How to Build an Air Conditioner Platform

Are you feeling excited to learn about the complete process of how to build an air conditioner platform? If yes, we can assure you that this entire article could be the best possible guideline for you. Yes, it would help if you believed us because we are not joking.

To learn the process of building an air conditioner platform, you require to follow some fundamental steps; otherwise, you might not accomplish your desired outcome perfectly.

Luckily, in this article, we will discuss all the required steps that you need to know to build a platform for your AC. If you are willing to learn in more depth, you should read the rest of this article’s segments.


An Overall Overview of the Topic

Cooling is the process of expelling warmth from a consumed place to enhance inhabitant’s solace. Cooling can be utilized in both household and commercial situations. Forced air circulation systems never forget to use a fan for distributing the adapted air into an encased space, such as a structure to improve indoor air quality and warm solace.

Again, an electric-powered refrigerant-based AC unit basically runs from smaller gadgets that may cool a bit room, conveyed through a single grown-up, and to significant devices added on the pinnacle of workplace towers that may cool down the entire structure.


How to Build an Air Conditioner Platform

The Process of How to Build an Air Conditioner Platform

  1. Contort 1/4″ (6mm) breadth copper tubing in circles beginning at the point of interest of the out of doors facet of your lattice. Append the finish of a copper tubing period to the end of interest of the network, making use of zip ties.

Turn the tubing into a little circle. Keep winding the piping around the first hover until you have a progression of concentric circles. Associate the cylinder to the framework with zip ties. It would help if you had a variety of tubing joined in your fan lattice, but less than air cannot undergo the areas among the pipe.

  1. Screw the front and the outside; again onto the container fan.
  2. Connect one finish of a 3/8″ (9.5 mm) clear malleable cylinder to your wellspring siphon and the opposite end to the top finish of your copper. The perfect tubing for this undertaking is the sort of pipe utilized in fish tanks.
  3. Interface the alternative bit of 3/8″ (9.5 mm) plastic tubing to the bottom end.
  4. Lower the indifferent end of the rear plastic cylinder under the water. Spot the wellspring siphon in the cooler.
  5. Placed a towel under your fan. The towel gets the accumulation an excellent way to form outwardly. Then plug-in the wellspring siphon and switch on the fan.


By now, we assume you have learned all the necessary steps of how to build an air conditioner platform. Lastly, we will recommend following the steps mentioned above accordingly and maintaining all the safety measures so that you can flawlessly build an AC platform without creating any messes!

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