How to Draw Makeup on Paper

Do you want to learn how to draw makeup on paper? There are many reasons why one might want to do this, for instance, if they’re an artist or beauty vlogger who wants to practice drawing their favorite looks without wasting time and money getting the products.

Another reason would be to use your drawings as a reference when shopping for new makeup since it’s sometimes difficult to tell what something will look like based on pictures alone.

This blog post will teach you everything you need to know! We’ll start with the basics, like drawing eyebrows and lips. Then we’ll move on to more advanced techniques like shading, blending, and contouring. Finally, we’ll show you how to apply your final look using Photoshop brushes designed specifically for digital artwork. Let’s get started! 

How to Draw Makeup on Paper

Supplies You’ll Need:

  1. Printer Paper
  2. Colored Pencils, Crayons, or Markers
  3. Ruler For measuring and drawing straight lines.
  4. Eraser
  5. Photoshop or GIMP
  6. Makeup Brushes

Instructions: How to Draw Makeup on Paper

Drawing makeup on paper is easy if you know the tricks. Here are some helpful tips for sketching out different types of makeup like eyeshadow, lipsticks, lip liner, and more! Of course, makeup drawing has to be perfect! Use this guide on how to draw makeup with pencils, pens, or any other art tool.

Step 1:

Sketch the outline of your lips with a light pencil, leaving enough space between them for the details. Don’t also forget to sketch your nose and chin.

Step 2:

Add the foundation of your lips; this is where you want to use a medium pencil or pen. Make sure that it’s darker around the edges and lighter in the middle of the lips. This will make it look like there is some dimension on your lips! Don’t forget to erase the pencil lines you used.

Step 3:

Add a lighter color of lip liner or lipstick to your lips. Make sure that it’s smooth and doesn’t have too much texture. If you’re using a dull color, just use a medium pencil and don’t erase the pencil lines.

Step 4:

Add colors to your lipsticks or lip liners. These makeup drawing techniques can also be used for eye shadows and other types of makeup as well! Just make sure to use different techniques so it doesn’t look like they’re the same!

Step 5:

Shade in your lips with a darker pencil. Make sure that it’s not too dark, though. If you want to add more dimension, shade one side of your lips darker than the other.

Shading lips with darker pencil

Step 6:

Color your lips with a duller color pencil. This is optional, but it makes the makeup look more realistic. You can also use different colors depending on how light or dark you want your lipsticks to be!

Step 7:

Add shadows using a darker colored pencil or pen. Make sure that the shadows are always in the opposite direction of the light source. For example, shadows on lips will always be underneath and behind them.

Step 8:

Adding highlights to your lipsticks with a lighter colored pencil can make them pop! Be sure to place the highlights on the opposite side of any shadows for the best effect. This technique can also be used for eyeshadows or other types of makeup!

Step 9:

Add details to your lipstick and blend them in to look patchy. Make sure you color the bottom outline of the lipsticks as well!

Step 10:

Add in your final touches, such as lip gloss, to your lips, and you’re done sketching out the makeup on paper. Make sure that the lip color is lighter than what you used for the lipstick so it looks wet and shiny. If you want, add in some cherry blossom branches to complete your drawing!

Some Tips and Tricks:

1. Use a very dark pencil to outline the general shapes of your eyelid, crease, and eyebrow area before you do anything else. This will help when you erase later on if you accidentally draw an inaccurate line or a line that doesn’t look as good as it could have because it isn’t dark enough.

2. For eyelashes, you can either draw them on or not. You can try to do individual lashes by making little curved lines close together and having the curve point upward toward the eye. Or you can do two long curved lines with a shorter one in between for each of your upper eyelashes.

3. The eyebrow is simply a curved line shaped like an arc, or it can be drawn in the style of an angular eyebrow.

4. Eyeliner can either be drawn in thin, even lines with dots in between each line to look like individual eyelashes, or you can draw one thick straight line across your eye toward the top of your nose.

straight line across to the eye

5. For the nose part of your face, draw a straight line on each side for where your nostrils will be. Then draw short lines at the endpoints of those two lines for the shape of your nose flap that extends downward from that point into its own triangle shape.

Next, you draw one line that goes all the way up from where your nostrils are to connect with the eyebrow. Then, draw two small lines under each nostril for extra detail.

6. You can also do a little curve or arc across both sides of the nose flap so it looks like a big U-shape if you don’t want to draw the little triangular shape.

How Do You Put Makeup on Paper?

If your makeup is not on the face of your paper, it’s on paper. If there are lines, you can erase them. Or, if you don’t want to erase them, draw over them with a darker color or make another line nearby. If there are no lines at all, draw some! People have different ways of drawing makeup and different levels of experience in drawing it. Some people draw wire-thin lines, and some people draw thicker bushy lines.

Nail polish is probably the easiest thing to put on paper because it is usually a color filled with straight lines (and sometimes dots). Lipstick is also pretty easy because you can just color your lips (darker shades look more realistic).

Eye shadow can be a little complicated, even though the patterns are simple. The shape of your paper will sometimes depend on where they apply eyeshadow. If you’re putting it directly under the eyebrows, draw a triangle and shade it in with a darker color.

Final Thoughts:

We hope this was helpful and has helped you learn how to draw makeup on paper! Please like and share these articles with others so we can help everyone out! We will post other tutorials in the future, so please stay tuned for more drawing fun. Thank you so much for reading the blog and supporting us! Have a great day!

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