How to Remove Body Wax From Clothing


Body wax is a synthetic form of the natural waxes produced by insects like bees or beetles. Body wax has been used to remove body hair for hundreds of years and is still widely used today. Body wax comes in different forms, including sticks, creams, roll-ons, and sprays. It’s usually applied directly to the skin with your fingers from small pots or tubes. Some types are mixed with water so they can be brushed on at home using a mitt.

How to Remove Body Wax From Clothing

Unfortunately, sometimes body wax gets attached to the clothes while applying. For this reason, I will discuss how to remove body wax from clothing today. So let us get started.

How Does Body Wax Work?

When you apply body wax to your skin, it melts into oil after it’s applied. Then, as your skin hairs start to grow, the oil and hair begin to mix. When this happens, the wax will stick to the roots of your hair while allowing the rest of the hair strand (skin) to be removed easily from your body. Body wax often comes in a strip form and can be found in most major department stores or salons today.

How does Body Wax Gets Attached to Clothing?

Body wax comes in the form of a cream or lotion. It is a sticky, white substance that must be applied to hair areas with a hand before removing it with a fabric strip. Body waxing has been gaining popularity among celebrities and models for removing unwanted body hair. It is called Brazilian Bikini Wax, where all body hair around the pubic area is plucked out, leaving only minimal hairs that can be easily shaved off.

Step-wise Guide on How to Remove Body Wax From Clothing

Step 1:

Identify the wax. Wax found on clothing is usually in solid form, looks shiny, and has a waxy appearance. Most common body waxes include candle wax, baby oil, body lotions, hair removal solutions, or chemical-based waxing products. Identifying what kind of body wax is present on your clothes is important before removing it from the fabric.

Use a Baby Oil

Step 2:

Determine how long the wax has been on the fabric. The longer it stays on the material, the more difficult it would be to remove it without damaging the texture and color of clothing items like pants, skirts, or shirts.

Step 3:

Wash the affected garment by itself, initially using cold water to see if this helps remove some of the wax. Do not use hot water as you may melt the wax if it is still in a solid form which makes it even more difficult to remove from clothing.

Step 4:

Try using baby oil or hair removal creams on the affected area, e.g., pant leg, sleeve, shirt collar, etc., to see if this helps release the wax. Be sure to spot test these products first in an inconspicuous place before proceeding with larger areas of clothes/fabric. Apply directly over top of the wax mark and leave for several hours until hardened completely.

Once firm enough, scrape off using a plastic spatula, followed by thorough washing with soap and water under running tap water. To remove body wax from the fabric, ensure you wash the garment(s) several times with soap and water.

Step 5:

If the above methods fail to remove body wax from clothing, follow these last steps before giving up hope completely. Take a mixture of both baking soda and cornflour in equal proportions. Make a thick paste of this mixture using some water if necessary and apply directly over the top affected area, e.g., pant leg, shirt collar, etc. Leave for at least 1-2 hours until hardened completely (if melted).

Once firm enough, scrape off using a plastic spatula, followed by thorough washing with soap and water under running tap water. To remove body wax from the fabric, ensure you wash the garment(s) several times with soap and water.

Step 6:

If you cannot remove the body wax from the garment(s), you can try taking it to an expert dry cleaner for assistance. However, do not expect them to obliterate all of the wax as they will only be able to do so if it is in solid form and hasn’t melted yet, making it impossible to remove with normal methods.

Use a Fabric Cleaner

Precautions While Removing Body Wax From Clothing

Important things to remember while trying to take out the body wax from your clothes are

  • Be gentle! Allowing it to harden up will only make things more difficult for you. Whatever you do, don’t rub the spot too roughly because doing so may damage the fabric and cause it to malfunction in the future.
  • Block off all sources of fire or combustible material such as oxygen and flammable substance like kerosene, alcohol, or gasoline that can lead to a huge fire otherwise. Otherwise, this could be dangerous and destructive for you and your clothing. It’s certainly not something you want happening on your part or even from someone else’s end who might be looking at how hot they’re getting through their garments when they’re trying to take out the wax.
  • Be steady and patient! Just keep on with what you’re doing instead of giving up when it seems overwhelming for you or if, at times, things seem like they won’t work out for you anymore in getting the wax off your clothing. You just have to ensure you don’t give up hope too quickly since there’s always a light at the end of every tunnel, especially this one where we can help get those embarrassing stains off your clothes!
  • Keep everything clean and disinfected throughout the entire procedure so as not to cause any risks down the road that might be hazardous to your health and other people around you who may touch anything from anywhere along the process. This is important since you can’t be sure what bacteria or fungus the wax may have on itself.

Alternative of Body Wax:  Steam It Away

Traditional body waxing involves stretching the skin by coating it with wax and pulling off the hair in one strip. This works for many people, but alternatives to this painful method may be more comfortable for some. These methods include using steam to remove hair from your body or razors and chemicals used at home instead of going to a salon whenever you want smooth skin.

Use Razors and Chemicals

The idea behind steaming is that hot water opens up pores on your skin and loosens hairs so they can be pulled out easily. If you think about it, almost all hair removal methods aim to soften the hair to make it easier to remove. For example, shaving requires you to push down firmly against the skin with a sharp object so that it cuts the hair. Hair removal creams work by softening the hair and removing excess skin oil to easier remove unwanted locks.

A bonus to steam is that it will remove hairs, open up your pores, and help you achieve a deep cleanse. After steaming, many people can rewash their face with soap because all dirt and oils have been removed from their bodies. The more often you can steam yourself, the less likely you will develop breakouts or an unbalanced skin pH level.


I hope this article has been helpful for you in learning how to remove body wax from clothing. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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