How to Fix a Burnt Valve


A valve is a control mechanism that allows one to restrict or allow fluid flow (liquid, gas, etc.). When a valve fails or becomes damaged due to various reasons, replacing it with a new valve needs to be done to restore its functionality. A burned valve is an example of such a situation when replacement of this component will be necessary. These valves usually carry high pressure and temperature because they are connected to where a high amount of energy transfer occurs. If any leakage occurs from these valves, it may lead to serious damage; hence, their maintenance and proper functioning are important. Today I am going to discuss how to fix a burnt valve.

How to Fix a Burnt Valve

How Valves Get Burnt?

Two kinds of valves get damaged; they are poppet type and gate type. The difference between these two types is how they restrict the flow of fluid through them. In the case of the poppet valve, a component known as a ball is used to do so, whereas a flap (also called disc) restricts it in the case of a gate valve. Both these valves may get burnt due to various reasons such as improper handling, careless use, or applying excessive force on them when opening or closing them, etc.

Faults Due to Mechanical Problems

Popped-off poppet ball or disk (flapper) will result in a burnt valve as they have a tendency to get stuck inside the seat hole of these valves and obstruct their working. In the case of gate valves, when a fluid pressure given is much higher than its design value, then the flap carrying this pressure will pop up from the seat and move with it upwards, resulting in damage. The same happens in poppet-type valves, wherein the flow of fluid causes that component to jump out from its original position. When anyone these incidents happen, there are chances for those valves to burn themselves at their tip or edges because even metal can melt during extreme temperature conditions. Furthermore, if some internal object such as a paper clip or wire is stuck inside the valve, then it may result in stopping completely functioning, which is another kind of mechanical fault that burns these valves.

Faults Due to Flow Problems

These types of failures occur when too much fluid pressure is present on one side of the valve compared to another side due to various factors like open-ended piping system, flow reversal, etc., Fluid flowing through the piping system in the opposite direction of what it is supposed to do will cause serious wear and tear of these valves.

Step-wise Guide on How to Fix a Burnt Valve

If you are the owner of a gas stove, the chances are that you have come across different problems from time to time. And if your cooking has been affected. As a result, you need to learn more about what caused it and how it can be fixed. For example, if your burners keep shutting off while you are cooking or the flames go out every once in a while, this could mean that there is something wrong with your burners or maybe with the valves which control them. So for you to prevent these inconveniences, here is how you can fix a burnt valve without much hustle:

The first step in fixing the problem lies in disconnecting your electricity supply to prevent any serious injury during repairs. Just remember that never touch the top part of the valve, resulting in electrical shock. Check and see if you can unscrew your burner’s top part using a wrench or a screwdriver. Please take note that it would be wise to wear protective gloves before you do so.

This step is only necessary if you are planning to replace the whole unit entirely. Therefore, if there are signs of cracks on any part of the valve, it would help if you can buy new ones instead of completely fixing these flaws since this could save you more money and time in the long run.

The next thing that needs fixing would depend on the valve setting that is causing your problem. So, for example, having spark ignitors usually mean that your pilot light must have gone out due to a broken wire, and you need to replace it. As for the gas, the valve is defective; this could mean that it needs new parts or other replacements, which can be easily found at your local hardware stores. The main point is that you should note the manufacturer’s part number if you are planning to replace those specific parts.

If everything else fails to fix your damaged valves, there is still another way around this problem , Call in professionals who are experts at such work to help you out. Of course, the last option would always cost more than doing it yourself, but sometimes it is just wise to have someone do the job for you as soon as possible rather than taking too much time with this step-by-step guide.

Precaution While FIxing a Burnt Valve

  • To fix a burnt valve, never use a pointed sharp instrument as that may do more damage to the inside of your engine cylinder head and making it much harder for you to remove the burnt valve from its place.
  • Always wear protective glasses while working on fixing a burned valve so that any small debris or particle does not hit your eyes directly. This is very important because if such a thing happens, it might lead to permanent blindness or loss in vision quality which is really serious and can be avoided with simple precautions like wearing safety glasses while working on fixing valves.
  • Always wear a face mask or hand gloves to avoid getting burnt by hot ash produced during the cleaning up the burnt particles from the engine cylinder head where we want to replace the burnt valve.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher at hand in case of any emergency so that you can put off the fire immediately before it spreads to other parts of the engine and causing more harm than good.
  • Never try to fix a burnt valve if you do not know what you are doing, as there is a risk of endangering your life in such cases by making things much worse instead of solving them.


Burn valves are a widespread problem in gas stoves as they will be present in every corner of the house to cook your meals and keep you warm on cold days. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we know how to fix these problems, especially if our lives or properties are at stake. Hopefully, this article would help you out with how to fix a burnt valve which you need immediately before doing something else important like cooking for your family.

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