How Does Teeth Aligners Work


It is not any secret that teeth can be a big problem for people. For some, it may only be an aesthetic issue, while others might have difficulty chewing or talking. Teeth alignment can also lead to sleep apnea and TMJ disorders. Therefore, it is essential to get your teeth aligned properly because of the health benefits you will receive in return.

How Does Teeth Aligners Work

Thankfully, there are many different solutions, including orthodontics (braces), veneers/dental bonding, and dental aligners like Invisalign® Clear Aligner System™. In this article, I will discuss “how does teeth aligners work.” So let us get started.

A Detailed Discussion on How Does Teeth Aligners Work:

Imagine that you are living in the age of earlier civilizations, even before the time of toothbrushes. There is no toothpaste available to clean your teeth, and oral hygiene practices are not very common. As a result, there are vast possibilities of having gum diseases due to the accumulation of bacteria on your teeth’ surface. Seeing this problem, people come up with an idea to invent a dental aligner. These are the device that works like a magic wand for those who have crooked or misaligned teeth.

Using These Aligners Is Easier Than You Think

Using these aligners is easier than you think because you need to wear them every day until the treatment process completes. The majority believe that these aligners will be pretty challenging to carry on, but after using them they realize that wearing aligners is not so severe. You can even sleep with it, have food or drink water with it, go to the gym, etc. It will never create any problem for you during your routine life works.

Aligners are types of plastic trays, usually 3-4 mm in thickness, made up of solid material that looks like transparent glass. The dental surgeon first takes an impression of your teeth, then using CAD/CAM technology process is done by computer and an aligner is created. After creating one side of the Aligner other side is molded accordingly to make pair. Usually, each Aligner takes 15-20 days to complete the entire treatment process if you wear them regularly as per the schedule given by the dentist.

By wearing this Aligner, your teeth will gradually move to the position where it is supposed to be. This process can be completed within months, depending upon the severity of your problem and the treatment plan fixed by the dentist.

The best part of wearing aligners is that it never makes any severe change in your tooth color or shape; only you will see little difference because the root surface moves with its surrounding bone, which takes time to adapt new position. So don’t worry, you will still look the same as before, but now you have straight teeth naturally without undergoing medical procedures like a crown, veneer, etc.

So these are the main pieces of information about how do teeth aligners work. You should give it a try if you want to fix crooked or misaligned teeth problems quickly at home by wearing them for a few months.

What Are The Benefits of Using Teeth Aligners?

Many people have been suffering from the problem of misaligned teeth. However, with the high-quality and high-tech devices used today in orthodontics treatments, people suffering from this problem can now see a perfect smile in just a few months.

Make Neater and Cleaner Smile

Even though there are several types of orthodontic appliances out in the market today, one style that is rapidly becoming popular is clear aligner trays or clear braces, which are also called teeth aligners. It has already captured 25% of the total global market share for traditional metal braces. As its name suggests, these mouthpieces are seen by others because they are very transparent. This device acts similarly to other conventional braces but at a much faster rate.

However, for you to know how these aligners can help improve the alignment of your teeth, here are some excellent benefits that you will be able to get when using them:

(1) Straightens Your Teeth At A Faster And More Effective Rate. Unlike traditional braces, which take months or even years before they produce visible changes in your teeth’ appearance, this device works by slowly shifting the position of your teeth little by little for a few weeks. In addition, these pressure-causing devices are done with a highly advanced computer system that helps monitor and record every phase of the treatment for precise documentation and monitoring. With its accurate results and impressive speed, it is no doubt why this product has replaced other types of orthodontic braces, which are more expensive and take a long time to produce results.

(2) Creates A Neater And Cleaner Smile – The reason why this device is considered better than other high-tech devices is that it can help keep your teeth healthy while getting them into their desired straightened position. This means that with the use of these pressure-causing or aligners, not only will they improve your smile, but at the same time, it will also help you save money from spending on dental surgery, unnecessary visits with your dentist, and also expensive tooth whitening procedures.  Plus, since they are transparent in color, most people who have used the product said that they no longer feel conscious when smiling or talking with other people.

(3) Prevents Other Problems From Developing – The use of this device is not only beneficial to your teeth, but it can also improve the health of your gums and jawbones. This means that you are preventing the development of further problems caused by malformed jaws, crooked or misaligned teeth, or even TMJ disorder.

Precautions While Using Teeth Aligners:

Before using the teeth aligners, you should follow some precautions like given below:

  1. Always store your Teeth Aligner in the case that it came with when you brought it home. Never leave it exposed to air or other elements.
  2. While taking off your Teeth Aligner, never pull on it with force. It is recommended that you peel your Aligner from one side of your mouth to another while applying consistent pressure against the Trays until they pop out naturally from your mouth. Do not try to use a lot of strength for peeling them off as this might lead to breakage of the material and injury caused by sharp edges, so always use precaution while removing them from the mouth and handle with care.Removing Them From the Mouth and Handle With Care
  3. Always make sure you are using the correct size of your Teeth Aligners before wearing them, as it is necessary to ensure total comfort while wearing your aligner trays. A wrong size may not provide you with the results you are hoping for, so it is important to measure correctly and consult a dentist or orthodontist before ordering.
  4. While taking off glasses, wear them over your Teeth Aligner Trays or use handkerchiefs to cover the lenses before placing them anywhere near your teeth aligners. These could leave black marks on them that might be difficult to remove without damaging your Aligners, affecting their functioning in return.


I hope you have obtained all the necessary descriptions on “how does teeth aligners work.” Thank you and have a nice day!

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