How to Decorate Arched Windows

Arched windows, with their unique curves and architectural charm, offer a distinctive aesthetic to any space they inhabit. However, figuring out how to decorate arched windows can present a creative challenge to homeowners and decorators alike.

How to Decorate Arched Windows

These windows differ from standard windows in shape and how they influence a room’s style and lighting. They require a thoughtful approach to decoration that respects their architectural integrity while integrating them seamlessly into the space’s overall design. This introduction will explore arched windows’ unique characteristics and challenges, such as maintaining privacy without sacrificing the window’s beauty or obstructing the natural light it provides.

Furthermore, it will provide a comprehensive overview of strategies for enhancing the beauty of arched windows, ensuring they remain a focal point in any room. By considering these elements, homeowners can highlight their arched windows as stunning architectural features rather than obstacles to be overcome.

Embracing the Architecture

Arched windows inherently bring a level of sophistication and visual interest to a space that few architectural elements can. When it comes to decorating these windows, it’s essential to emphasize their unique shape and curves, allowing them to shine as the focal point of any room.

A. Highlighting the Arch: Using Window Treatments That Frame and Accentuate the Arched Shape

One effective method of decorating arched windows is using window treatments that specifically highlight their arch. Custom-made curtains that follow the window’s curve can visually enhance the architectural beauty without obscuring it. Installing a curtain rod above the arch and allowing the fabric to drape gracefully can frame the window perfectly while leaving the arch visible. This approach maintains the window’s architectural integrity and ensures it remains a key attraction in the room’s design.

B. Keeping it Simple: Opting for Minimalist Designs to Allow the Architectural Beauty of the Window to Shine

Decorate an Arched Window is to Keep the Design

Sometimes, the best way to decorate an arched window is to keep the design minimalist, ensuring the window itself is the centerpiece. Utilizing simple, sheer window treatments or even leaving the window bare can play to its strengths. This allows maximum natural light to enter the room and keeps the focus on the window’s elegant shape. For those worried about privacy, options like frosted glass film can offer a practical solution without detracting from the window’s aesthetics.

C. Choosing Complementary Styles: Selecting Decor Elements That Enhance and Echo the Architectural Style of the Space

The decoration around arched windows should harmonize with the room’s overall architectural style. For a traditional setting, rich, textured fabrics and detailed drapery can complement the historical essence of the arch. In contrast, a modern space might benefit from sleek lines and minimalistic window treatments that echo the room’s contemporary feel. Integrating decor elements that reflect the architectural style of the space can create a cohesive and visually appealing environment.

Selecting Suitable Window Treatments

Selecting the right window treatments for arched windows can dramatically enhance their appearance and the overall aesthetic of your space. Given their unique shape, arched windows require a thoughtful approach to dressing them, ensuring both functionality and style are addressed.

A. Customizing Curtains or Drapes

Customizing curtains or drapes to fit your arched windows’ specific dimensions and shapes can provide a polished, seamless look. Tailored window treatments allow for a perfect fit that accentuates the arch, lending elegance and sophistication to the room.

For those seeking to emphasize the architectural feature, custom-made curtains that curve with the window or drapes that frame the arch perfectly without obscuring its shape are ideal. This customization ensures that the window remains the focal point, enhancing its architectural beauty while allowing for privacy and light control.

B. Using Flexible Solutions

Flexible Window Treatment Solutions

Flexible window treatment solutions such as plantation shutters, Roman shades, or blinds offer versatility and functionality for arched windows. These options can be adjusted to accommodate the unique shape of the arch, allowing you to control light and privacy as needed.

Plantation shutters, for instance, can be custom-fitted to the window’s lower half, leaving the arch open or covered with a separate arch shutter. Roman shades and blinds can also be designed to fit within the window frame, offering a streamlined look that complements the window’s elegance.

C. Layering Window Coverings

Layering window coverings can create a rich, textured look that enhances the window’s architectural charm. Pairing sheer curtains with a valance or cornice board atop allows for light to filter through softly while drawing attention to the arch. The sheer fabric adds a delicate, airy feel to the room, while the valance or cornice board can introduce a contrasting texture or color.

This approach not only softens the look of the window treatments but also preserves the integrity of the arched design, making it a versatile option for those looking to blend functionality with aesthetics.

How to Decorate Arched Windows: Adding Architectural Interest

The charm of arched windows can be further amplified by adding elements that enhance their architectural interest. Such features not only elevate the visual appeal of these windows but also contribute to the overall ambiance of the space. By introducing additional architectural elements, homeowners can create a more distinct, personalized look that complements the existing style of the windows and the room.

A. Installing Transom Windows

Adding Transom Windows Above-arched Windows

Adding transom windows above-arched windows is an excellent way to heighten their elegance and allow for more natural light to permeate the room. Transom windows, which are typically narrow and located above the main window or door, can act as a decorative accent while serving the practical function of brightening the space.

