How to Change Bulb in Levoit Salt Lamp

A salt lamp is a great alternative to electric light. They are very easy to use and do not require much maintenance; however, one part of the salt lamp needs attention from time to time: the light bulb. 

How to Change Bulb in Levoit Salt Lamp

Changing your salt lamp’s bulb can be done in just a few steps and doesn’t take more than five minutes of your time. This guide will walk you through how to change bulb in levoit salt lamp with ease! We will walk you through the steps to change your salt lamp’s light bulb and give some tips on replacing it. So let’s begin!

7 Steps to Follow: How to Change Bulb in Levoit Salt Lamp

Step 1: Unplug the Lamp

The first step is to unplug the salt lamp. The reason you have to do this is that it may be plugged into a power strip or extension cord, and if you don’t unplug it, turning off the wall switch would only turn off the light temporarily.

Step 2: Remove Lamp Shade

You’ll need to remove the lampshade. You can take it off by grasping it at its widest points and gently pulling away from the salt rock as you turn it upside down. You want to turn it over because the cord is around the back of the shade, and you’ll have more slack on the lamp if you go from the bottom side up.

Step 3: Remove Salt Rock

The salt rock or lamp is held in place by a plastic bulb cover that has been glued into the base. You’ll need to pry this off gently with a butter knife. It’s not easy and can take some elbow grease, but you’ll get it. Then you can unscrew the bulb inside.

Step 4: Unscrew Bulb

Unscrew the old bulb before screwing in the new one. If you leave it in, it could cause a short circuit, so remove it first. You’ll have to push it out from the inside of the lamp.

Step 5: Put Salt Rock Back

Put the salt rock back into place over the bulb and reattach all of the parts in the reverse order you took them off. This means that you start by screwing in the bulb and then put on the plastic cover. Then you put on the lampshade and plug it back into a power strip or extension cord.

Put the salt rock back into place over the bulb and reattach all of the parts in the reverse order you took them off.

Step 6: Turn Lamp On Again

Turn your salt lamp back on again, walk around to the other side of the lamp, put your hand underneath it and feel how warm it is. Again, it’s essential to test this for safety reasons.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Lamp

It’s ready to use and enjoy. This lamp is helpful throughout the winter and early spring when it starts getting warm again outside. You can use your lamp on a timer if you like, and then automatically turn it off at a particular time so that it doesn’t waste electricity all night long. Of course, when the temperature starts rising again, you don’t need it running all the time, but it’s nice to have it turn on for a few hours during dinner or while you’re reading in your favorite chair.

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Some Tips and Suggestions

1. The Levoit Salt Lamp is not the same as Himalayan Salt Lamps, so do not use any information about Himalayan salt lamps with your Levoit lamp!

2. Make sure that you have a good base to place your lamp on – if you have something that is just a “plate” or has an uneven base, the light will not be stable and may tip over!

3. If your bulb is a screw-type of base (like a standard light bulb) but has different threading than what you have on hand, you can use an adapter to extend the bulb’s life. However, using an extension cord is not advised, which puts stress on the lamp’s internal wiring.

4. Make sure your bulb is an E12 style base or may not fit inside the lamp!

5. Dispose of old bulbs responsibly. Just because they are “salt” doesn’t mean that flushing them down the drain is okay there are hazardous materials present in light bulbs that can leach into the water supply if not disposed of properly. You should check with your local government to find out how you can dispose of them responsibly or search for a recycling center near you.

6. If you have pets, especially cats, keep them away from the lamp while it’s on! The bulb filament is hot even when off. If they damage the wire, it may lead to a short and shock.

7. Do not touch the bulb with your bare skin or “fresh” wet hands when changing it. The oil from your skin can damage the insides of the lamp and make it less efficient, and if you drip water onto it, there is a chance that it will cause arcing and short-out in the wiring!

Is It Necessary to Turn Off the Power When Changing a Bulb?

No, it is not needed. Even though there are filaments in an incandescent bulb or halogen bulbs like Levoit salt lamps use, they do not get hot enough to cause a fire quickly (though these types of bulbs should never be left unattended). The filaments will give off a tiny spark but usually do not start a fire when turned on.

Even though there are filaments in an incandescent bulb or halogen bulbs like Levoit salt lamps use, they do not get hot enough to cause a fire quickly

In some situations, if the bulb is turned on and off rapidly, there may be a problem with the lamp. However, this would likely only happen with a defective product or a manufacturing error, and it is unlikely for someone to switch the light on and off rapidly. Levoit Salt lamps also have a plastic cover over the light bulbs, so it is even less likely to happen. However, if you notice that your lamp seems hot or very warm at the base when turned on, then unplug it right away and contact Levoit to report the problem.


Congratulations! Now that you’ve read this blog post and know how to change bulb in levoit salt lamp for a new one go ahead and enjoy its beauty in your home or office today. Changing the bulb in your Levoit salt lamp is not easy, but it can be done with patience and care. To get started, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet or surge protector.

Remove any decorative elements that may block access to the light bulb socket by gently pulling them off of their connections on either side of the base. Remember to never touch the bare metal part of the light socket with wet fingers so as not to cause an electrical shock hazard. And don’t forget to clean out dust every month by using compressed air or vacuum cleaner attachment if necessary. We hope you have many years of enjoyment from your Levoit Salt Lamp!

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