid. Now you can add color to the bottle cap as per your requirement. Thus you can make a bottle cap pin.


Lastly, we would like to infer that the technique we have mentioned here will surely help beginner readers make bottle cap pins. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

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