How to Clean Intex Pool Bottom

If you are looking for a way to keep your pool clean, then the Intex Pool Bottom Cleaner might be what you need. This cleaner can go on top of the ground or in water, and it will clean up all dirt and debris that has collected at the bottom of the pool.

It is an inexpensive option that does not require any electricity or chemicals. Plus, there is no hassle with trying to scrub out any stubborn stains yourself. The cleaner sucks everything into its vacuum system to get rid of it! So, this article is for you. You will learn how to clean intex pool bottom with just one simple trick!

How to Clean Intex Pool Bottom

Step to Follow on How to Clean Intex Pool Bottom

Step One: Determine

First, you want to determine the type of materials your pool is made of. If the pool is made of vinyl, you want to use a chemical-free cleaner. If the pool is made of something other than vinyl, use a cleanser with chlorine to help disinfect and sanitize the pool bottom.

Then, vacuum the pool using a vacuum head on a telescopic pole. After this, you want to check if there is any debris left on the bottom of your Intex pool. If you find anything, use a leaf skimmer to remove it.

Step Two: Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Take your pool water and run it through your Intex pool filter pump for at least 24 hours before opening the pool. If possible, you want to use one that has a similar flow rate as your previous one. Then, use chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine, or a combination of either. The chlorine level should be at least 1-3 ppm, but 3-5 ppm is recommended.

Then, run your Intex pool filter pump nonstop for about 24 hours before opening it. Finally, after following both steps, plunge a push broom into the pool floor and move it side to side so that dirt from the broom flows through your Intex pool filter pump’s filter cartridge. Do this until no more dirt is coming from the broom.

Step Three: Attacking and Dissolving

After vacuuming and sanitizing the pool, you may notice some staining on your vinyl pool’s floor. This is completely normal, especially if you’ve let debris sit on it for a while. To eliminate it as much as possible, use muriatic acid or hydrogen peroxide to dissolve it away using a stiff brush and a plastic scrubber.

After the muriatic acid has been used, use it again but with water added to dilute it. It’s not really necessary to stir it, just leave it as is. Finally, rinse everything off using clean pool water, then repeat step one once more before opening your Intex pool for use.

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Vacuuming and Sanitizing the Pool

Step Four: Clean With Chemicals

If you feel that your Intex pool is still not clean enough after following the steps in this article, you can use a chemical called Pool Perfect to make it sparkling clean. Follow the instructions on the label exactly, and be sure to wear protective gear for your eyes, hands, arms, and legs.

This chemical may burn if it comes into contact with your eyes, so be careful and use the chemicals only in a well-ventilated area. Also, use a plastic scrubber or brush instead of a metal one when cleaning. It will make the process much easier. These steps should help you in learning how to clean intex pool bottom.

Step Five: Clean With Pool Perfect and Bleach

Another powerful chemical combination you can use to clean the walls and floor of your Intex pool is Pool Perfect, chlorine bleach, and muriatic acid. Ensure that the chemicals are not mixed because chlorine bleach does not affect muriatic acid and vice versa.

Do this after following step one by cleaning first with the Pool Perfect and water, then with chlorine bleach and water. Finally, mix equal parts of Pool Perfect and muriatic acid. Make sure to pour the mixture into a separate bucket or container that does not contain chlorine bleach or muriatic acid.

Step Six: Clean With Hose and Scrub Brush

If you’re not sure about using chemicals to clean your Intex pool, another way is to use a hose, scrub brush, and household dish soap. Just mix the soap with water in a bucket of about 0.5 gallons of each or put it directly on the floor of your pool for mild suds. Ensure that the soap you use is mild because it shouldn’t be too harsh on your vinyl pool floor.

After this, use a scrub brush with stiff bristles to clean the pool with either dish soap or chlorine bleach if necessary. Again, don’t forget to wear protective gear while using the chemicals. After doing this step, make sure that you clean your Intex pool filter pump because soap can clog it up.

Use a Pool Cover With Your Intex Pool

Step Seven: Maintain the Clean

After cleaning your pool, make sure to use a pool cover with your Intex pool. This prevents debris from falling back in and prevents the growth of algae. If you want, you can install a pool fence with an automatic opener to make it even more secure.

Also, after cleaning, fill your Intex pool up again with fresh water instead of using dirty water to sanitize it. Even if your Intex pool doesn’t look dirty, the chlorine and muriatic acid can still damage its materials if not diluted with clean water. If you want to keep your vinyl pool floor looking good for a long time, try vacuuming once every two days.

Conclusion Paragraph:

The key to keeping your Intex pool clean is preventing debris from getting in the water. That means following the manufacturer’s directions for the use and care of your product, filtering out leaves before they fall into the pool, installing a safety cover when not in use, and never use harsh chemicals or bleach on an inflatable plastic liner.

Keeping these tips in mind should help you avoid spending time cleaning up after yourself at all! Contact us today if you have more questions about how best to maintain your Intex swimming pool over its lifespan. This blog post has given helpful advice on how to clean intex pool bottom.

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