How to Dispose of Liquid Paraffin

Liquid paraffin is a by-product of petroleum refining. It is typically used in the pharmaceutical industry and to make waxes, paints, gels, cosmetics, polishes, and some types of rubber (Liquid Paraffin). Despite its many uses, liquid paraffin also has adverse effects on the environment. Therefore, the best way to dispose of liquid paraffin is through incineration at an approved facility.

How to Dispose of Liquid Paraffin

Incinerators are used for commercial hazardous waste disposal because they burn hotter than regular fires so that no toxins escape into the air. This process does produce carbon dioxide emissions but not enough to be harmful. In this blog post, we will show you several ways on how to dispose of liquid paraffin and how you can safely get rid of them!

10 Ways on How to Dispose of Liquid Paraffin:

1. Burn it.      

If you have a fireplace, this is a great option to burn the paraffin and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. The best time to do this would be on New Year’s Eve. You can burn liquid paraffin as long as there are no flammable materials in your chimney.

It is best to have a fire extinguisher on hand if the paraffin catches fire and spreads too quickly for you to put it out with a dishrag or a piece of cardboard. If liquid paraffin burns successfully, the final result should look something like this:

2. Let it evaporate.

If you don’t have a fireplace, the best alternative is to leave the paraffin outside in an area where wind can carry it far away from your house. Be careful, though! Paraffin vapors are highly flammable, so do not use this method if there is any chance that something might catch fire.

The Best Alternative Is to Leave the Paraffin Outside in an Area

3. Dump it down the drain.

If you don’t use liquid paraffin in your house, this is a great way to dispose of it. However, if you have used liquid paraffin in your home before disposing of it, do not attempt to put it down the drain or anywhere near water because paraffin is highly flammable and can ignite under certain conditions.

4. Put it in the trash.

The best place to put liquid paraffin is in your regular trash can or dumpster. Then, when you are ready to dispose of liquid paraffin, take it out with your regular garbage and put it where it belongs.

If you have used liquid paraffin in your house before disposing of it, do not put it in the trash. Likewise, if you have used liquid paraffin on your skin, do not put it in the garbage because this could cause severe burns to people who handle it.

5. Mix it with kitty litter.

Putting liquid paraffin into a container filled with kitty litter is an excellent way to dispose of it. The kitty litter will absorb the liquid paraffin and keep it from evaporating or leaking all over your house.

6. Put it in an earthenware crock.

If you have a large bucket with a wooden lid, this can be a great way to dispose of liquid paraffin safely. Just make sure that your bucket is earthenware, not plastic.

7. Put it in an iron crock.

Iron crocks are very similar to earthenware crocks. Just make sure that the crock is made out of iron, and you will be fine! Also, please do not use a plastic bucket with an iron crock because the chemicals in the plastic could react with the chemicals in liquid paraffin and cause it to corrode.

Iron Crocks Are Very Similar to  Earthenware Crocks

8. Use sand to absorb it.

If you don’t have earthenware or iron crock, pour some sand into a container that can hold liquid paraffin. Then gently pour the liquid paraffin into the sand until it is completely absorbed.

9. Bury it in your yard.

If you have a large enough spot in your yard, this can be an excellent way to dispose of liquid paraffin safely. Just make sure that the spot is away from any plants or animals that could be harmed by liquid paraffin. Also, if your soil is not very deep, this may not be the best way to dispose of liquid paraffin.

10. Dissolve it in the sink with boiling water.

This is only recommended if you are planning on replacing your sink anyway. First, pour boiling water into the sink and mix it around with a stirring spoon or other utensils until all of the liquid paraffin dissolves. Then pour about three cups of vinegar down the drain to help remove any stains that the liquid paraffin may have caused.

Some Tips and Suggestions:

  1. Have a hose or water source so that you may pour the liquid paraffin into it.
  2. Make sure the area is well ventilated; does not work in an enclosed room while disposing of liquid paraffin.
  3. Wear safety equipment such as gloves and protective clothing to avoid contact with skin.
  4. Do not dispose of liquid paraffin in a sink or toilet.
  5. Do not dispose of liquid paraffin out the window, as this may pose a danger to others below your window.
  6. Mix clay-based cat litter with the liquid paraffin and dispose of accordingly. The clay-based cat litter will absorb the waxy substance, and upon drying, will solidify the liquid paraffin.
  7. Many grocery stores will accept used cooking oil for disposal, so inquire with the store manager if it is possible to recycle used cooking oil in this manner.


There are a few ways to dispose of liquid paraffin. The first and most recommended way is to take the container outside, fill it with water or sand and then pour the contents into a drain. If this does not work, try pouring out as much as possible by tipping the container over at ground level before putting it in your garbage bin.

Alternatively, you can use kitty litter to soak up any leftover liquid, which will also help break down any hazardous materials left behind. When disposing of these containers, please be mindful of how they may affect the environment, ensuring that airtight seals have been broken before disposal! We hope this blog post on how to dispose of liquid paraffin has been helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comment below!

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