How to Defrost Windshield in Summer

As much as we all love summer, the heat and humidity can take their toll on your car. One of the most common problems during the summer is a foggy or frozen windshield. There’s nothing worse than trying to get on the road early in the morning, only to realize that your windshield is frozen solid.

This problem can be even more frustrating in summer because the hot sun can quickly cause the ice to melt, leading to a foggy driving experience. Luckily, there are a few ways on how to defrost windshield in summer quickly and easily. Keep reading for tips on how to thaw your car windows in no time!

How to Defrost Windshield in Summer

10 Easy Ways on How to Defrost Windshield in Summer

1. Turn Heat On To Full Blast:

If you have a car with a heating system that allows you to turn it on full blast, use it like that. If you’re stuck in traffic, things will defrost much faster than if your heater is set to blow cold air. Another pro is that all the icey bits might melt and thus not be there to obstruct your sight. However, as you can guess by now, there is a con to turning the heat on full blast; it wastes gas.

2. Turn the AC On:

If your windows are heavily frosted, then this method might end up costing you more gas than the option above, but if all of the windows are just lightly covered with ice (or if you’re willing to scrape), then this method will defrost them quite quickly. Turn the AC on only during heavy traffic/slower-than-normal speeds.

3. Use A De-Icer:

De-icers are chemical products that can be sprayed on the windows. When it comes into contact with ice, the liquid starts to melt it and prevents it from re-forming.

There are two different types of de-icers: liquids for spraying onto the windshield glass directly; solutions containing alcohol that you pour into the water before using it as a spray. The first type of de-icer is more effective, but it’s also more expensive and can leave stains on windows if not washed off with water right after the liquid has melted ice.

4. Spray With Water:

Fill a spray bottle with cool fresh water and use it to defrost your windshield. This is a cheap and easy option that might not be as effective as the above methods, but if you have a cold water bottle handy, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. This method can also help in removing stubborn ice from windows.

Fill a Spray Bottle With Cool Fresh Water

5. Use A Shovel or Credit Card:

You can use a credit card (or anything else with a hard, straight edge) to scrape ice off windows. This method can be highly effective, but make sure you do it correctly. The key is to start by scraping away small pieces of ice that are easy to reach and break free. Then, work your way towards larger chunks of ice in multiple sessions.

6. Turn Off Air Recirculation:

If your AC comes with an option of turning off the recirculate mode, then do that. If you have a fan blower setting, make sure to use it at high speed. This method can be effective but not as efficient as using one of the other methods on this list.

7. Turn on Your Headlights:

If you have a car with bright Xenon headlights, this method can be highly effective. First, turn on your headlights and make sure they are as bright as possible. Bright light coming through the windshield should help melt ice. Just make sure that you turn off this option once other methods work.

8. Roll Down Windows:

This is not the best option if you want to defrost your windshield quickly, but it can help you loosen ice stuck to windows and make it easier for other methods to take effect. Turn on AC or heating system (full blast) before rolling down windows; otherwise, they might fog up easily.

9. Use Sand:

This is probably the cheapest and easiest option on this list, but it requires you to be near a sea or river with sand. Gravel works as well. If you can’t find any sand around, make sure to use the dry part of pebbles and scatter them all over your windshield. Roll down your windows and drive over the pebbles.

They will help remove ice from your windshield by providing friction between it and glass, or they can be used to de-ice tires (more on that below).

10. Use Seat Heater:

Turn on seat heaters and wait for a while until things start to melt. Seat heaters work as a great defroster and can help you get rid of ice without other methods. This is a cheap option that doesn’t require you to go anywhere, but it’s the slowest one on this list, so if you’re in a hurry, you’d better go for another method.

Turn on Seat Heaters

Things To Do To Prevent From Fogging Up Windshield

Here are some things to do on how to defrost windshields in summer.

1. Before driving, turn on the defroster.

2. Use good quality windshield washer fluid, which has conditioners added to it, to prevent freezing in the air intake system of your car.

3. Keep rear-view mirror defogged by decreasing humidity inside the cabin through ventilation or opening windows whenever possible.

4. Clean the windshield to give it a clear view ahead, which will help in better/clear vision when fogging up occurs.

5. Keep an ice scraper inside your car if you are in icy conditions. If possible, keep an extra pair of winter gloves and a hat inside the cabin so that no matter how late you are, you can remove ice from windows and clear your views.

6. Check windshield wipers whether they are in good condition or not, and replace missing washer fluid nozzles. These simple things help in keeping the windows clean and fog-free.

7. If it is raining outside, don’t turn on the defroster when you start your car; it’ll only make the windshield foggier.

8. If you feel the windows are fogging up, open a window and turn on the defroster half an hour before you need to drive off. This will allow plenty of time for all moisture to disappear from inside your car.

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Dealing With Foggy Windshield Inside And Outside Of Your Vehicle

1. If It’s Colder Outside Than Inside Your Car

If you are experiencing a foggy interior windshield, the air inside your vehicle is colder than outside of your vehicle. This can indicate that it is too cold for the air conditioner to work.

To fix this issue, use a defogger or recirculate air settings. You also want to make sure that all the windows and the sunroof are closed tightly. This will help decrease fogging on the interior windshield and create a warming effect for your car.

2. Wipe Away The Exterior Fog With A Clean Cloth

You can use a dry cloth to wipe away any exterior condensation built up on your window glass. Avoid using paper towels since the lint will clog up your glass. Wiping away this fog is an easy way to get rid of the exterior condensation on your window.

3. Apply Heat With A Defroster Or Hair Dryer

Consider using a hairdryer if you need more heat than what your defrosters can provide. The dryer’s hot air will help remove any fog that has built up on your window. You want to make sure that you place the dryer far enough away from the windshield, so it doesn’t melt or crack.

4. Add Some Heat With A Car Heater

In addition to using a heater to remove the fog from your window, you can also use a direct heat source. Some vehicles come with specific windshield defroster attachments. If your car doesn’t have one, consider purchasing a separate unit for your car.

5. Use A De-Icer On Your Windshield

If the exterior of your vehicle is starting to freeze, consider using a de-icer. These sprays can help to remove ice and frost from your car windows with ease. Most of them are designed to be used on glass. They can also remove frost from your mirrors without smearing or creating streaks.

Consider Using a De-icerConsider Using a De-icer

6. Use A Spray Bottle Full Of Defroster Fluid

Keeping a spray bottle of defroster fluid in your vehicle is an easy way to eliminate the exterior fog that builds up on your window. You can fill a spray bottle with a solution similar to what is found in the windshield wiper fluid. If you have a squeegee, use it for a streak-free clean.


Luckily, there are some easy and effective ways to get the frost off your windshield, even if you don’t have a scraper handy. We also carry helpful products like de-icers and scrapers so you can be prepared in case of an emergency! Of course, the best way to defrost your windshield in the summer is with a squeegee.

A squeegee removes moisture on contact and will also help you get rid of any bugs or dirt that might be sitting on top of your windshield, allowing it to heat up again for faster clearing next time around more easily. With these tips on how to defrost windshield in summer, make sure you are prepared this summer! If any of these tips help save time by getting rid of pesky ice on your car window before it becomes too difficult to remove, let us know!

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