How to Cut Aluminum Balusters

I am going to show you how to cut aluminum balusters using a reciprocating saw. You can use this method for cutting any type of metal, including steel and iron. The first step is to measure the length that you want your pieces of aluminum balusters. Make sure that they are all the same length so that it will be easier when assembling them later on.

Once you have done this, make a mark on each end with a pencil or marker and proceed by clamping the workpiece in place before making your cuts with either a hacksaw or reciprocating saw. Afterward, clean up any rough edges from these cuts as well as those left from where clamps were attached using an orbital sander or grinder, then paint if desired!

How to Cut Aluminum Balusters

Why Aluminum Cut Balusters:

There are many advantages to using aluminum balusters. The first is because they don’t rust or rot, so you won’t have to replace them over time. This could save you plenty of money compared to other options that may need replacement after a few years.

Another advantage of these types of balusters is that they are lightweight yet durable, unlike other steel or iron balusters. Finally, aluminum will not be affected by saltwater, which is very common with outdoor decks, so this makes it a good option if you have a deck around your house.

Ways on How to Cut Aluminum Balusters:

1. Clamp and Cutting Using a Jig Saw:

One way of cutting aluminum balusters is to clamp the workpiece in place and cut it using a jigsaw. If you don’t have clamps, you can also use other materials such as wood boards or bricks to secure the workpiece, so it doesn’t move while you’re cutting (see image 1). When you clamp your workpiece down or secure it with another material, make sure that the part where you’ll be cutting is on top.

2. Cut Aluminum Balusters Using a Reciprocating Saw:

A reciprocating saw (or Sawzall) is another type of power tool which can be used to make the cuts. This method is a little more difficult compared with using a jigsaw since you will need to clamp down your workpiece in place by yourself.

To do this, mark the spot for drilling holes where you can easily screw or bolt-on clamps. Make sure that these screws are strong enough to keep the workpiece from moving when you’re cutting. The benefit of cutting aluminum balusters with a reciprocating saw is that it can cut through thicker materials better than a jigsaw.

Using an Angle Grinder

3. Cut Aluminum Balusters Using an Angle Grinder:

An angle grinder is another tool that can be used to make cuts in aluminum balusters. It will be a little faster compared to using a reciprocating saw or jigsaw but is very dangerous if not used properly.

4. Cut Aluminum Balusters Using a Drill Press:

Using a drill press is another option for cutting aluminum balusters. However, if you can’t get one of these machines, you can use a regular hand drill instead. Simply attach an appropriate size hole saw bit that matches the inner diameter of your machine screw or bolt where you’ll be attaching the clamps.

Make sure that you do this with drill bit sizes listed in your machine screw or bolt instructions to prevent the hole from being too big.

5. Cut Aluminum Balusters By Hand:

The final option on how to cut aluminum balusters is by using a hacksaw for making cuts. While this is possible, it isn’t recommended since it will take up more time than other tools. In addition, cleaning any rough edges that are leftover will also be difficult.

Tips and Warnings:


– If you’re planning on painting your balusters, cover the heads of screws or bolts with masking tape before drilling holes to prevent any paint from going through.

– To make sure that all the cuts are even and smooth, use a pencil or marker to mark where each cut will be made.

– It’s important to keep your workpiece secure on a flat surface while working. This can prevent it from moving around, which allows you to make the cut more precisely.

– When cutting angles, always remember that aluminum balusters are softer than other metals, so they will easily bend or dent.

– If you don’t have clamps, another option is to use bricks or wood boards to secure your workpiece. However, don’t do this with clamps since screws used for securing the workpiece can break if they are too tight, which may cause pieces of aluminum balusters to fly off.


– When using power tools such as a reciprocating saw, drill press, grinder, or jigsaw, be sure that you have a firm grip on the material. If not, vibrations from these tools may cause the aluminum balusters to fly out of your hand and hit someone nearby, which can lead to serious injury.

– Always use heavy-duty gloves to prevent injuries from using power tools such as a jigsaw or reciprocating saw.

– Always remember to wear safety goggles to avoid getting any debris or chips from flying into your eyes which can cause temporary or permanent blindness.

– When using a drill press, be sure not to push down on the material too hard; otherwise, it can bend out of shape and crack. The same goes for hand drills, so use the right amount of pressure to drill holes.


With these tips for how to cut aluminum balusters, you can now be more efficient and spend less time on your projects. Whether it’s a DIY project at home or a work-related task, we hope this has been helpful to consider when planning out the steps needed to cut an aluminum railing.

Be sure not to forget that safety glasses should always be worn whenever possible and that all cuts need to be done with extra caution. When in doubt, consult with someone who knows what they are doing before attempting any of these methods yourself!

Thank you for viewing this article, and we hope you found it insightful. For more information about any topics related to aluminum balusters or how to cut them, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you!

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