How to Bypass Magnetic Door Lock


The magnetic door lock is a kind of simple device designed for rooms. It consists of the main body and magnetic card, with high magnetic permeability and low mechanical resistance. The design is not complicated, and its construction is simple, making it easy to be fabricated and used in common households. Magnetic door locks are widely used becrause of their reasonable price and simple use techniques. However, bypassing a magnetic door is sometimes needed for emergency purposes. For this reason, today, I will discuss a technique on how to bypass magnetic door lock.

Megnetic Door Lock

Working Mechanism of Magnetic Door Locks

When you approach the door, it will detect your hand (or any other metal object) approaching using an electromagnetic sensor or motion detector trigger(s). If your hand has a magnet embedded into it as credit cards do, then the locks’ electromagnet can be deactivated directly through induction. Once deactivated, it will not re-activate itself until you are away from the door for a specific period of time, allowing you to enter. If the lock is magnetic and uses an electric current or a battery, then it can be deactivated (for example, by inserting an Allen wrench into the bolt), deactivating its electromagnet’s field so that it no longer repels the object.

If it doesn’t work with cards or wrenches, then some locks only react to magnetism in one direction. So the user needs to align a north pole in front of the south pole of the magnets on the lock, which means that they must get out their compass and point it at exactly 90 degrees from their target.

Step-Wise Guide on How to Bypass Magnetic Door Lock

Step 1: Get Access to the Magnetic Door Lock

It is always quite difficult for anyone to get inside the house when no one is there. So, it would be a good idea that you try and see if someone can let you in or not before attempting this method. The first thing that one should do is figure out how they will break into a house where the lock on the main door is made of magnetic metal strips inside two steel plates. It will be wise to have a look at all possible doors that could lead you inside your home, and those doors mustn’t contain any locks like pin tumbler cylinder locks as well as card reader locks or even touchpad locks.

The next step is to examine the door and try to find out if there are any weak spots on it that you can easily break into. For example, one should look for any gaps between the door and the floor, walls, beams, or anywhere, in other words, that is not well connected. This unit will help them get a hold of the lock, just like how one would do when they want to pick up a lock using an ordinary set of lock picks. So, it’s a good deal as soon as you have figured some flaws on your doors.

Step 2: Identify The Lock Mechanism Type

There are mainly two kinds of locks used on the doors that lead inside your house. One is a magnetic door lock, and the other one is a pin tumbler cylinder lock. If you are not sure which kind of lock you have, it would be better to take out your electronic device (smartphone or any other) to check on the Google search for some information about it.

Pin Tumbler Cylinder Lock

Step 3: Pick Out The Right Picks

There is no doubt in picking out the right set of lock picks for picking up a pin tumbler cylinder locks, and they work perfectly fine with magnetic door locks too. However, there are times when these simple tools don’t work well as expected. So, one must carry along with them many different kinds of pick sets, including raking picks, diamond picks, and other picks with many different shapes in a single set.

Step 4: Isolate The Magnetic Lock From the Frame

It is quite obvious that breaking into any part of your home at first will help you get into the house easily as compared to breaking through the main door. There are two choices on where you can start doing this work: either from above or below. So, it would be wise to look for tools like chisels and end wrenches because these things really help get hold of magnetic locks from above or below.

Step 5: Getting Into The Door With Help Of Picks And Chisel

So, now when you have got all things needed to do this kind of action, it’s time to start working on the door. Remember, you must get into the door before getting into your house as it would be a lot easier for you to pick up the lock from outside rather than trying to break inside your own house by breaking down the main door lock made of magnetic metal strips.

Step 6: Remove The Magnetic Lock From Inside Of The Door

When you have successfully identified and picked out every weak spot in your door and also got hold of a chisel, it’s time to go inside through one of those cracks or gaps. Then, insert that chisel into one of these holes (you can try all possible places) and hit it repeatedly with any hard object that would help you do this act. This will help you loosen the connection between the door and its frame.

Removing Magnetic Door Lock Set

Precations While Bypassing Magnetic Door Lock

  • This is not a good idea if your parent has any problem going to the hospital often.
  • This is very important, do this trick in a safe place. So no one will walk out and detect your bypassed lock.
  • Don’t tell anyone about how you bypass the magnetic door lock, please! It means you’re telling them for stealing etc., so please don’t tell anyone!!
  • Do this at night because it’s very dark inside the house or building. Also, keep some emergency candles with you just in case (if you do this during the daytime).
  • Never try to open a magnetic door lock while other people are sleeping. In fact, even when only you are sleeping, it’s better to do this at night.
  • Always keep a good ear on the sound side. If someone is coming and you have any chance to hide, it’s better to do that.


Lastly, I hope that the process mentioned here will provide you enough information about how to bypass magnetic door lock. Ensure proper safety while performing the process. Thank you, and have a good day!

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