How Do I Fix a Plug With an Open Ground

If you have come across a plug with open ground, the prongs are likely to loose. In this blog post, we will try to discuss how do i fix a plug with an open ground. The best way to fix this issue is by using needle-nose pliers to bend each of the prongs inward slightly.

You should also make sure that there are no visible signs of damage on the exterior of the plug and reinsert it into your outlet if possible. If not, use electrical tape around all exposed wiring before inserting another appliance into the same outlet as well as taping both plugs together for added safety. Read on to know more!

How Do I Fix a Plug With an Open Ground

How Do I Fix a Plug With an Open Ground: 10 Solutions to Try

1. Switching Out the Plug:

The easiest solution for this problem is to switch out the plug on your equipment simply. Most electrical shops have plugs that match your device’s power requirements, so you will most likely be able to pick up a matching plug with no difficulty. A replacement plug for most appliances usually costs around $5.

2. Fixing the Plug:

Another helpful way to deal with an open ground is to fix it yourself. If your plug has a removable metal faceplate, or if you have access to the device’s wiring, exposing the wiring will allow you to fix the problem.

If there are three metal prongs on your plug, the center one is the ground. If it is broken at the base, bend both sides of the wire into an L shape and slide them into each other to form a smaller third leg inserted into the outlet.

3. Replacing Ground Wires:

If you do not have access to the wiring of your device, or if your center ground wire is broken off higher up on the plug, you can still fix the problem. However, youu will need to expose more metal by removing the faceplate from your plug and exposing as much wiring as possible.

Remove the ground wire of the plug (it will be attached to one side) and attach an exposed piece of metal (such as a screwdriver.) If you are unable to do this, you can also use electrical tape or aluminum foil.

4. Replacing an Outlet:

If switching out the plugs on your appliances is not feasible, replacing your outlet is the most long-term solution to a broken ground wire. You can do this yourself, or you can hire an electrician to come and take care of it for you.

5. Using a Surge Protector:

If you do not want to replace your outlet, you can use a surge protector as an alternative. This will protect all of your appliances from surges and power spikes, but it will also block any harmful excess voltage that may cause damage to some components.

Power Strip Has One Stranded Wire

6. Power Strip:

Another option is to use a power strip. A power strip has one stranded wire in the unit that will allow you to continue using your appliance in the event of a broken ground wire. However, power strips are less secure in some ways because they are more likely to break down and become overloaded with power demands.

7. GFCI Outlet:

A ground-fault circuit interrupter outlet (GFCI) will provide you with power in the event of open ground, but it is best to use in addition to another solution. For example, GFCIs are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens because they allow people to take showers and wash hands without fear of electric shock.

8. Portable Generator:

Suppose you regularly find that your appliances need a power supply and none of the options mentioned above are viable. In that case, you could also purchase a portable generator for power in an emergency. This generator will run on gasoline or diesel, although gas-powered generators are more widely available, easier to work with, and cheaper to maintain.

9. Power Inverter:

Another option is to purchase a power inverter, which will convert the DC from your car battery into AC (alternating current). Typically, this option will only work as long as you have access to your vehicle because it will drain your car’s battery. However, you could use this alternative if you have a truck or a large SUV with a big battery.

10. Contact an Electrician:

If you are not comfortable doing any of the work outlined above or have tried repeatedly to fix your problem and it is still not working, contact an electrician instead. An electrician will probably recommend replacing the circuit breaker for your outlet anyways so that this option might be most cost-effective.

In any case, you now have the information you need to solve the problem of an open ground wire on your own.

Some Tips and Suggestions:

  1. The ground contact has an open circuit.
  2. This can be a problem for proper continuity in the circuit.
  3. The terminal screw is clean and free of corrosion, but the wire is bad or not connected to it.
  4. There are different causes that can lead to this type of malfunction. To determine which one you have, you must test each wire for continuity with an Ohm meter.
  5. You will need a few essential tools to do the work, including electrical tape, pliers, Allen wrench, screwdriver, and ohmmeter.
  6. Identifying the plug’s open ground may be easier said than done since many plugs look alike. If the wires are not labeled, you may have to trace each one to its terminal screw.
  7. If your plug does not have a built-in wire cutter at the end of the cord, use a pair of pliers or wire cutters to cut it from the wall outlet and then strip about three inches of insulation off both wires with a utility knife.
  8. This will provide a snug fit when you reconnect the wires to the plug’s terminal screws.

Can an Open Ground Cause a Fire?

An Open Ground Can Cause a Fire

Yes, an open ground can cause a fire under certain circumstances. The most common situation involves a motorhome park pedestal with damage to the neutral or hot wire and a faulty plug or receptacle that allows power back into the pedestal wiring.

An open ground is much less likely to be the main cause of electrical problems in a home, but there are some situations where it can be a potential hazard.

What Problems Can Occur as a Result of an Open Ground?

As you read above, if the ground is open, power will travel through the neutral wire back into the transformer or panel and possibly cause a fire.

The severity of this problem will depend on how far the power can travel. Power could also travel back into the transformer or panel through the hot wire if the plug is damaged and allows this to happen, but far less likely.


The best way to fix an open ground is by adding a jumper wire between the two points where they are connected. Make sure that you have turned off power before beginning this process, and make sure not to touch anything with your hands while it is on.

If you cannot do any of these steps yourself or don’t feel comfortable doing so, please contact an electrician for assistance. We hope this blog post has given you some clarity on how do i fix a plug with an open ground. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any.

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