How to Bend Flat Steel into a Circle


When you like to do some blacksmith work at home, you will have to find all the ways that you can finish your required project. One thing for all the people who love to work with steel is that they will need to bend it over time to time. You should already know that giving a steel few beating with a hammer will cause it to get out of shape. So, if you want to know how to bend flat steel into a circle, then keep reading ahead.Bending a metal will require a lot of force. But the amount of force depends on the shape, size, and thickness of the metal itself. If you are trying to bend a thick metal, you should know that the usual amount of force will not be enough, and you can beat the metal with a hammer more than ever.

How to Bend Flat Steel into a Circle

Where you will see that professionals have various kinds of tools that can bend metal into any shape easily, you will mostly not have one them at home ready. So, if you want to know how to bend flat steel into a circle, you would be happy to know that you can do it at home without having the fancy tools.

How to Bend Flat Steel into a Circle

To make a circle out of flat steel, you will only need two things on your hand-


Yost LV-4 Home Vise 4-1/2″ (1 Pack)

Estwing MRF64E Sure Strike 64 Oz 

CLC Custom Leathercraft 125M


 Yost LV-4 Home Vise 4-1/2" (1 Pack) Estwing MRF64E Sure Strike 64 Oz Fiberglass Engineers Hammer, BlueCLC Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves, Shrink Resistant, Improved Dexterity, Tough, Stretchable, Excellent Grip,Medium


240-Degree Rotation




Bench vice


Work Gloves

  • A bench vice
  • A hammer

If you have them, then you are ready to start how to bend flat steel into a circle. The first thing you will have to do is get the flat steel ready. You will have to find the center part of the steel bar that you are going to use for making the circle.

Chose the Flat Steel

After finding the center part, know that it is going to be the focal point of the bend.Put the flat steel bar on the vice and tighten it around where your center point is. Tight it as hard as you can.Now it is time to start working with the hammer. As the steel bar is flat, you may not need to put way too much force on the hammer. See how much force it needs by increasing the pressure little by little.

Use Hammer for Steel Bend

You will start to see that steel is bending. It will eventually come in a point of half circle. Now, you will have to change the vice’s focus point and shape the circle according to the need by beating it with the hammer. And eventually, you will have a decent circle of the flat steel made at home!

Frequently Asked Questions

At What Temp Does Steel Bend?

Steel is a metal that bends when heated above a certain temperature. This happens because the atoms in steel move closer together when they are heated and, as they do so, the molecules change shape.

The highest known temperature at which steel can be bent without melting is 1800 degrees Celsius or 3400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can You Bend Metal With a Hammer?

There are many methods of bending metal with a hammer.

You can use a tool called the “shear” to break and bend metal. This is also known as a “V-notch shear.” The V-notch shear has two edges that are shaped like a V and cuts one piece of metal at an angle, which leaves two flat surfaces on either side of the cut.

Another method for bending metal is to use the “T” handle, which comes in different sizes depending on how thick or thin you want your bent metal to be. With this tool, you make multiple shallow cuts along the length of the desired shape and then pull it out from each end so that it forms a curve around its axis.

Will a Propane Torch Heat Steel?

A propane torch will not heat steel because the metal is too dense. A propane torch can only heat things that are made of less dense materials like wood, plastic, or cotton.

Can a Propane Forge Melt Steel?

A propane forge is a device that uses a high-pressure gas (in this case, propane) to melt steel. The machine consists of a furnace with an inlet and outlet, often shaped like an inverted cone or pyramid.

The melted steel can be poured into molds, as well as being used for various other purposes such as welding, shaping, and fabricating metal parts.

Final Thoughts

That was all from how to bend flat steel into a circle. The circle may not seem perfect at first, but with some other props, you will end up having a good one. And considering the fact that you did it at home without having any professional tools, you will surely end up with a satisfying result than what you may have expected at first.

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