How to Cut a Bike Lock

There are many ways to cut a bike lock, but not all methods are created equal. In this article, we will show you the best ways how to cut a bike lock using standard tools that are readily available. We will also provide some tips on avoiding being caught in the act. So, whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get your bike back or you’re looking for a more long-term solution, read on for the best way to cut a bike lock.

Many locksmiths will tell you that there aren’t any quick and easy ways to cut bike locks, but this isn’t true. Instead, there are many different tools and methods, so we’ll show you the best way to cut a bike lock, depending on whether it’s a U-lock or chain type.

how to cut a bike lock

Reasons Why Cut the Bike Lock

There are many reasons someone would want to learn how to cut a bike lock. It could be because your bike was stolen, or it could simply be because you don’t have any place secure enough to leave your bike unattended, so instead of walking away with no protection at all, you’d rather keep an eye on your property by standing near it while it’s parked outside. Here are some reasons:

Lost Keys/ Lose the Combination

If you’ve lost your keys or forgotten the combination, they’ll be able to take the bike with them if someone steals it. However, if you lose both of these things, there is no way of accessing the lock. This is why you should learn to cut a bike lock is great – it means that even if you’ve lost everything else, one person will still be able to get into your bike and potentially find something that can help identify its rightful owner.

Stolen Bike

If someone has stolen your bike, it would probably be best to sacrifice something small like eyeglasses or a phone to get back what matters most – namely your bicycle! But, again, it’s always worth considering some safety precautions so that if the bike thief gives up and decides to dump your bike, you’ve got strong locks protecting it.

Tampered Lock

Even if your bike is locked up to something secure, it can still be tampered with. For example, you are using the black plastic bag trick (wherein someone pours water or sand into your lock to make it bulkier and heavier so that when you try to pick the lock again, you simply cannot). In this case, a cut bike lock offers some reassurance that at least one of your locks was effective.

Use Tampered Lock

Faulty Lock

Ice, water, or rust can cause your lock to jam. Maybe you’ve forgotten that it’s not raining and accidentally left your bike outside for months, or perhaps you didn’t realize how much the winter weather was affecting your lock. Whatever the case, if your bike is locked up securely, but something has gone wrong with one of the locks, it should be cut so that you have at least some degree of protection while still getting into whatever other parts are secure.

A Detailed Guide on How to Cut a Bike Lock

Way 1: Using Angle Grinder

Running bike locks are not impossible to destroy for thieves who have an angle grinder in their possession. According to the Original Bike Lift video, a running cycle lock can be defeated in just 30 seconds when attacked by a battery-operated angle grinder. The procedure is simple:

a.  Cut the lock’s top section

b.  Cut the middle of the shackle (the longer part that holds the frame to the U-Lock). If you are in a hurry, you can cut through both links of chain locks with an angle grinder within 20 seconds. This procedure ensures that thieves do not steal your bike in just 30 seconds! By cutting through both links of a running bike lock, it will break off from its anchor point and get loose from your bike. Now, without a proper locking mechanism attached to your bicycle – no one will be able to steal it!

Thieves need just an angle grinder to create such a method or process above. Although, it is a little bit costly in the market – roughly estimated at around $100. But bike thieves can do nothing to prevent them from using an angle grinder because it’s easy to get and use anytime when needed.

Use Angle Grinder

Way 2: Using Wirecutter

Also, you can use a wire cutter or bolt cutters to destroy your running bike lock. How it works is that you need to use the same technique as what we have mentioned above:

·  Cut through both links of your running locked bicycle

This will leave your bike free and unsecured unless there’s an anchor point where someone can attach their own “U-Lock” and secure it back to the place. Otherwise, thieves will quickly snatch your secured bicycle again if this happens! However, wirecutter needed for this method costs around $30 to buy from any hardware shop nearby.

For those who do not want to spend much cash on destroying a thief’s attempted crime – homemade alternative items can be used to cut through the links of a cable lock. Cutting your bike’s cable lock with just pliers will cost you lesser than $30, but it may damage the wire in some cases – leaving it unusable in the future. You can also use a flat-file to modify into a wirecutter for this motion.

Way 3: Using Bottle Jack

A Bottle Jack is one of the simplest methods to cut a bike lock, but it can also be dangerous. It would help if you lifted your bike using the bottle jack then attached your existing U-Lock into its shackle. Perfect! Now, you can place yourself between the two points where the cyclist’s frame attaches – to protect yourself from falling while cutting through anything!

  • To cut through both links of bike locks
  • Cutting any metal objects like chains or “U-Locks.”

This method works best on tiny bikes with just one lock securing them. This motion will result in lower success rates for more giant bicycles because structures around the wheel are hard to reach.

Way 4: Using Hacksaw

Similarly, you can also use a hacksaw to create an easier way for thieves to steal your bicycle. How it works:

a.  Take out the U-Lock from its anchor point

b.  Then, a hacksaw to a gap between the shackle and crossbar. Of course, this method creates an even easier way for thieves to steal bikes without any trace of suspicion since they have successfully passed through security mechanisms using just a hacksaw. They can now focus their attention on stealing other valuables found in your garage or place! Also, what you can do here is that once you know how thieves will carry out their attack – install additional apparatus’ such as padlocks inside the loopholes of your bicycle’s U-Locks. It will be much harder for thieves to remove them, which may take time! This is a crucial way how to cut a bike lock.

Use a Hammer

Way 5: Using Crescent Wrench

Similarly, you can use a crescent wrench. Follow these steps:

1. Choose the appropriate size of the wrench according to the width of your bicycle lock 

2. Slip the wrench into the space between the links, and position it so that you can insert one or two more twists on either side of this first one

3. Add additional wrenches after every few minutes if you feel they would be helpful. Keep alternating sides as you apply more pressure with each wrench  4. Keep applying pressure by turning clockwise until you can separate enough links from both sides

5. Repeat steps 3-4 until your bike is unlocked!

Helpful tip: If less than an inch on each side of your bicycle lock is separated, you can use your wrench to remove the rest of the lock by sliding it through the small gap.

This method is destructive, meaning that if there are other locks on your bike, they may be damaged as well. It also requires a lot of time and effort.

Way 6: Using Hammers

A hammer can break the steel backbone of a lock by applying pressure to the hooks on either side. This is an easy method, but it does require some time, elbow grease, and skill. So, again, a small hammer will work best for this step.

Hammers come in different shapes, sizes and weights. Find one that has just enough weight so you can cut throught the metal with ease without breaking your wrist in doing so. The most important thing to remember here is not to give up before completing this step. Many people eventually become frustrated because they try using too heavy of a hammer or pound at it too hard, which ends up damaging their tool rather than cutting throught the metal bars (this would only weaken the effectiveness of the tools).

The only thing you need to do is find a way to contact the bars in a place where they are not shielded in plastic casing. The most effective points to strike a lock to break it open are at its seam and around the areas where the barcode sticker lacks protection from the plastic casing.

You can use one of these methods or develop your technique; get creative!

Use a Wirecutter or Pliers

You Can Check it Out to Use Helmet Lock


We hope you have learned how to cut a bike lock. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to cut a bike lock, remember these simple steps, and you’ll be on your way in no time. Always be prepared by carrying a set of bolt cutters with you when you ride and know how to use them properly to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

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