How to Dry Wet Paper Without Wrinkles


For many people, the only time they are exposed to wet paper is when it’s used in a game of hide-and-seek. But for those who work with the paper regularly, whether as an artist or just someone who has ever been caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella, wet paper can be frustrating and sometimes even dangerous.

Paper absorbs water like a sponge, which can lead to wrinkling or buckling after being dried. It also makes the paper heavier and more difficult to cut cleanly because it becomes more brittle and tears easily. In this article, I will discuss how to dry wet paper without wrinkles. So let us get started.

How to Dry Wet Paper Without Wrinkles

Stepwise Guide on How to Dry Wet Paper Without Wrinkles:

Some of the paper may become wet because of rain, leakage from any source, or accidental spillage of water. All this dampness can be easily removed by drying them in sunlight, but there are chances that wrinkles will also appear after such drying. However, if you do not have access to the sun to dry your papers, then use one of the listed methods below:

Here is a list with easy steps and instructions to remove all kinds of wrinkles from papers without any further problems:


Cut out (or tear) the page which has got wet so that most of the ink is cut away. Then place a towel above it or put another sheet over it as instructed below, depending upon how humid the air is where you live and how much moisture has been absorbed by the paper.


Roll up the wet page into a log from both sides so that all ink is removed, and then keep it under a slight pressure to push out the remaining water.


Leave there for some hours or several days depending upon how humid the air is where you live; afterward, open it out and remove the towel leaving only one sheet lying above it; use a hair drier set on warm temperature to dry it till wrinkles are gone.


If you cannot find a hairdryer, leave these papers outside in sunlight with windows slightly open to allow fresher air to come inside; use a hair drier again if needed after some time, or else they will get affected by sun rays.


Another option is to use an iron with a piece of cloth towel above wet paper, but most probably, it will turn black due to all ink present on paper, so a better option is a hair drier or sunlight.


If you have no other choice, then put a thick book below the damp page and leave it there for some days; do not forget to change that position after every few hours because they might get damaged by some chemicals from bookbinding or colors might bleed out if books are too old. You can also try this method at night when the temperature will be low enough for a long time drying.

Use a Table Fan


A last resort, especially in the summer season (when humidity level goes up), is keeping the papers either in the fridge, which has the same effect as a hair drier, or storing them in an air-conditioned room both of which will dry the papers instantly.


You can also use the vacuum cleaner to suck out all water and moisture from paper but remember that this method is not 100% safe for precious documents, so better avoid it unless you have no other option.


If you cannot make sure that your hands do not touch wet pages directly, wear gloves because they might get stained by ink if left with pages for a long time.


Do not forget to keep an eye on wrinkles after some days when papers are still moist so that iron can be used again if needed. Always work gently; otherwise, the chances are high that the page will tear apart while removing wrinkles from the paper.


Now you know how to get rid of wrinkles caused by water or ink from any paper used for school, college, office work, etc.; always keep at least one option in mind so that no problem arises while doing homework after getting wet papers from a teacher or taking notes in college during heavy downpour and other such wet situations.

Precautions While Drying Wet Paper Without Wrinkles:

1. Do not place the papers near a heat source like your clothes dryer or space heater; it may cause a fire. The safest way to dry wet paper is to let them air-dry naturally, away from any direct heat or sunlight, and avoid cold wind drafts.

2. Don’t leave wet papers on top of radiators, stoves, ovens, etc. It will curl it up badly and even burn it too instead, wet documents should be dried flat (I..e neither rolled nor folded). If they are kept standing in a vertical position, they may get damaged beyond repair when their weight causes them to curl.

Use a Hairdryer

3. Don’t also place bags of wet clothes in the same room with the papers or books because they will emit moisture that may cause the paper to mold and mildew. Also, because books have many pages, their weight is too much for any furniture stand to handle. So it is better to keep them on the floor than stacking them one above the other like we do our clothes after washing them, as this will damage them completely.


I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to dry wet paper without wrinkles. Thank you and have a nice day!

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