How to Pick Mushrooms From Cow Poop

Psilocybin mushrooms are always a favorite item for the psychonauts. They belong to a class of psychedelics called entheogen-the term has been introduced as a definition of their incredibly spiritually relevant characteristics and intent.

There are lots of evidence that proves psychedelic mushrooms have been used in several ritual activities. These rituals are thousands of years old, but in some corners of North America, it is still found in some communities.

How to Pick Mushrooms From Cow Poop

How to Pick Mushrooms From Cow Poop

You Can Check It Out to Tie Dye a Mushroom, In fact, there are several other purposes for these mushrooms, which may tend you to collect them. We are gonna discuss them later. But you have to first learn how to collect these mushrooms. 

The abundance of psilocybin mushrooms is due to the nutritious environment they grow in. This is also why they are found in cow dung, as it provides the right amount of nutrition and humidity. Now the question is how to pick mushrooms from cow poop?

Mushroom hunting is an interesting activity that many people enjoy. It can be even more fun when you are able to find mushrooms that are related to certain rituals. Although it may not be the most pleasant task, picking mushrooms out of cow dung can be rewarding if you follow the proper steps.

Mushrooms that grow in cow poop are called psilocybin mushrooms, and people sometimes call them magic mushrooms. There are some things you need to know before you pick them, like what kind of mushroom it is and if it is safe to eat.

Things You Will Need

  1. Mushroom Identification Guide
  2. Rubber Boots
  3. Scissors

How to Pick Mushrooms From Cow Poop

Tip 1:

The speaker is saying that the mushrooms you are looking for grow in cow dung, so you should look for a farmer’s field where there are cows.

Tip 2:

Once you find that place, make sure to take permission from the owner of the area. Trespassing is obviously illegal, and it causes serious trouble for landowners. As you are not doing anything illegal, you should take the permission first.

Pick Mushrooms From Cow Poop

Tip 3:

The best time for entering the field is 12-36 hours after rain. Remember, I told you that these magic mushrooms require a considerable amount of humidity to grow further. So, the time right after a heavy rain is considered to be perfect for hunting magic mushroom.

If you want to find mushrooms, look for places that are moist, like near water or in the mud. It’s a good idea to wear rubber boots when you’re looking for mushrooms, so you don’t get your clothes wet.

In fact, the cow dung can also be a matter of concern, and you will never want them on your clothes. So, make sure to take your rubber boots with you at the time of hunting.

Tip 4:

When looking for mushrooms, it is helpful to walk in a grid pattern so that you cover the most area possible. It is also important to avoid picking mushrooms from fresh cow dungs, as they require time to grow.

Start your search in the old cow piles that are shaded with tall grasses. Look for those cow dungs that have become dried into the grasses. You will find some healthy and fully grown magic mushrooms there.

Tip 5:

Once you have found the mushroom, start collecting them by snipping their stems off. In this case, you should maintain a particular measurement while cutting the mushrooms off. And that should ½ inch from above the base.

It will allow the cow dung to produce more mushrooms from the root. So, keep this in mind while collecting the mushrooms, especially if you want another raid.

Start Collecting Mushroom

Tip 6:

Okay, now that you have collected mushrooms from every cow pat, it’s time to identify them. Picking psilocybe mushrooms is actually a crime, so if you know how to identify them, you should avoid picking them.

In fact, some mushrooms are poisonous too and can lead you to several injurious diseases. So, it is recommended to ensure the right type of mushroom before starting to eat them. In this case, a mushroom identifying guide is way more helpful.

So, get one of them from your nearest shop, or you may already have one and start exploring the right type of mushroom. The elderly person in your home can also help you to identify the right mushroom.


The suitable time for hunting mushrooms starts from early May to the end of September. So, it will be better if you pick your hunting time within this session. During this time, most of the region pass through the rainy season. This means the mushrooms get enough moisture to grow. However, it mostly depends on the weather condition of your region.

Pick Your Hunting Time


Hopefully, you have understood the process, and you won’t have to ask anyone how to pick mushrooms from cow poop. It is literally easy; you just have to find the right place to collect them. If you are still confused or got something interesting to share, make sure to use the comment section below. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you.

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