How To Clean Paper Air Filter Lawn Mower

Keeping your backyard or garden clean is a must if you want to make your house look pretty from the outside. And if you love to grow plants, then it is necessary to keep everything clean. The essential cleaning requires you to mow the lawn! Keeping the grass at length is extremely important to make the garden or lawn prettier and neater. To do that, everyone uses a lawnmower.

We are pretty familiar with this electric item, which keeps the grass at a suitable length to make our garden look heavenly. While the lawnmower is cleaning your lawn, it is also necessary to keep the mower clean. That is why we are here to discuss how to clean paper air filter lawn mowers.

The lawnmower’s air filter is one of the essential parts of the machine. When you are mowing your lawn, not only does it cut the grasses, but it also cleans out various dirt and debris. By cleaning, we meant the mower leads those within itself while cutting the grass.

Unfortunately, the only thing one can do to stop the harmful dirt and debris from entering the engine is to change the air filter. Usually, a lawnmower has a paper air filter to keep that debris away.

While the air filter is doing its work to keep dirt away from the engine, it is also getting dirty by doing its job. The engine must be free of those harmful subjects to work properly as that dirt can cause the engine to malfunction and stop working at one point.

The air filter will keep those objects away, but they may get built up once in a while, and that is why the user must keep it clean. If you are curious to know how to clean a paper air filter lawn mower, keep reading ahead.

How To Clean Paper Air Filter Lawn Mower

How to Clean Paper Air Filter Lawn Mower

one question always arises about whether it is necessary to clean the air filter. The answer to the question is, yes, it is needed to be clean. But the thing is, if the air filter is a paper air filter, it cannot be cleaned most of the time. Because it is made out of paper, cleaning it can ruin the mechanism of the air filter. But there are still ways to get rid of the build-ups from the air filter, which we are showing you step by step below.

How to Clean Paper Air Filter Lawn Mower

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is stop the lawnmower’s engine. This is for your safety. There should be no way of thinking about cleaning the mower while it is running. Safety has to be your top priority when working on machines like this. After stopping the machine, you should ensure that all the moving parts are stopped and cooled down. The last thing to ensure is that all the plugs are unplugged from the mower.

Step 2

Now that your lawnmower is safe to work with, it is time to remove all the casing to expose the air filter that you want to clean. Some lawn mowers might have additional protection, which can be removed as well, and you should remove them first.

Next, you can locate the air filter on top of the engine, and you will see it is covered in plastic or metal cover. The cover might be screwed attached, so you have to unscrew it to take it off so that the air filter will be exposed to you.

Step 3

When you see the air filter, you will find it enclosed with foam. You need to clean the foam as well. It is better to start with cleaning the foam before moving to anything. To clean the foam, you will also have to stay cautious not to cause any damage to it. There are two ways you can clean the foam. You can use an air blower to push the dirt and debris away from the foam.

How to Clean Paper Air Filter Lawn Mower

Or, you can rinse the foam with soap and hot water to clean it precisely. We will recommend the latter option as it gives the proper cleaning. After cleaning the foam, let it air dry completely before you can use it again. You must be careful when washing the foam as it is also subject to wear. If the foam has some unremovable stain or is too dirty to use, you better replace it with a new one.

Step 4

Now it is time to work with the paper filter. As mentioned, the paper filter is not meant to be washed or cleaned. The material is very delicate so it might get damaged and unusable. But if the paper air filter is new and can be used for some time, you can wipe the dirt away from it to clean it. There is no need to use water or other things.

Step 5

After you are done cleaning, get all the parts attached to the lawnmower like before. You first must get the paper filter on the foam and attach it back with the cover on the engine. Then, fix all the other parts and run the mower to see if it works like before, and you will be done.

Replacing the Paper Air Filter

If you think the paper air filter on your lawnmower is unusable, it is better to replace it before the engine gets damaged from dirt and debris. It is not a hard task to replace the air filter. The paper air filters are not expensive, and they can be easily found in the shop. To replace the air filters, the below steps are to be taken-

Replacing the Paper Air Filter
  • Remove the protective covering of the lawnmower to expose the engine.
  • Take the protective cover of the air filter by unscrewing
  • Remove the foam from the paper air filter and dust off any dirt that might be on it
  • Use a dry cloth to clean the air filter housing
  • Put the new air filter in the right place and assemble everything else
  • Reattach all the parts and run the mower to see if it is working

By following these steps, you can replace the filter easily. It is always a good idea to replace the air filter after some while rather than washing it.


That was all for how to clean paper air filter lawn mower. To make your lawn mower work in the best condition, it must use an air filter, and your responsibility is to keep the filter clean after a while. When the time comes, you must replace the filter without hesitation.

By doing all these, your lawnmower will work the best for the longest time without you having to purchase a new one. We hope that all the recommendations and help we have provided will help you figure everything out and clean the air filter without any problem.

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