How to Fix a Rip in Tights

Many techniques can be involved in fixing the snag in the tights, some of them will be useful for temporary purposes, and some can be used for the permanent solution of the ripping. We will provide an adequate overview of how to fix rips in tights, which will be much beneficial and can save you from various embarrassments. Methods For Fixing The Rips In Tights There are various methods and techniques that can be used for fixing the rips in tights, some of them will serve you temporarily, while some can offer a permanent solution.

How to Fix a Rip in Tights


Nail Polish Technique

This is one of the most accessible techniques that can be implemented for fixing the tights, and this technique requires the use of nail polish, you can use any nail polish color for the process. But we generally suggest the white one because it is less messy and the color’s effect is compromised. So when you tights get ripped off, take it off and then make it upside down, apply the nail polish at the place where it has ripped off, apply it evenly and don’t let it dry. Now put on your tights again, once you are done putting them on, let the nail polish dry completely. This is how you can fix the tights without sewing.

Now you have to hold the ripped place and then gently apply the nail polish on the torn part. You should not use it all over the area, just at the edges of the top and bottom sides. The nail polish will quickly get drier within three to four minutes, and then you can again wear the thighs and perform your regular duties. The nail polish will prevent the tights from further ripping. By following the above steps, you can easily repair your tights. You can do it quickly and easily when there is no time to buy a new pair of tights.

Hair Spray Technique

In this technique, you will use a hair spray for fixing the tights. Sometimes this may happen that your tights get torn while you are out of your home, then it is quite challenging to find nail polish, but it is somehow possible to find a hair spray. So to ease your pressure, go to the restroom and take off your tights. Next, apply the hair spray around the torn and wait two minutes to get it dried. Then you can again wear them, and finally, when you are back home, fix them using nail polish.

Tights Get Torn While You Are Out

Egg Darn Technique

In this method, you have to sew the thighs. You have to remember that after sewing, the tights will not get back to the original form as it is made of netted fabric, but further embarrassment can be compromised. In this process, you have to take a piece of egg darn and then put it inside the tights and then place torn part above it. Now, you have to sew the torn part of tights and then tie it up. If you do not have egg darn or you are unable to find it, then you can use a small strip of fabric.

After that, you have to start sewing the tight. Start from the edges and complete the full edges sewing. After the full edges are stitched gently, start sewing from top to end of the torn part. The edge sewing will make the tight sturdy, and then you can easily sew the mouth off after the stitching is done, cut off the part of tights that are attached with the egg darn, and take it outside. There are also some other techniques to repair your ripped tights. You can put tape on the edges of the torn part and sew it tightly.


In conclusion, we would hope that the techniques that we have stated here will be much helpful for fixing your tights for temporary as well as permanent purposes. The methods will be much handy for the beginners to perform, and the skills will be highly improved. Thank you for your patience. Have a beautiful day!!

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