How Tall Is a Roll of Paper Towels


Paper towels are absorbent sheets of paper used to mop up spills and clean household surfaces. They consist of multiple layers of paper towels pressed together with a glaze on the top layer, allowing easier cleaning and more absorption. Paper towels can be bought in rolls, folded into individual sheets, or pre-folded into the shape of a towel. In this article, I will discuss “how tall is a roll of paper towels.” So let us get started.

How Tall Is a Roll of Paper Towels

A Detailed Guide on How Tall Is a Roll of Paper Towels:

Toilet paper is not the only product that comes on a roll. Paper towels are also available in rolls, just like toilet paper. The difference is that they’re thicker and more absorbent than toilet paper.

So, if you have ever wondered how tall a roll of towels is, you came to the right place! We created this guide on how tall a roll of paper towel is to make it easy for all customers interested in purchasing or already owners of these types of products.

Step #1 – Measure Your Current Roll of Paper Towels:

Start by grabbing one end of your current toilet tissue or paper towel roll. Lift it until it’s fully extended out. You can do this by holding the end in your hands, balancing it on the back of your hand, or using a measuring tape. Whatever you use to lift it is fine. The goal is to extend the roll to its full length.

Step #2 – Mark Where the Bottom of the Paper Towel Roll Meets With Another Sheet:

To find out how long a roll of toilet paper is, you need to lift up one end of the roll until it is fully extended. Then, grab a pen or marker and mark where one sheet’s edge meets with another. You will do this by marking the edge along one side of where they are held together at that particular section.

If there is no seam between sheets, then place your marker next to where they collide. Make sure to mark the exact corner/edge of where one sheet meets with another. This is important to get an accurate measurement later on when you cut the toilet paper roll in half.

Step #3 – Repeat Step #2 for the Other Side:

A Detailed Guide on How Tall Is a Roll of Paper Towels

If your current roll of paper towels isn’t symmetrical, then repeat this step so that you have two marks along both sides of where sheets meet at each section. Once you have completed this step,

your entire role should be marked with dots at either end where sheets meet each other (two dots per side). Again, you can ignore any excess space or distance between sheets since these are inconsequential for measuring a roll’s height only over any sections with no dot.

Step #4 – Connect the Dots:

Once you have your two marks on each side of where sheets meet, connect the dots by following the same straight line between them (i.e., left to right or top to bottom). Make sure that you stay close to the edge/corner of where one sheet meets with another for this step.

This will give you a clear outline of your toilet paper roll’s height once it’s cut in half. You can ignore any excess space or distance between sheets since these are only inconsequential for measuring a roll’s height.

Step #5 – Cut Along the Line:

Now that you have an outline showing exactly how long your roll is use a marker or pen to draw a straight line from top edge/corner to bottom edge/corner. After drawing a line, cut along this line to know exactly how long your roll is. If the paper towel roll is symmetrical,

Then both halves should be equal in length. You can also use a ruler or measuring tape to measure how tall your toilet tissue roll is if it’s too difficult for you to eyeball it yourself.

Step #6 – Use as Much as Needed:

Now that you’ve got the perfect amount of paper towels at hand, all you have to do now is use as much as needed! It’s never been easier with access being just around the corner from wherever you stand.

Different Types of Paper Towels:

Using Quilted Toilet Paper

There are many options when it comes to selecting the best toilet paper.  Many people assume that there is no difference between brands, but this is not true.  Here are the different types of toilet paper available on the market today:

1) Standard Toilet Paper-

This type of tissue is perfect for everyday cleaning and can be purchased cheaply in bulk packs at big box stores like Costco or Sam’s club. However, this type may cause minor discomfort during use because it can be rougher than other tissues and has lower moisture content.

2) Quilted Toilet Paper-

The quilting on these rolls causes more friction against the skin, so they tend to feel softer than standard tissue while still providing a level of toughness that prevents rips and tears.  The quilting may also add a more luxurious feel while using the tissue, but it will cost you a little extra per roll.

3) 2-ply Toilet Paper-

The most common choice used by households today.  2-ply toilet paper has an extra ply to add moisture and softness during use but can tend to be on the flimsy side when it comes to strength, so only one-ply effectively prevents rips or tears.

4) 3-ply Toilet Paper-

This tissue has become less popular over time because many brands have been known to add another layer of standard tissue instead of using actual 3-ply tissue.  However, some brands offer true 3-ply tissue that is much more durable than the standard tissue but may still feel softer than 2-ply because of the added moisture.

5) 5-Ply Toilet Paper-

For those who really want to be sure they won’t encounter any rips or tears during everyday use, this toilet paper has five layers of quilted tissue, making it extremely strong while also providing an ultra-plush feel against the skin. Unfortunately, this type of tissue costs more than other options, so you will only find it sold in luxury hotels and upscale restaurants.

6) 6-ply Toilet Paper-

This type has six layers of quilted tissue, making it extremely strong during use yet still very plush and soft against the skin.  It is currently the strongest type of tissue you can buy on the market today, but it is also the most expensive option by far.

Precautions While Using Paper Towels:

Be sure to keep paper towels out of the reach of children. If unattended, paper towels become a potential hazard in homes with pets. In addition, it has been noted that small animals are attracted to the soft texture and easy accessibility to food crumbs found between sheets of paper towels.

Although no serious health concerns have been raised when used properly, several cases of injury have resulted when small animals were allowed unlimited access to paper towel rolls.

Paper Towels are not recommended for wiping up hazardous chemicals, including but not limited to household cleaners, abrasives, or strong acids. Paper towels tend to leave lint behind on glass surfaces after use, leading to scratching in the long term. Clean these surfaces with appropriate cloths or swabs designed specifically for this purpose.

Paper towels are not recommended for use in homes with small children, elderly individuals, or disabled persons who may not properly dispose of paper towel rolls after use. Paper towel rolls should be used only when sitting or standing upright and never left unattended during usage.

Absent-mindedness on the user’s part (i.e., “thinking it empty” syndrome) has resulted in multiple cases where users have slid off chairs while extracting remaining sheets, leading to ankles and feet injury.


I hope this article has benefited from learning about “how tall is a roll of paper towels.” Thank you, and have a nice day!

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