How to Deflate Air Mattress Intex

Intex is one of the most popular brands when it comes to air mattresses. They offer various models, sizes, and colors to choose from. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? And how do you properly deflate your new Intex air mattress once you have it?

In this blog post, we’ll answer both questions so you can be on your way to a comfortable night’s sleep in no time! We’ll also share some tips and tricks on how to deflate air mattress intex properly. Read on for more information.

How to Deflate Air Mattress Intex

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Deflate Air Mattress Intex

Step 1: Lay off the Mattress

Lay off the air mattress on a flat surface. Make sure that it is fully spread and aligned in an even manner. If the mattress is still in its folded position, unfold it first. Ensure that the mattress is away from pointed objects, sharp corners, and anything that can puncture it, such as nails or pins.

Step 2: Open the Air Valve

Look for the air valve of your Intex air mattress. It may be located at one end of the mattress. You will know it is an air valve as it will have a plug or a cap that can be unscrewed and removed. If your bed has a built-in pump, it will also have an air valve on the mattress.

Step 3: Push Down on the Mattress

Once you have located and opened the air valve, push down on the top of the mattress several times. This will help completely release all of the air inside your Intex air mattress. If your mattress has a built-in pump and cannot manually release all of the air, use it to deflate it.

Step 4: Seal the Air Valve

Once all of the air has been released from your Intex air mattress, seal the valve back up and ensure it is tightly closed. This will ensure that no air can escape or be taken in when the mattress is stored away. If your mattress becomes punctured and air leaks out, you can use the valve to help fill up your mattress again.

Use the Valve to Help Fill Up Your Mattress

Step 5: Fold Up the Mattress

Once all of the air has been released from your mattress, fold it in half lengthwise. Then fold it again width-wise until you have a compact size that is suitable for storage. If your mattress has a built-in pump, wrap the power cord around it before storing it away. This will help to keep your air mattress and its components altogether in one place.

Step 6: Use a Storage Bag

Once your Intex air mattress is folded up, and all of the components are accounted for, place it into a storage bag. This will help keep the mattress safe from dirt, dust, and other debris that can accumulate when stored away. Ensure that you store the mattress in an area with low humidity levels to prevent mildew and mold buildup. If possible, store the mattress in an air-conditioned area where temperatures remain cool.

Step 7: Maintain Your Air Mattress

To keep your Intex air mattress in prime condition, it’s important to maintain it regularly. Ensure all valves are properly tightened so that no air escapes during storage. Also, always store the mattress in a cool, dry place, so it doesn’t become damp or moldy.

For further protection against wear and tear, cover your air mattress with a sheet when not in use. Finally, check all valves periodically to ensure they are still working properly and that no air is escaping from any of them.

Following these steps should help you easily deflate an Intex air mattress for convenient storage and transportation. Make sure you take the time to maintain your air mattress for optimal performance properly. With regular maintenance, your air mattress should last you for many years of comfortable sleep!

You Can Check It Out To Check Temperature of Air Coming Out of Vents

Ensure All Valves Are Properly Tightened

Additional Tips to Deflate Air Mattress Intex

  1. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a hose and nozzle attachment to deflate the Intex air mattress. Vacuuming the bed is one of the quickest ways to deflate it.
  2. If you don’t have a pump or vacuum cleaner, you can use your own lungs to blow air out of the air mattress. However, this method may be exhausting and take a while.
  3. If you have an Intex air mattress with built-in foot pumps, you can use the foot pump to deflate the bed quickly and easily. This is especially useful if your mattress has no separate pump or vacuum cleaner attachment.
  4. When deflating the Intex air mattress, close the valve before you start. Leaving it open while deflating may result in air escaping from it and make the process longer than necessary.
  5. Once you’ve finished deflating the bed, fold it up neatly so that it takes up less space for storage. This will help you save on storage space and make packing it away easier.
  6. Before storing, give the Intex air mattress a good once over to check for holes or tears that may need patching up. This will help ensure that your air mattress stays in tip-top condition and lasts longer.
  7. Place the folded-up air mattress in a storage bag or box and store it away so it won’t be exposed to extreme temperatures. Storing the mattress at regular room temperature should help keep it in better condition for longer.
  8. When you’re ready to use the air mattress again, remember to check that all of the valves are properly sealed and that there are no holes or tears in the fabric. This will help ensure a comfortable night’s sleep with less air leakage during use.

These simple steps should help you deflate and store your Intex air mattress properly, ensuring it is always ready when needed!

How Do You Close an Intex Air Mattress Valve?

Once you have deflated an Intex air mattress, you will want to close the valve tightly so that no air can escape and it is ready for storage or transport. The process of closing the valve is easy. First, locate the two halves of the valve on either side of your Intex air mattress. You should see a plastic cover on one half. Take the cover off, and you will find a small centerpiece with two wings attached.

Close the Valve Tightly

Hold the centerpiece firmly between your thumb and forefinger to close the valve. Push it down while simultaneously pressing the two wings to lock the valve. Make sure that no air is escaping before you store the air mattress. Additionally, check that the valve is completely closed when you are ready to use it again. If the valve does not close tightly, or if there is a noticeable leak, you may need to replace it with an Intex replacement valve kit.

How Do You Fold Up an Intex Twin Air Mattress?

Folding up an Intex twin air mattress is a relatively easy task. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Start by deflating the mattress completely. You can do this by pressing down on the top of the valve cap and gently pushing it inward with your finger until all the air has been released from the mattress.
  2. Once the mattress has been deflated, fold it in half twice so that you end up with four layers of material.
  3. Next, roll up the mattress, starting at one of the short sides and working your way to the other side until you have a tight roll. Be sure to tuck in any loose material as you go.
  4. Secure the roll with the straps on the mattress or use clips to hold it in place.
  5. Finally, store your rolled-up air mattress in a dry and clean area. Be sure to check it periodically for any signs of mold or mildew so that it remains safe to use.

Folding up an Intex twin air mattress is simple and can be done in just a few minutes. With proper care and storage, your air mattress will remain comfortable for years to come!

What is the Fastest Way to Deflate Inflatables?

The best way to deflate an inflatable mattress is by using a vacuum cleaner. This method uses suction to suck out the air, deflating your mattress in minutes while also allowing you to clean and sanitize it simultaneously. To do this, turn on the vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment and slowly move it around the mattress to get all the air out.

Another option is to use a hand pump, which can also be used to inflate the mattress when necessary. Start by squeezing the handle several times, making sure not to pull too hard, or you could tear or puncture the mattress. As soon as you feel air coming out, keep pumping until the mattress is completely deflated.

If you don’t have a pump or vacuum cleaner, you can still deflate your inflatable mattress manually. Fold it up as much as possible and press down on it repeatedly to force out the air. This method will take longer than a pump, but it’s effective and requires no special tools.

Deflate Your Inflatable Mattress Manually

Final Words

It’s not difficult to deflate an air mattress Intex, but there are a few things you need to know before you start. First, ensure all the valves are open and use a pump or your mouth to get the air out.

Once it’s mostly deflated, fold it up and put it away until next time. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to take down your air mattress with no problem. Do you have any other tips for how to deflate air mattress intex? Share them with us in the comments below!

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