This pairing enhances visual appeal and maintains a cohesive look that respects the architectural integrity of the original windows. The additional light sourced from these transom windows can make the room feel more open and airy, further showcasing the beauty of the arched windows below.

B. Introducing Window Grilles

Installing decorative window grilles or grids on arched windows adds texture and architectural interest. Window grilles can come in various patterns and designs, providing an easy yet effective way to introduce an element of craftsmanship and detail to the window’s appearance.

Whether opting for classic diamond patterns or more contemporary linear designs, window grilles can be customized to reflect the homeowner’s style while accentuating the unique shape of the arched windows. This detail adds character to the windows and enhances the room’s overall aesthetic by bringing a layer of sophistication and charm.

C. Incorporating Stained Glass

Commissioning custom stained glass inserts to fit the arched window can transform it into a stunning focal point of any room. Stained glass offers vibrant colors and intricate designs that can tell a story or portray a motif, casting beautifully colored light into the space and creating an ambiance that is impossible to replicate with any other type of window treatment.

Stained Glass Inserts to Fit the Arched Window

A stained glass insert for an arched window adds a significant wow factor and pays homage to the historical significance of stained glass as an art form. This option is particularly appealing for those looking to infuse their space with color, light, and artistry, making the arched window not just a source of light but a masterpiece to be admired.

By incorporating these architectural interests, homeowners can further highlight the beauty and elegance of arched windows, turning them into truly captivating features of their home’s design.

How to Decorate Arched Windows: Enhancing with Decorative Accents

Decorative accents are the final touch that can significantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of arched windows, both internally and externally. These embellishments draw attention to the windows themselves and add personality and charm to the overall décor of the space. Here are several ways to enhance arched windows with decorative accents:

A. Adding Window Boxes

Installing window boxes or planters beneath arched windows can introduce a splash of color and a touch of life to the building’s exterior. These garden features are an excellent way to complement the architectural beauty of arched windows with natural elements. Flowers and plants cascading from these boxes add vibrancy and warmth, inviting eyes to admire both the verdant display and the architectural finesse of the windows above.

Wooden window boxes can add a quaint charm to homes with a more rustic appeal. In contrast, wrought iron boxes may suit more contemporary styles, ensuring that there’s a harmonious integration with the window’s design and the home’s overall aesthetic.

B. Hanging Window Art

The space above arched windows offers a unique opportunity to display decorative art pieces, like wrought iron wall art, tapestries, or mirrors, adding layers of texture and interest. Wrought-iron pieces can introduce an element of classic sophistication or modern minimalism, depending on their design.

Tapestries can add a soft, bohemian touch to the room, complementing the natural light that filters through the arched windows. On the other hand, mirrors can amplify the natural light and create a sense of spaciousness, making them ideal for smaller rooms. These artistic additions beautify the space and draw the eye upward, enhancing the perceived height and elegance of the room.

C. Installing Window Hardware

Adding decorative window hardware, such as finials or holdbacks, can subtly accentuate the windows’ architectural features. Available in various styles and finishes, Finials can add a final flourish to curtain rods, tying the window treatments to the room’s overall decor theme.

Adding Decorative Window Hardware

Holdbacks offer a practical solution for managing curtains while also serving as decorative elements that can mirror the window’s curvature or introduce new design motifs. Opting for hardware in finishes that complement other metalwork in the room can create a cohesive look, seamlessly integrating function and style.

By incorporating decorative accents through window boxes, hanging art, and hardware, homeowners can further enhance the allure and charm of arched windows, creating spaces that feel both personal and elegantly designed.

Maximizing Natural Light

Maximizing natural light in space enhances its aesthetic appeal and promotes a sense of well-being by connecting the indoors with the natural world outside. For homes with arched windows, there are several strategies to harness and amplify the light these architectural features allow into a room.

A. Using Sheer Fabrics

Choosing sheer curtains or drapes for arched windows is an elegant solution that marries privacy with the desire to maximize natural light. Sheer fabrics softly diffuse sunlight, spreading a gentle glow throughout the room without sacrificing the windows’ view or architectural beauty. This approach allows homeowners to enjoy the best of both worlds—natural light during the day and privacy when needed, all while adding a soft, airy touch to the interior decor.

B. Keeping Windows Uncovered

Sometimes, the best way to feature arched windows and maximize natural light is by keeping them uncovered. Opting to leave arched windows bare not only floods the space with light but also turns the architectural detail of the windows into a focal point. This strategy is particularly effective in spaces where privacy is not a primary concern or where the outside view acts as a dynamic backdrop to the interior design, enhancing the sense of space and openness.

