How to Connect With a New Tarot Deck

Have you just purchased a new tarot deck? Maybe you feel drawn to a certain deck but don’t know how to connect with it. Here are a few tips on how to connect with a new tarot deck to get the most out of your readings. Establishing a connection with your tarot deck is important because it helps create more accurate readings. When you have a strong connection with your deck, you can put aside any personal biases and let the cards speak for themselves.

How to Connect With a New Tarot Deck

Follow these steps to help foster a stronger relationship with your tarot cards. The first step is understanding the meaning of each card. Take some time to look up the traditional meanings of each tarot card and write them down. This will help you understand what the cards are trying to tell you. Read on to know more!

10 Easy Ways on How to Connect With a New Tarot Deck

1. Draw a Tarot Card

The best way to connect with your Tarot deck is simply drawing a card. This can be done any time you feel the need for guidance or inspiration. First, shuffle the deck and then draw a card at random. Please take a few minutes to read the card and think about its meaning. You can also ask a question about the tarot before you draw your card to get specific guidance.

2. Flip Through All the Tarot Cards

Another way to connect with your new Tarot deck is to flip through all the cards. This will help you get a feel for the deck and its energy. As you flip through the cards, take note of any that catch your eye or speak to you.

When you connect with a Tarot deck, it’s important to make sure that the deck feels right for you. So, choose a deck that resonates with you and your intuition. If you’re unsure which deck to choose from, you can always ask a Tarot reader for advice.

Ask a Tarot Reader for Advice

3. Study Each Card Individually

Take some time to study each card individually. This will help you understand the meaning of each card and how it can be interpreted in a reading. As you study the cards, pay attention to the images, symbols, and colors used. These elements can give you clues about the card’s meaning.

4. Study the Major and Minor Arcanas

The tarot is also divided into the Major and Minor Arcanas. The Major Arcana represents the major events in our lives, while the Minor Arcana represents the day-to-day events. By studying both the Major and Minor Arcanas, you’ll get a well-rounded understanding of the tarot.

5. Keep a Journal

One way to really get to know your Tarot deck is to keep a journal. Each time you draw a card, write down your thoughts and impressions in your journal. This will help you track your progress and keep your thoughts organized.

Keep a Journal

6. Develop Your Intuition

The best way to connect with your Tarot deck is to develop your intuition. The more attuned you are to your intuition, the better able you will be to understand the messages the cards are trying to tell you. There are many ways to develop your intuition, so find what works best for you and stick with it

7. Lay Out Some Structure

When you first start working with a Tarot deck, it can be helpful to lay out some structure. This can be as simple as choosing a certain spread to use or setting aside time each day to work with the tarot. Having some structure will help you focus your thoughts and get the most out of your readings.

8. Compare Tarot Cards with Each Other

One way to really get to know your tarot deck is to compare each card with another. This will help you understand how each card’s symbolism works together. It can also be helpful to look at the cards next to each other in the deck, as they may have a special connection.

9. Shuffle the Deck

Shuffling the deck is a great way to get new insights into the cards. It can also help to clear any energy that may have been attached to the deck from previous readings. Hold it in your hands and then let it fall onto the table to shuffle the deck. Then, cut the deck into three piles and put them back together again. Repeat this process until you feel that the deck is well shuffled.

Shuffling the Deck

10. Research the Symbolism in Each Tarot Card

One of the best ways to learn about your tarot deck is to research the symbolism in each card. This can be done by reading books about tarot or looking online. By understanding the symbolism in each card, you will be able to read the cards more effectively and get deeper insights into your readings.

Some Helpful Tips and Suggestions

Here we have given tips on how to connect with a new tarot deck

1. Give yourself time to get to know your new deck. Handle the cards and look at them closely. Meditate on each image.

2. Start by reading the instructions that came with your deck. Some decks have specific instructions for using them, while others are more general.

3. Experiment with different ways of reading the cards. For example, try out different spreads and see which ones work best for you.

Use Different Ways of Reading Cards

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re having trouble understanding a card or a reading. Many resources are available online and in books to help you learn more about tarot.

5. Remember that there are no right or wrong ways to read tarot. Trust your intuition and go with what feels right for you.

6. Have fun! Tarot can be a great way to connect with your intuition and higher self. Enjoy the process of exploring your new deck and finding out what it has to offer.

How Do You Clean a New Tarot Deck?

When you get a new tarot deck, the first thing you want to do is clean it. This removes any negative energy that the deck may have picked up along the way and prepares it for use. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get a piece of paper and write down your hopes and dreams for the deck.
  2. Place the deck under running water, either from the tap or a natural source like river or waterfall.
  3. As you do this, visualize all the negativity and impurities leaving the deck and being carried away by the water.
  4. Dry the deck off with a clean towel when you’re finished.
  5. Take the piece of paper and burn it while visualizing the dreams you wrote down coming true.
  6. Finally, spread some rose quartz crystals around the deck to help keep it charged with positive energy.

Now your deck is ready to use!

Few Things to Consider When Connecting With a New Tarot Deck

1. Spend Some Time With the Cards

When first receiving your new tarot deck, simply look at the images and get to know the cards. This can be done by either reading the accompanying book or by looking online for interpretations of each card.

2. Pick Few Cards That Appeal to You

Once you feel comfortable with the images, begin by picking a few cards that appeal to you. Then, again, you can consult the accompanying book or online resources to learn more about the meanings of these cards.

3. Keep a Journal

Throughout your journey with your new tarot deck, it can be helpful to keep a journal detailing your readings and experiences. This will help you to track your progress and connect more deeply with the cards.

4. Have an Open Mind

As with anything in life, it is important to approach your new tarot deck with an open mind. Be willing to explore the cards’ meanings and be open to whatever insights they may offer.

5. Clean Them Regularly

It is also important to keep your tarot cards clean. This can be done by either washing them with soap and water or using a natural cleanser like sage smoke. Doing this will help to remove any negative energy that might be attached to them.

6. Keep Them Beside When Sleeping

To connect with your deck on a deeper level, keeping them beside you when sleeping is helpful. This will allow the cards to become more infused with your energy and help to deepen your connection with them.

7. Store Them Safely

Finally, make sure to store your tarot cards safely where they will not be damaged. This could be in a Tarot deck box or a special pouch. Taking care of your tarot deck will ensure that it will provide you with years of enjoyment and insights.


When you get a new tarot deck, the first thing you should do is connect with it. This means spending time with the cards, knowing their energy, and understanding how they want to work with you. To connect with your new tarot deck, you can do a few things. First, spend some time just looking at the cards. Then, get to know their images and what each one represents.

Allow the images to speak to you and give you clues about using them. Then, shuffle the cards and pull a few out at random. Allow yourself to be open to the messages that the tarot can bring, even if they don’t make sense at first. The wisdom of the tarot will become clearer over time. We hope this post has been able to guide on how to connect with a new tarot deck. If you have any questions or want to know more then feel free to comment below!

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