How to Prevent Sterling Silver from Turning Black

In our daily wearing accessories and jewelry, there should be one item made of silver. But unfortunately, no matter what sort of silver you are using, it will be affected by tarnish. Silver tarnishing is a black substance that covers the surface of the item. It is a natural process that happens because of the interaction of oxygen and sulfur with silver. It can also happen because of other chemicals in the air.

how to prevent sterling silver from turning black

It is more like corrosion. Your jewelry made out of sterling silver or any other items can slowly turn black. There are ways you can clean them up and make them live before, but it is always better to take prevention. So, if you want to know how to prevent sterling silver from turning black, keep reading ahead. In order to prevent your sterling silver from turning black, you will need to polish it regularly with a silver polish or cloth. Also, store your sterling silver jewelry in an airtight container when not in use.

Learn: How to Prevent Sterling Silver from Turning Black

The first thing that we are going to tell you to remember is that you can only slow down the tarnishing process but cannot stop it, and that is what we mean when we say prevention. You can-

  • Clean the item after you wear them every time as the sweat or oil from your skin can be damaging. Clean it, use warm water, wash it, and then dry it using a soft cloth.
Delay the Tarnish by Polishing  the Silver Item Regularl
  • Delay the tarnish by polishing the silver item regularly or at least sometimes after wearing it
  • Try not to make any contact with substance like liquid to the item. To do this, keep your sterling silver piece away when cooking, eating, or washing.
  • Try not to get in contact with wool or latex items as they are another reason that can contribute to tarnishing.
  • Use temporary protection. You can ask professionals to put a coat of protection that will keep the item away from tarnishing. Usually, pure silver and rhodium are used for that. It is a highly known way to prevent high-quality and expensive silver jewelry from tarnishing.

These are the few ways to know how to prevent sterling silver from turning black.

Final Thoughts

As we have said, it is impossible to keep your silver items tarnish-free. All you can do is learn how to prevent sterling silver from turning black. In this way, you will be able to use the thing for a long time. And if your item is already turning black, it is never too late to wash them for removing the tarnish. Thanks for reading!

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