Feature Arched Windows and Maximize Natural Light

C. Using Reflective Surfaces

Incorporating mirrors or glass accents near arched windows can dramatically increase the amount of natural light in a room. Reflective surfaces capture and bounce light around, effectively amplifying it and creating a brighter, more vibrant space. Strategically placed mirrors can also create an illusion of depth, making rooms appear larger and more inviting. This method enhances the natural light and adds a decorative element that can complement the architectural features of arched windows.

By employing these strategies, homeowners can enhance the natural light in their homes, making spaces feel more open, airy, and connected to the outdoors.

Incorporating Indoor Plants

Bringing elements of nature indoors can transform a living space, making it feel more vibrant and alive. For homes with arched windows, incorporating indoor plants offers a seamless way to blend the interior with the exterior, emphasizing the beauty of natural light and greenery.

A. Creating a Window Garden

Placing potted plants, succulents, or hanging planters near arched windows can create a mini window garden, a picturesque scene that draws the eye and uplifts the spirit. The natural light that streams through these windows provides the perfect conditions for many houseplants to thrive. Succulents on the windowsill, vibrant flowers in pots, or even hanging planters add layers of texture and life to the area, turning it into a dynamic focal point of the room.

B. Using Plant Stands

To maximize the greenery without cluttering the windowsill, employing plant stands or shelving units near arched windows can elevate the plants, making them more visible and integral to the room’s decor. This showcases the plants at different heights, creating a staggered visual appeal and making it easier to manage and care for the plants. Plant stands can be chosen to match the room’s aesthetic, whether it’s modern minimalism or rustic charm.

Greenery Without Cluttering the Windowsill

C. Hanging Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame plant hangers or hanging baskets introduce a bohemian flair to the space above and around arched windows. By utilizing the vertical space, these hangers allow for more greenery without sacrificing floor space. The intricate patterns of the macrame add texture and warmth to the decor, intertwining nature with craftsmanship. Hanging these planters at various heights can create a captivating display that enhances the natural beauty of the arched windows, making the greenery seem like an integral part of the architecture itself.

Personalizing Your Space

Creating a home that truly reflects your personality and lifestyle involves more than just following design trends—it’s about making deliberate choices that transform a house into a home. The opportunities to personalize and highlight these unique architectural features are plentiful for those with arched windows.

A. Reflecting Your Style

Incorporating decorative elements that mirror your personal taste can significantly impact the overall feel of your space. Whether you gravitate towards a modern, sleek look with minimalistic lines and a monochromatic palette, a traditional style that embraces rich colors and detailed textures, a relaxed bohemian vibe featuring eclectic and artistic pieces, or a serene coastal feel with light, airy fabrics, and oceanic hues, your choice of decor can make arched windows stand out or seamlessly integrate with the room. Choosing curtains, window treatments, furniture, and even accent pieces that reflect your individual style personalizes the space and creates a sense of belonging and comfort.

B. Adding Sentimental Value

Surrounding yourself with sentimental items— photographs, artwork, hand-me-downs, or treasures picked up during travels—can turn the space around arched windows into a gallery of personal history. These keepsakes not only add character and depth to your home but also serve as a reminder of cherished moments and loved ones. Displaying such items on sills, shelves, or walls adjacent to arched windows can create visually striking focal points that draw guests’ attention, inviting them to explore your personal narrative.

C. Making It Functional

Beyond aesthetics, every element in your space should serve a purpose: to enhance comfort, improve functionality, or simply bring joy. For instance, a reading nook by an arched window with a plush chair and a small bookshelf makes use of natural light and creates a cozy corner for relaxation.

Reading Nook by an Arched Window

Similarly, incorporating smart storage solutions or multifunctional furniture can keep the area around arched windows clutter-free while maximizing usability. Crafting spaces that balance beauty with utility invites you to enjoy your home’s unique architectural features daily.


Throughout this guide, we’ve explored a palette of creative ideas for enhancing the distinct beauty of arched windows. From maximizing natural light with the strategic placement of mirrors to incorporating indoor plants, we demonstrated how to decorate arched windows to bring life and brightness into your home. The use of plant stands, hanging macrame plant hangers, and personalized decor accents allowed us to show the versatility and potential of these architectural gems.

Arched windows are more than just architectural details; they are canvases awaiting your personal touch. We encourage you to see these windows as opportunities to showcase your unique style and creativity. Whether it’s through the use of light, greenery, or personal mementos, remember that your approach to decor can transform your living space.

As you venture into the decorating world, keep these insights and tips in mind. Exploring how to decorate arched windows can be a fulfilling journey that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and creates a space that resonates with warmth and personality. We wish you every success in creating a stunning and inviting space around your arched windows that reflects your individuality and makes every moment spent there truly special.

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