How to Clean Tree Branches for Indoor Use

The trees that are kept unused in our lawn can be used for decoration purposes. In this case, the tree branches should be cleaned properly. For this reason, today, we will exhibit the techniques on how to clean tree branches for indoor use. This will be much beneficial for beginners, and the DIY skills will be much improved.


The necessary process required for the decoration of the tree branch for indoor purposes is quite simple. We are going to provide you a chronological procedure in this regard. This will be beneficial for learners.

Step One

In this step, you have to select the branch that you want to use for the indoor decoration, in this case, we prefer that you choose the branch which must work actively in nature. The stems that are wet and soft must be avoided in this regard. It would be best if you were much sincere in this case because the selection of the wrong branch will affect the whole decoration. The decoration will be much aesthetic and long-lasting when you will choose the right branch

Step Two

After selecting the branch, you have to process the branch. In this step, you have arranged a heating chamber for the branch. This is much needed for the proper drying of the stem. This is done because the trees’ continuous outside exposure creates a mixed impact on the health of the tree. The inner part of the tree remains wet, and for this reason, you must use mechanized heating to make the branch properly dry.

Step Three

After you have done the curing for all most two months, the branch will start showing cracks. At this moment, you have to stop the curing and start detaching the bark. This is the first step that you should follow after the curing, this is much important, and many people skip this part, which is unacceptable. The bugs living on the barks will be eliminated, which is much beneficial before bringing the branch indoors.

Step Four

After you have debarked the branch, it will have some ridges and the outgrowths, and these will have to be appropriately managed. In this case, you must use the sandpaper. The sand and polish will restore the surface of the branch. It would be best if you used the hundred grit sandpaper in this regard. This will be much helpful; the curvy and the bumpy parts of the branch can be adjusted in this manner.

Step Five

Now you have to apply a stain to the branch. This is done to bring out the actual feature of the wood. The stain should be involved in such a manner that the excess gets easily dissolved in the wood. The wood will take almost twenty-four hours to soak the stain. At last, you have to use polyurethane coating for the process to get completed. After this, your tree branch is ready for decoration.

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In conclusion, we hope that the process that we have mentioned here will be much helpful for making the tree branch usable for decoration. This is an excellent DIY procedure that can be quickly followed by beginners. Happy crafting! Have a beautiful day!!

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