How to Clean Taxidermy Fish

If fishing is your passion, then there might be at least one or two fish mounts hanging your wall. Well, taxidermies are an artistic way that can express how much love you have for fishing. It also commemorates and honors our catch. But recently, you have noticed that your most favorite item is becoming dusty rapidly. Taxidermies are expensive, just like every quality works, so it’s your duty to maintain your investment. So, do you know how to clean taxidermy fish and make it good as new? It’s a bit tricky, but as now you are here, consider half of your job is done. I have gathered some easy techniques for ending this cleaning process with a breeze.

You may not get adequate time for cleaning it regularly but cleaning it at least twice a week is really essential. So, it will be better if you keep this in mind. However, for this project, I have selected my very own fifty-pound salmon fish. It is the last sign of my father, and that’s why it really bears great importance for me. It was mounted on the wall for a while (more than a year), and due to that, it needs to be cleaned. You can imagine how dusty it’s now. However, below I have discussed how I have cleaned my taxidermy fish with some simple steps.

How to Clean Taxidermy Fish

How to Clean Taxidermy Fish

Step 1

After ensuring the taxidermy is free of dust, the first thing I do is give it a light spray with water. I avoid using any strong cleaners, as the paint on these fishes is likely made of some heavy chemicals which could be washed away. So, I stick to using plain water or just a little bit of soap.

Step 2

Now, take a soft bristle paintbrush and brush in the direction that the scales go. Never brush against the scale. Brush the wood if you have got a piece of driftwood.

Step 3

Once you have cleaned them up, take your sprayer and wash the entire taxidermy with an increased flow of water. Again, if you use compressed air, blow at the direction the scales lay. Do not blow against scale. This will clean up the dust and make your fish look better than before.

Steps to Clean Taxidermy Fish

If you want to clean your fish mount easily, that’s the process to follow. But if your fish mount is a bit older or needs more attention to detail, what should you do? Let’s take a look. There is a very simple technique to bring back the youth in your fish.

If you look close to the fish skins, you will notice that each of them has a specific highlight on them. Salmon, bass, or brown trout, all of them feature a different skin. For my salmon fish mount, I am going to add some small dots on its scale so that it looks close to the original scale.

So, I took a pointed pen (or you can use a small brush) and started drawing the small patterns. Fish usually have this small highlight on their upper back, and that’s why I have marked that place and going to start from there. For my fish, I am coloring the fish from its back and continuing it until I reach the lateral line. I am going to do this gently so that nothing goes wrong and ruin the beautiful texture of my fish.

After you finish adding colors to the fish, you can put it back on the wall. It will look more lively than before. If you want to add more detail, you can add a special coating to its skin to make it look glossy. But it’s best to have a professional taxidermist do that.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have understood how to clean taxidermy fish and won’t strive for the process again. If you are still confused at any steps or has something interesting to share with us, you can inform me through the comment section below. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you.

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