How to Cap a Gas Lamp Post

The gas lamp post is one of the most iconic symbols of old London, and you can find them in almost every street. However, recently, there has been a shortage of these lamps due to an increase in demand for natural gas. This article will show you how to cap a gas lamp post if your property lacks this essential commodity.

The lack of available posts means that many streets are left without any light at all! What’s worse is that some people have taken it upon themselves to cap off their own posts with whatever they have on hand just so the street isn’t pitch black at night.

How to Cap a Gas Lamp Post

These makeshift caps often don’t work as well as they should, which can cause accidents or even fires if not done properly. Fortunately, there are plenty of manufacturers who offer products specifically designed for this purpose! 

Reasons to Cap a Gas Lamp Post

  • To supply light to an area in your home
  • To supply light to a new construction site While it may be tempting just to buy the cheapest of their stock, you should note that some manufacturers produce lamp posts specifically for indoor use while others are more suited for outdoor usage. They all work perfectly fine indoors, but it is up to you to know which of their products are best suited for your needs.

Indoor Gas Lamp Post Caps

These are the ones that are typically seen indoors, usually in a coffee shop or restaurant. However, they work great as decorations, almost like mini-chandeliers! Some of them even come with an on/off switch, so you can conveniently turn them on and off as needed.

Outdoor Gas Lamp Post Caps

On the other hand, these are far more suited for use outside. The only difference is that they have a cap to reduce gas emissions and prevent people from tampering with them and getting hurt by accident.    

Ways on How to Cap a Gas Lamp Post

1. Hire an Expert

Since you want to make sure that your gas lamp post is well-capped, it would be ideal if you could hire an expert to do it for you. This way, they’ll know exactly what sort of cap they should use for the best results. Of course, if there’s no one available in your area who does this, the next best thing would be to read an article like this one on how to cap one yourself!

Hire an Expert to Do It

2. Use a Rubber Plug

These are some of the cheapest cars you can buy, but not necessarily the safest option. They prevent gas emissions and cut costs, but keep in mind that they don’t last as long as other ones are available.

3. Use a Pressurized Cap

These work like rubber plugs, but they last longer and can be put on and removed as needed! They’re perfect for those who want to use different caps at different times of the year.

4. Use a Flange-mounted Cap

Flange mounted caps are designed for posts that are specifically indoors. They are safe to use, whether inside or outside the house, making them ideal for those who want a gas lamp post that can be used all year round!

5. Use a Permanent Flange-mounted Cap

Permanent caps are what you need if you don’t plan on turning your lamp post off very often. The difference between this and the flange-mounted cap is that it has to be mounted into the lamp-post itself, making it impossible to remove when not in use.

6. Use a Permanent Pressurized Cap

Pressurized caps are usually used for outdoor posts, though there are some manufacturers who offer them specifically for indoor usage as well. They prevent gas emissions and are safe to use outdoors, making them the ideal option for those who plan on leaving their lamp post up all year long.

7.Use a Permanent Flange Mounted Cap With a Hold-down

Hold-downs are another type of indoor cap that you might want to consider if your gas lamp post is used only indoors. They’re safe to use, but they also come with a flange-mounted cap that helps prevent people from tampering with your lamp post or getting hurt by accident.

8. Use a Cast-aluminum Cap

Last but not least, cast aluminum caps are for those who want a gas lamp post that’s incredibly safe and long-lasting. It has a rubber insert to prevent leaks and tampering, making it safer than other options available.

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Tips and Warnings


  • If you plan on installing your gas lamp post near a part of your house that’s under construction, make sure to place it far enough so as not to get in the way but close enough so as not to have to walk too much.
Gas Lamp Post Near Part House
  • In case you need entertainment or lighting for a big event, use a temporary light source! It’s safer and longer-lasting than regular light sources you can buy from a department store.


  • If you do decide to use a cheaper cap, remember that it won’t last as long as a more expensive one would. This means that if you’re looking for a decorative lamp post, then it’s probably best to get something of better quality.
  • If you need to hire an expert, make sure that they know exactly what cap your gas lamp post needs! Remember that if it’s outdoors, it should be fitted with a suitable pressurized or permanent flange mounted cap, while if it’s indoors, the only thing you should use is something like a rubber plug.


How to Cap a Gas Lamp Post, you need to measure the height of the post and make sure there are at least two inches between where it meets the ground level. The top section should be threaded so that if someone bumps into it, they will not fall through or crack their head open on its metal surface.

You can use an old tire inner tube for this task because when wrapped tightly around the threads of one side, it creates enough room to thread them in without any space needed. Thread both sides with care before tying up all four ends together securely. If necessary due to age or size, add more layers until your safety is guaranteed!

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