How to Attach Real Flowers to a Hat

Fresh flowers are really the most attractive items of the summer, and that’s why we prefer using them as much as we can. So, how would you like to show your floral love? There are several ways to do that, but I always prefer to show this love by attaching it to my hat. It’s really interesting and gives a traditional feel. So, if you want to learn how to attach real flowers to a hat, I can show you the simplest ways. Honestly, it’s not that hard; you just have to follow the steps I have gathered and stated below.

Things You Will Need

How to Attach Real Flowers to a Hat

First of all, cut the flowers and leaves and turn them into smaller pieces. Then use a florist’s wire and turn them into a bier frond by connecting them with one another.

Now, wrap the frond around your hat so that it takes a crown shape. For this process, you can use the pins as anchoring them with the hat. Make sure the sharp part of the pin doesn’t prick your head from the other end. You would definitely not like any poking while you are roaming around. Once you have completed this check, if everything okay or not.

That’s it; you have successfully attached a real flower with your hat. You can replace them with a new one when they become dry. I told you, it’s very simple, and hopefully, these are going to be very helpful for you.

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