How to Distress Clothing for Costume

Are you planning on joining the Halloween party your friend is throwing but don’t know what to wear? Well, if you cannot find any costume, you can always make one. There must be some old shabby clothes at your home, right? Why not make them shabbier to wear as a costume to represent the apocalyptic world, zombie land, or ride or die soldier! If the plan seems nice to you, let us teach you how to distress clothing for costume making.

Distress Clothing for Costume

What is Distressing?

To distress, a cloth means you need to make it look as worn out and shattered as possible. Imagine someone who just runs away from zombies or the zombie itself. Don’t think they would be wearing brand new clothes! Their clothes are going to be torn here and there with lots of marks and bad smells.

Well, you do not need necessarily need the lousy smell, but all the other characteristics should work!

The thing about distressing cloth is that it is nowadays considered to be a unique item for fashion as well. Many brands sell those ripped jeans that you probably wear can also be made at home with some usual jeans by distressing them around the knee and thigh area. Distressing does not always mean that they are going to waste!

If you are ready to learn how to distress clothing for costume making, keep following us!

Ways to Distress Clothes

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There are many ways you can distress your clothes. Your primary focus should be on how to make them look as bad as possible. As you are preparing the clothes for a costume, and not for practical use, you do not have to worry too much about how they look as long as they serve the primary purpose.

How to Distress Clothing for Costume

To distress your clothes, you can make them permanent or semi-permanent. But one thing you should keep in your mind is that once you distress them, do not wish to get them back like before. That is why we suggest you to use old clothes or less expensive clothes to use for learning how to distress clothing for costume.

Make Them Dirty

The first way that you can distress your cloth is by making them look dirty. Whatever costume you are going to make, the chances are that if it requires to be distress means the character wearing the costume has been on dirt for once.

Want to look like a shooter, your character has to lay or kneel on the dirty ground for once. Want a soldier costume; they cannot stay away from dirt. Want to look like a beggar, dirty clothes all the way! As for zombies or any other weird creature, we do not have to speak anymore.

So, how do you make your clothes dirty? Easy as ever.

First thing, wipe everything around the house with the cloth. Wipe your windows, furniture, floor, kitchen, car, and anything that needs a good wipe, and your cloth will be stained!

Another way to make them dirty is by using tea or coffee. These stains are a great way to portray the look of overly sweaty clothing. Make some tea or coffee for you and pour the leftover on your costume, you are done!

Tear Them Apart

The next way that you need to learn how to distress clothing for costume is ripping or tearing the clothes. The characters that we have mentioned before, chances are that they have gotten their clothes stuck into something to tear it or perhaps worn it for so long that it was torn apart on its own!

So, how to tear your cloth to make it look realistic?

Take a pair of scissors, and start to rip everywhere you want the clothes to be a tear. Do not cut them clothes, or else it will make it seem like it was intentional.

You can also use fire to burn your clothes, and that will surely create a good effect. But we advise you to be extremely careful when burning clothes as there could be a chemical reaction.

Paint Them

Finally, you can always use paint to make it look dirty or stained with blood. A bloodstain is a big thing when it comes to costumes. So, get yourself some red acrylic color and splash it all over your clothes. You can make a whole and put blood around it to make it seem like a bullet shot!

use paint to make dirty or stained

Final Thoughts

It is effortless to learn how to distress clothing for costume. We hope our tips will help you create the best look and shock everyone at your friend’s party.

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