How to Change a Belt Buckle Without Snaps

Belts are an essential piece of clothing, but oftentimes the buckles can be a bit frustrating. If the snaps on your belt buckle break, it can seem impossible to change the belt. Luckily, there is a way to do it without snaps! All you need is a small hook and some patience. First, keep reading for instructions on how to change a belt buckle without snaps. Then, keep reading to learn more.

How to Change a Belt Buckle Without Snaps

Many belts come with snaps that allow the buckle to be removed easily. These are great for when you want to change your look or clean the buckle. However, snaps can break easily, and it can be challenging to remove the buckle. If this happens, don’t fret! There is a way to change the belt buckle without snaps. It is a little bit more complicated, but it can be done.

A Detailed Guide on How to Change a Belt Buckle Without Snaps

Western Belts and Belt Buckles

Western belts are a necessary part of any cowboy or cowgirls wardrobe. Most belts are made with snaps to remove and replace the buckle easily. However, some belts do not have snaps, and the buckle is sewn on. If you need to change the buckle on a belt without snaps, there are a few things you will need to do.

First, you will need to determine the size of the new buckle. The old buckle can be used as a guide to determine this measurement. Once the size is determined, you will need to cut off the excess belt material. Be sure to leave enough room to attach the new buckle securely.

Next, you will need to purchase a new buckle the same size as the one you just removed. Once the new buckle is in hand, you will need to thread it through the belt loops. Ensure that the new buckle is positioned in the same spot as the old one.

You will need to take a needle and thread and sew the new buckle onto the belt. Be sure to use a strong thread so that the new buckle will not come off easily. Once the new buckle is securely in place, you can trim off any excess thread.

You have now successfully changed the buckle on a belt without snaps!

Double-d Belt Rings

D-ring belt buckles (also called double-d ring belt buckles) are a type of belt buckle shaped like the letter D. The two ends of the D-shape fit through a hole in the belt, and then the ends are squeezed together to keep the belt secure. D-ring belt buckles can be made from metal, plastic, or other materials, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Belt Buckle Shaped  Like Letter D

There are a few reasons you might want to change your belt buckle without snaps. Maybe you’re looking for a more stylish buckle, or perhaps you’re trying to save money by reusing an old belt. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to do! Here’s how:

Start by removing the old buckle from the belt. This is usually done by undoing a screw or two or by unsnapping the buckle from the belt.

Once the old buckle is removed, you’ll need to find a new one that fits your belt. You can usually find replacement buckles at craft stores, fabric stores, or online.

Once you have your new buckle, it’s time to attach it to the belt. If your new buckle has screws, screw it onto the belt. If not, you’ll need to use snaps to attach the buckle to the belt. That’s it! You’ve successfully changed your belt buckle without snaps!

These belts are great for people who are always on the go and don’t have time to fiddle with snaps or buckles. They’re also perfect for those who want to take their belt off quickly and easily, without having to undo their pants. Double-d ring belts come in various materials, including leather, fabric, and even plastic, so you can find one that matches your style perfectly. And because they’re so easy to use, you’ll never have to worry about fumbling with a buckle again.

Autogrip Buckles

Autogrip buckles are a type of belt buckle that uses a ratcheting mechanism to grip the belt, eliminating the need for snaps. These buckles are easy to use and allow you to adjust your belt tightness without removing the entire belt. Autogrip buckles are available in both plastic and metal varieties.

Use a screwdriver or knife to remove the old buckle from your belt. If your buckle is held on with screws, carefully remove them and set them aside. If your buckle is snapped on, gently pry it off with a knife or flat-head screwdriver.

Use a Screwdriver  Remove the Buckle

Slide the new buckle onto your belt. Make sure the teeth on the ratcheting mechanism are facing the right direction to grip the belt properly.

If your new buckle is held on with screws, use a screwdriver to secure it in place. If your new buckle snaps on, press it firmly into place until it clicks.

Try adjusting your belt tightness with the new buckle to ensure it works correctly. You should be able to adjust the belt without removing it entirely easily. Enjoy your new autogrip buckle!

Things to Remember Before You Start

  • Check to see if your belt is the right size. You can do this by measuring from the tip of the buckle to the hole that you typically use. If your belt is too big, you’ll need to adjust the buckle accordingly.
  • If your belt is too small, you may need to buy a new one.
  • Choose a new belt buckle that you like. There are many different types and styles of buckles available, so take your time selecting one.
  • Once you have chosen a new buckle, make sure it fits onto your belt. Most buckles are designed to fit onto belts that are 1-1/2 inches wide, but there are some that are made for wider belts.
  • If you are unsure of the size, it is always best to err on the side of caution and choose a slightly larger buckle than your belt.
Different Styles of Buckles

What Type of Buckle Should I Choose?

The type of buckle you choose is essentially a matter of personal preference. You’ll want to consider both the style and function of the buckle when making your decision. For instance, a simple metal pronged buckle may be more appropriate for a casual belt, while a snap closure buckle might be better suited for a dressier belt.

There are a few different types of buckles to choose from:

Slide-on Buckles: These buckles slide onto the end of the belt strap and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Slide-on buckles are available in both metal and plastic varieties.

Snap Closure Buckles: Snap closure buckles have two small metal snaps that secure the buckle to the belt strap. These types of buckles are typically more secure than slide-on varieties, making them a good choice for dressier belts.

Magnetic Buckles: Magnetic buckles use powerful magnets to keep the buckle securely in place on the belt strap. These buckles are very easy to use and can be a good choice for belts that will be worn frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Change the Buckle on Any Belt?

It is possible to change the buckle on most belts, although some brands may make it more difficult than others. The best way to determine if your belt is able to have its buckle changed is by looking at the back of the current buckle. If there are two small loops poking out, then the chances are good that you can switch out the buckle. If not, it may be possible to punch new holes in the leather to accommodate a different type of buckle.

Do Belt Buckles Fit All Belts?

Most belt buckles are made to fit a 1.5-inch or 1.75-inch belt, but there are some that are made for wider belts. To determine if a particular buckle will fit your belt, measure the width of your belt at the point where the buckle attaches. If you have a 1.5-inch or narrower belt, any buckle should fit. If you have a 1.75-inch belt, make sure to get a buckle made for that width or wider. You can also use snaps to attach buckles to belts, so if you can’t find a buckle that fits your exact belt width, you may be able to use one of those instead.

You Can Check It Out to Keep Pants Up Without a Belt

Use Snaps to Attach  Buckles to Belts


So, there you have it, how to change a belt buckle without snaps. Although this article is thorough, it is possible that something unexpected will happen. If something goes wrong, remember to have patience and take your time. The last thing you want to do is damage the belt or buckle beyond repair. But, with a bit of practice, you’ll be able to change a belt buckle like a pro in no time at all!

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