How to Adjust a Frameless Pivot Glass Shower Door

It is a shower door with no visible frame around the glass panel. The only thing you can see is the edge of the glass itself, which looks spotless and modern. An interesting fact about frameless pivot glass shower doors is that you can choose any shower enclosure according to your taste because there is no frame. This means that if you want more space for storage or if you would like a corner installation, then a frameless pivot glass shower door is an option for you. For this reason, today, I will discuss how to adjust a frameless pivot glass shower door. So let us get into the discussion.

How to Adjust a Frameless Pivot Glass Shower Door

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing a Frameless Pivot Glass Shower Door?

There are several benefits why should consider buying these sliding glass doors:

  • The frameless design will leave almost all free space in the shower area without traditional frames.
  • Pivot glass – it can open fully to allow more free space and flexibility when you are using it for taking a shower in the bathroom; besides, you no longer need to worry about closing doors exactly the right way every time because these designs allow you to close your shower door at any angle.
  • Needs less energy – Frameless pivot shower door uses less energy. That’s why there is no frame surrounding the glass panels, which reduces up to 50% energy consumption compared with other types of sliding glass doors such as framed or hinged ones.

Step-wise Guide on How to Adjust a Frameless Pivot Glass Shower Door

Step-wise Guide on How to Adjust a Frameless Pivot Glass Shower Door

Some pivot shower doors tend to get out of line, which is why it would be best to learn how to adjust them. This article will focus on the different ways to adjust a frameless pivot shower door. You will need some tools before you start fixing your shower door. These include:

Step 1:

Using the adjustable wrench, loosen the nut screws that hold up the pivot support rod. The rods should stay firm and not move from their original position. Place a loose washer below all the threaded holes of the support rod as an added precautionary measure when loosening or tightening these screws. It helps keep things tight and secure without placing too much stress on them.

Step 2:

To fix a pivot door, move both panels together to see if they are lined up. If they are still out of line, retighten the screws and loosen them as you progress. You have to keep repeating this until both panels are aligned and there are no gaps between the glass panels.

Step 3:

Once you have successfully adjusted your door, you can reattach all the hinges by inserting a screwdriver through each hole found on its corresponding hinge bracket before tightening it with your adjustable wrench. Before doing so, spray some lubricant on both sides of each bracket where the screws will be inserted for them to slide through easily.

Step 4:

Finally, re-adjust all rubberized tracks and ensure that they glide smoothly without any hindrance or resistance after you have tightened all screws.

Precautions While Learning How to Adjust a Frameless Pivot Glass Shower Door

Better to Use Silicone Spray  on the Track's Metal  Rollers  to Move Smoothly
  • Be careful while adjusting a frameless pivot glass shower door as the glass pane is quite heavy. 
  • Adjust the pivot door so that it works smoothly and does not cause scratches or damage to both its side frames and the wall-mounted plate and flooring.
  • It is better to use silicone spray on the track’s metal rollers so that they can move smoothly without causing any friction with each other, which will, in turn, prevent squeaking noises during usage of the shower door.
  • Clean the tracks of the pivot shower door regularly so that there are no rusted particles in it when you adjust your frameless glass shower door for a better fit
  • It is advised to use a silicone spray on the hinge bolts and the plates while adjusting the hinges and plates for smooth functioning of a shower door without disruptions or squeaking noises.
  • Keep water away from electrical equipment, including light fixtures, switches, and outlets, while working with them inside a shower enclosure – safety first!
  • Fix any loose or defective parts before using them again (for example, mounting hardware) to avoid accidents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my Frameless Pivot Shower Door

What is Pivot?

Pivot Glass doors are unique frameless shower doors because they pivot on an axis. A large wheel, or “pivot,” attaches to the bottom of the frame and allows the door to open and close easily. In addition, the pivot track is exposed in the front of the doorway instead of a traditional shower curtain track that circles around from behind. 

How Much Does It Cost for a Frameless Pivot Shower Door? 

Pivot shower doors are pricier because they are more complex and require advanced engineering. Most frameless pivot shower enclosures run $500-$1,000 per linear foot (32″ = 32-36″ x $500). For example, a standard 30″ x 60″ pivoting door would cost about $3,000-4,000. Custom sizes or specialty finishes drive the higher end of the spectrum.

How Much Space Do I Need for My Frameless Pivot Shower Door?

Frameless Pivots shower doors are huge and require quite a bit of clearance. We recommend planning for at least 18-24 inches on all sides of the doorway. In addition, the pivot mechanism takes up about 7 inches of space, so plan for at least 21 inches in total. 

How do I clean my Frameless Pivot Shower Door?

Due to all the exposed moving parts, we recommend cleaning your shower door with a dry microfiber cloth and avoiding any cleaners that contain water or moisture. In addition, exposing your pivot door to soap, deodorants, or body lotions can cause the sealant to wear out faster and is best avoided.


Pivot shower doors are perfect for modern bathrooms that need charm and functionality. The intricate design is simple to open, making it great for any homeowner with a limited range of motion.  Pivots shower doors also make the most water conservation sense due to their ability to close while standing under them – a much more efficient way than constantly opening and closing the door each time you need in or out of the tub/shower area. We hope this article helped you learn how to adjust a frameless pivot glass shower door. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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