How to Clean Coated Canvas Bag

The coated canvas is a material that is often used in making handbags, backpacks, and other accessories. The coating helps protect the fabric from water and dirt while also giving it a stylish look. Although coated canvas is generally durable, it can become dirty or stained over time. In this blog post, we will discuss how to clean coated canvas bag effectively.

How to Clean Coated Canvas Bag

In order to clean coated canvas bag, you will need to use a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for the material. Follow these simple steps to clean your coated canvas bag safely and effectively. If you have a coated canvas bag, it’s important to clean it regularly to maintain its appearance and extend its life.

10 Effective Ways on How to Clean Coated Canvas Bag

1. Clean Out The Interior:

Before you attempt to clean your coated canvas bag, you must clean out all of the items inside of it. You will be able to get a better idea about what kind of cleaning chemicals and materials you can use if there isn’t anything else already there.

2. Put The Bag In Warm Water:

Next, you should place the bag in a sink or bathtub and fill it halfway with warm water. This will allow the canvas to relax and expand, making it easier for you to clean. You can also use a spray bottle filled with water and put it on a low setting to mist the bag.

3. Add Mild Detergent to Soak:

Adding a small amount of mild detergent to the water will help you break up any dirt or other stains on the canvas without causing too much harm. Let it soak for at least five minutes so that the detergent has time to work its magic. You can also try to use baby shampoo designed to be safe for materials like canvas.

4. Dab Loose Dirt and Stains:

Before you plunge the bag, take a soft towel and dab at any loose dirt or stains on the surface of the fabric. You should easily remove these with little more than water and some gentle scrubbing.

5. Rinse the Bag:

After this, you should remove the bag from the water and rinse it with more warm water from a sink or spray bottle. Be sure that all of the detergents are gone before you put them back on your shelf for another day.

 Use Baby Shampoo

6. Clean The Exterior:

Now that you have removed the bag’s interior, it is time to clean the exterior. Before scrubbing the coated canvas material, take a small amount of mild soap and lather it over a soft towel. This will help break up any oils or dirt without causing damage to the material.

7. Rinse with More Warm Water:

Just as you did with the interior portion, rinse the bag’s exterior with warm water to remove any soap residue. Use a clean towel to dry it off, and be sure that the entire surface of the material is dry.

8. Let It Air Dry:

After you have rinsed the bag both inside and out, put it on some paper towels on your countertop or drying rack. If you have a drying rack, place the towel on the mesh portion and let it sit for about 24 hours. If you do not have a rack, spread the bags flat on paper towels and let them air dry for this period.

9. Condition It With Leather Conditioner:

After letting the bag air dry, it is time to condition the material with a protective coating. A leather conditioner will work well because of its ability to strengthen the material while also preventing future damage from happening. Be sure only to use a small amount and follow the directions on the container.

10. Store it Properly:

Finally, you should zip up the storage bag and store your coated canvas bag in a dry area where no future damage can be done by dirt or spills. Also, make sure that you remove all of the water from the bag’s interior before you close it back up. This will help prevent any mildew or mold from growing inside while not in use.

Use a Clean Towel To Dry It Off

Some Tips and Suggestions

Here are some tips and suggestions on how to clean coated canvas bag.

1. Canvas bags are perfect for shopping trips.

2. The only thing you might not like about them is the grease stains they tend to leave on your clothes after holding a few day’s or week’s worths of groceries in them.

3. Wipe off some spills immediately with some paper towels before they set in and do their damage!

4. First of all, soak it in cold water with baking soda or dishwashing liquid for about 20 minutes, just enough time for you to bake a pizza, heat some soup, or have a quick cup of tea.

5. You can also rub off stains with liquid soap or even toothpaste if you think it’s that dirty.

6. If the stain just won’t come off, mix baking soda in water and scrub the stained area for about 15 minutes using an old toothbrush or a nail brush.

Use a Clean Brush

7. There is a chance that stains might just pop up again later on, but don’t worry! You can always get more baking soda or dishwashing liquid and give the bag another round of treatment to keep it looking brand new!

Can Coated Canvas Be Washed?

All kinds of coated canvas are machine-washable, except ultra suede. If there is no tag on your coated-canvas bag that states whether or not it can be washed, you should test a small patch of the material in an inconspicuous place to be sure.

Machine washing may be done on a cold/gentle cycle with mild detergent for canvas or coated-canvas bags that do not have the ultra suede coating.

The bag should be hung to dry, never machine dry, and never put in the dryer. For bags that have an ultra-suede coating, use a damp towel and wipe the bag gently. Never machine wash or dry. If you must clean an ultra-suede bag, take it to your dry-cleaner for professional cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can You Use Leather Cleaner on Coated Canvas?

A: The coated canvas is a type of material that has been treated to be water-resistant. The coating on it will also prevent the leather cleaner from working as it does on traditional leather products.

Because the chemicals used in making coated canvas aren’t going to work with your usual leather care product, you wouldn’t want to use leather cleaner on coated canvas.

You can clean your coated canvas using a damp cloth and warm water. However, the more you use leather cleaner on it, the more likely it is that you’re going to cause damage that will eventually ruin the bag. It’s not recommended to use anything other than water or mild soap on coated canvas.

You should also keep in mind that, although the water should be able to clean your bag just fine, you may still cause some damage if you scrub too aggressively.

Use a Powder Detergent

Q: Does Water Damage Coated Canvas?

A: No, as long as the bag is not submerged in water. While the coated canvas can get wet, it should be dried immediately. If you let it sit overnight with water on it, the coated canvas will absorb moisture and rust your metal hardware, gate key, etc. Coated canvas requires special treatment.

It is okay to use a wet cloth, but water should never be left on the bag for any length of time or allowed to seep inside.

The bag should be dried immediately after it becomes wet. So when in doubt, err on the side of caution-it is better to air dry! Also, please note that if you have a coated canvas bag and you leave water droplets inside or outside it for any length of time, you will rust your hardware (handle and strap rings).

Q: What Type of Detergent Can I Use?

A: Use a powder detergent instead of a liquid detergent. The idea is to prevent the water from beading up and to roll off, so you need the more powerful soap. Also, choose an unscented type of detergent. An additional option is to use a powdered detergent made for handwashing clothes.

Powder detergents are preferable because the chemicals that make up liquid detergents cause water to bead, making it more challenging to clean and dry your bag.

However, if you have no choice but to use liquid soap, try using as little as possible and diluting it as much as possible with water; the more water you add, the less likely it is that beads of water will form and remain on your bag.


Cleaning a coated canvas bag can be just as easy and inexpensive. Follow these simple steps to get your favorite handbag looking new again! First, fill the sink with warm water, soap, and dishwashing liquid.

Place the coat in soapy water for ten minutes. If you want to ensure that all of the dirt is removed from inside zippers or seams, fill up a spray bottle with hot water and add some vinegar.

Spray it on any stubborn stains before placing them back into the cleaning solution. We hope this blog article on how to clean coated canvas bags has been informative and insightful. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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