How to Clean a Pom Pom Rug

Did you know that pom-poms and other furry rugs can be cleaned using a common household item? For example, if your fluffy rug has become dirty or starts to smell like your pets, cleaning it with baking soda is easy to freshen up the fibers.

How to Clean a Pom Pom Rug

And since baking powder costs less than professional cleaners, this method of how to clean a pom pom rug will save you money! Read on for step-by-step directions on cleaning pom rug.

10 Reasons Why You Should Clean a Pom Pom Rug:

  1. A clean pom rug looks better and will last longer.
  2. It’s a healthier alternative to cleaning it with chemicals.
  3. You get the satisfaction of making your home look nicer and smell fresher, not just looking at a clean rug!
  4. It saves you money by lengthening the life of your rug.
  5. You save time because you will not have to do it as often if you clean it regularly.
  6. Your spouse and children will appreciate a cleaner home, too!
  7. Keeping your pom rug clean is good for the environment by reducing pollution of our water supply and landfills from having to submerge and dispose of the dirty rug.
  8. If you sell your home, a clean pom rug will earn you more money than keeping it dirty because buyers look at the house and the price and how long they think it will take to fix or replace items.
  9. It just feels nice to have a clean rug!
  10. You can do this simple pom rug cleaning project with your child if you teach them responsibility or get them involved in household chores.

10 Ways on How to Clean a Pom Pom Rug:

1. Use a Rubber Broom

The best way to clean a pom rug is with a rubber broom.  It will pick up most of the hair and dirt, and you can sweep it into the trash.  Rubber brooms are also nice because they don’t stretch or damage your carpet fibers.

2. Use a Dustpan and Brush

You can also use the same process as before; just be sure to sweep and pick up any larger clumps of hair and dirt with a dustpan and brush. Then, you’ll need to clean the bristles of your brush to get rid of all the hairs.

Just be sure to sweep and pick up any larger clumps of hair and dirt with a dustpan and brush.

3. Vacuum Cleaner

Yes, you can still use your vacuum cleaner on a pom rug.  You may want to start with the rubber broom and dustpan and brush first, just so there isn’t too much hair in the is the mechanism of your vacuum. However, if you have a lot of hair to pick up, this will likely be the best method.

4. Rubber Gloves or a Lint Roller

Rubber gloves can come in very handy for cleaning a pom rug because there will likely be lots of hair stuck to it. You’ll have to use your fingers to pick up the hairs and roll them around on the rubber glove until they stick all over it.  Then, you can just roll the glove onto an empty trash bag, and the hairs should stay stuck on there.

5. Steam Cleaner or Shampoo

If your pom rug isn’t too dirty, to begin with, another option is to use a steam cleaner or shampoo it.  Most steam cleaners are meant for carpeting, so you’ll need to check the label for this purpose.  If your rug isn’t a standard shape or size, you’d have to get a shampooer with an attachment that could reach every part of it.

6. Lint Roller and Static Cling

If you don’t have a roll of rubber gloves around the house, another good option is to use a lint roller.  You can roll it across your pom rug until most of the hair comes off (this is also good for picking up pet fur).  Additionally, if you have a lot of static in your pom rug, you can use this to pick up the hairs.  All you need to do is spray it with a little bit of dryer sheet and then roll or pat your pom down.

7. Cleaning Solution

If your pom rug is very old or was only meant to be used once and then thrown out, it will likely require a cleaning solution of some kind. This means that you’ll either need to use shampoo or a carpet cleaner.  Be sure to check the care label first on your pom rug and follow the directions if any are given.

8. Hot Water and Dish Soap

If your pom rug isn’t too dirty, another option is to use hot water and dish soap. This will get rid of dirt relatively quickly, but you’ll want to be sure not to leave it in the tub or sink for too long.

9. Dryer Sheets

This is another good way to clean most types of fur, especially if you’re trying to remove cat or dog hair from a pom rug. Just spray the area with some dryer sheets, rub it down firmly, and pick up any remaining hairs with a lint roller or dustpan and brush.

Use Dryer Sheet  pom pom Rug Cleaning

10. Salt and Baking Soda

This cleaning solution is suitable for those who don’t want to use harsh chemicals. Simply combine equal parts salt and baking soda, then sprinkle it onto your pom rug. Next, you should be able to reach in with a broom and brush the fibers around until the powder has been worked all through it. Then, all you have to do is pick up any remaining salt/baking soda mixture by hand and brush the rug until it’s all gone.


If you have a rug that has pom-poms, there are several ways to clean them. The first is by simply vacuuming the rug and shaking out any loose dirt or debris from it before using your vacuum cleaner on the rug’s fibers. This should remove most of the dust and other particles that cause buildup between each pom-pom head.

The second option for cleaning this type of rug is with an industrial-strength wet/dry vacuum system. Connect your industrial-strength vacuum hose to one end of your machine and attach a crevice tool to the other side, then turn on both devices together so that they work simultaneously. We hope this blog post on how to clean a pom pom rug has been helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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