How to Draw Brick Wall With Graffiti

Graffiti is a form of art, and it can be challenging to replicate. That’s why so many people try to find the perfect brick how to draw brick wall with graffiti already drawn on it when they need a background for their drawings.

The brick wall with graffiti is one of the most iconic images in urban art. It’s easy to replicate, and you can get creative by adding your personal touches.

In the next section, we’ll go over some basic techniques and terminology associated with drawing graffiti so that by the end of this article, you’ll have all the skills needed to add your very own brand new graffiti art piece into any scene or setting! This blog post will show you how to draw brick wall with graffiti in simple steps! 

How to Draw Brick Wall With Graffiti

What are the Things You’ll Need:

  1. Pencil
  2. 4B Graphite Pencil
  3. Rubber/ eraser
  4. Drawing Board
  5. Tape or glue for the drawing board
  6. Size 2B charcoal pencil

Directions: How to Draw Brick Wall With Graffiti

Step 1: Draw the Outline of Graffiti

The outline is just a simple line. If you are using the size 2B charcoal pencil to draw, be sure to keep your lines light so you can erase them later. Draw in the negative space around the bricks with a 4B pencil. The negative space being everything that isn’t brick.

Step 2: Draw the Bricks

Draw the bricks using the size 4B charcoal pencil. The lines should be very dark like you can barely see them. When drawing brick walls, it’s good to remember that there are three different types of bricks; stretchers (the wider/horizontal bricks), headers (the smaller/vertical bricks), and a mixture of both.

Step 3: Draw the Shadows

Shadows are vital to making a drawing look real because it helps give it depth. Use a 2B charcoal pencil for this step because shades should be darker than the bricks themselves. The farthest away from the eye your shadow is, the lighter it should be. Don’t forget to draw a shadow behind all of the bricks on the ground.

Draw the Shadows on brick wall with graffiti

Step 4: Draw the Cement

Using a size 2B charcoal pencil, draw some cement lines going down on either side of the wall as pictured below using straight lines from one edge of the brick wall to another. In real life, you don’t see cement lines running vertically on the ground.

Step 5: Draw Graffiti

Use a black marker/colored pencil to draw graffiti on your brick wall. This is an essential step because, without the graffiti, it will look boring, but if you want to make your drawing show more advanced skills, you can also use a white marker/white colored pencil to draw the letters white.

Step 6: Erase Outlines and Marker/Colored Pencil Lines

Erase the outlines you drew in step one and then color over any of your marker/colored pencil lines with a black marker. If you are using colored pencils, leave them as they are. Use soft strokes on your eraser to eliminate all of the unnecessary charcoal dust left behind on your drawing.

Step 7: Add a Background

Add a background to your drawing so it looks more attractive. You can draw the sky, people, buildings, etc., as long as you don’t go overboard with what you draw. The atmosphere is an excellent way to add some color without making the graffiti look too weird because pieces of graffiti have the sky in them.

Step 8: Finish Drawing and Color Line Art If Needed

Add a few finishing touches to your drawing by erasing out any extra lines in your foreground that you don’t need. If there is a line art version of your graffiti background, color it however you want or keep it black and white. The line art version of a piece of graffiti is a simple pencil sketch that has been outlined with a black pen.

Finish Drawing and Color Line Art If Needed on brick wall with graffiti

Some Tips and Tricks:

1. Start by drawing a brick wall using tiled lines that are about half an inch wide.

2. Next, draw rectangular boxes that will be the inside of some of the bricks.

3. Add hatch marks outside of each brick and on top of each line that separates the bricks.

4. Draw a window and door with paneling next to it at one end of the wall and at the top right corner where two spaces meet, draw a spray paint tag.

5. Add some shading and color to complete your drawing of a brick wall with graffiti.

How Do You Draw a Brick Building?

Brick Buildings are common in most cities. They are typically used to house many stores on the street level, while businesses fill the rest of the building space.

Attics have also been known to become small apartments for people who cannot afford a home or do not want to live with others. Below is an example of a how-to-draw a brick building you might see in a city.

1. Draw Base Shape

2. Trace dark outline for bricks, and add an edge line to separate the brick from the cement foundation.

3. Leave space for windows, then erase the initial line of the building.

4. Add windows and details to the brick walls according to your preference.

5. Add shading to the bricks, and draw a tree on the sidewalk.

6. Erase the initial line of the sidewalk and add details to it.

7. Erase the dark outline for bricks, leaving only the edge line along the cement foundation.

8. Draw people walking toward or away from your building, then erase all unnecessary lines!


In this blog post, we have shown you how to draw brick wall with graffiti. You can use these techniques for your own digital artwork or create an urban setting in photoshop for your next project. Whether you want bricks and mortar of a city scene or just some cool art on paper, drawing a brick wall is easy once you know what steps take place!

Our tips should provide enough information so that anyone interested in adding graffiti to their drawings will be able to do it easily. If not, feel free to contact us anytime by email. We’re always happy to help our readers find new ways of expressing themselves through creativity

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