How to Navigate DVD Menu without Remote

Whenever you are watching TV peacefully, you will get violently disturbed by the fact that you suddenly lost the remote that was in your hand a few seconds ago! This phenomenon happens once a day, and you will be panicked each time but discover the remote right under you.

How To Navigate DVD Menu Without Remote

Well, the time could come when you end up losing the remote for your TV or your DVD players. When it comes to DVD players, things can get a little complicated. That is why we are here to tell you how to navigate the DVD menu without a remote.

It could be that you might have lost the remove, broke it, or perhaps it has gone out of battery order. Due to it being a DVD, people will panic more than ever. But just to let you know, it is possible to navigate your DVD player without the remote. If you are curious to know, keep reading ahead to know how to navigate the DVD menu without a remote.

Learn: How to Navigate DVD Menu without Remote

There is more than one way of how to navigate the DVD menu without a remote. You will not have to worry as we believe that one of the ways will help you control your DVD’s settings like you used to with the remote control.

Using the DVD Manual Buttons:

Learn to Navigate DVD Menu without Remote

Every DVD player has buttons to it that will let you control the menu without the remote. There are buttons like on and off, fast forward and backward, pause, sound control, etc. The buttons included will not give you all the options that you may have on the remote, but it will have everything that you need to watch the movie and continue it.

Using Universal Remote:

If you do not have the DVD’s remote, you can control the settings using a universal remote control. The universal remote is designed for TV, DVD, blue-ray, and everything that practically needs a remote. It has some basic control codes that will help you to navigate the settings. The codes could be different for different devices, and you can get them from online help. The universal remote will allow you to explore most of the settings using the remote. If you get troubleshooting a universal remote control, you can read this.

Using the Remote App:

Using the Remote App to Navigate DVD Menu without Remote

As smartphones get smarter than before, it has more creative apps now. There is a remote app available for smartphones that will let you control the settings of your TV and DVD. Sometimes you can find the exact remote or similar of the same brand. So, get one of the remote-control apps, and you can enjoy the DVD player without any worries.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to navigate the DVD menu without a remote. We believe you will be able to use one of these ways and watch your DVD without any interruption. You can watch anything by following these methods. And once you start to use them, you may not have to purchase the remote ever again and enjoy the movies forever.

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