How to Clean an Area Rug at the Carwash

An area rug is a beautiful thing to have in your home, but it can be pretty expensive. To make them last longer, it’s essential to care for them properly. Over time, dirt and grime build up on the fibers of an area rug which causes stains and odors that are hard to remove. Carwashes can get area rugs spotless without using any harmful substances.

How to Clean an Area Rug at the Carwash

The only thing you’ll need is time and patience, but that’s something we all have plenty of! By following this guide on how to clean an area rug at the carwash, you’ll be able to take care of your dirty carpets in no time! There are many ways you can clean an area rug at home, but if you want something quick and easy, then taking it straight to the carwash might be the best option! Read on below for more information about cleaning your area rug at the carwash!

10 Ways on How to Clean an Area Rug at the Carwash:

1. Buy a Wet/Dry Vac:

One of the best ways to clean a large area rug is by buying your own wet/dry vacuum. The first step is to vacuum up any dry dirt on top of the rug. Then use a spray bottle with water, a little dish soap, and lightly mist areas that need cleaning. Next, use the tools on the wet/dry vac, turn it on and agitate the area. Be sure to regularly empty your vacuum as you work to follow through with the entire process.

2. Use a Rug Cleaning Machine:

If you decide not to purchase a wet/dry vacuum, look for small rug cleaning machines online or at your local department stores. These can be used successfully on large rugs by holding the device about one foot away from the carpet and slowly moving it across the surface. Make sure to follow your machine’s instructions for how much water you need to use, as well as any other steps that could save you time and money.

3. Take a Deep Clean Shower:

Another option for cleaning a large area rug is to give it a deep clean in the shower. By hanging your rug on top of the curtains or shower rod, you can get steamy hot water to get down into the fibers and act as an effective cleaner. Smaller rugs may fit inside your standard shower, but make sure these are entirely waterproof before attempting this method.

Deep Clean the Area Rug in the Shower

4. Use a Shop-Vac:

Using a shop-vac is another alternative for cleaning an area rug without too much hassle. Ensure the area rug is completely dry and free of debris before attempting this cleaning method, and only try it on smaller rugs, not large ones that may get stuck in your vacuum hose.

5. Try a Rag Mop:

A rag mop is a great cleaning tool for large area rugs, as it can be used to agitate the fibers without causing any damage to the rug itself. Take your mop to an area that doesn’t have anything valuable on it, and dip the clean end into warm, soapy water. Rub the mop back and forth across your carpet to lift dirt and grime, and then rinse it out with a bucket of clean water. Repeat this process until all the dirt is gone.

6. Take Action With Baking Soda:

Baking soda can be used as an effective cleaner for large area rugs. First, mix three parts of water with baking soda in a spray bottle, and shake vigorously to combine the ingredients. Then apply the mixture liberally to your large area rug using a rag or mop, and let it sit for several hours if needed. After letting it sit for a while, retake action by scrubbing the area thoroughly with your rag and then rinsing out the rag again with a bucket of clean, warm water.

7. Use a Bissell:

A Bissell or carpet cleaner machine is another tool that can be used to clean your large area rug effectively. These machines have been specially designed for cleaning large areas using high-temperature pressure washing systems to make removing grime and dirt easier than ever before.

8. Use a Steam Cleaner:

Steam cleaners use high-temperature water to clean surfaces like carpet, and not only do they work well, but they’re sold at home improvement stores for low prices! By following the manufacturer’s instructions, you can easily use this machine on your large area rug and watch as the steam penetrates deep down into the fibers, lifting dirt and grime alike.

9. Clean With a Pressure Washer:

A pressure washer can be used to clean an entire large area rug instead of just one portion of it at a time. This is the best cleaning option if you’ve got lots of ground to cover around your home. Make sure to use a low-temperature pressure setting so as not to damage your rug’s fibers with too much heat, and work slowly across your large area rug until all of the dirt is gone.

Use Pressure Setting as Not to Damage Rug's Fibers

10. Hose It Off:

If you’ve got a front-loading washing machine, try placing your rug inside and running it through a wash cycle. Using a mild detergent or even just warm water can work well to lift dirt and grime from the surface of your large area rug, leaving it looking fresh and new once again.


If you want to keep your area rug looking its best, the first step is always vacuuming it. First, vacuum out any loose dirt and debris before using a damp cloth with mild soap on it to clean stains. Next, rinse the cloth in water, dry it as much as possible, and squeeze gently over each stain until they are gone.

If you’ve got a large indoor space to clean, you can try taking all of the furniture out and then hosing the area rug down with the front-loading washing machine; make sure to use a mild detergent or warm water. Once it’s been rinsed out, hang the rug outside until it is scorched.

Once your large area rug has been cleaned, it will be ready to be placed back in its proper home where you can enjoy using and looking at it again! We hope this blog post on how to clean an area rug at the carwash has been helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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