How to Fix Sticky Buttons Ps4

When your Ps4 buttons are sticky and hard to push, it can be a real pain. This blog post is going to show you how to fix sticky buttons ps4. The solution will be simple and easy, and I’ll even provide the steps for it.

How To Fix Sticky Buttons Ps4

This has been an issue that many people have had, but they don’t know what to do about it because of the lack of information out there on it. Unfortunately, there are no videos or posts that actually help in this case, so hopefully, my blog will fill in some gaps for those who need help with their controllers!

Required Materials

  1. A can of compressed air
  2. Q-tips or cotton balls
  3. A toothpick
  4. Scouring pads
  5. Rubbing alcohol (optional)

Instructions: How to Fix Sticky Buttons Ps4  

Step One:

Turn off your ps and unplug all cables. You’ll want everything disconnected so that no accidental damage will occur during this process. Also, it’s best to work on a clean surface.

Step Two:

Hold the controller upside down and make sure that all of the buttons are pushed in. This will allow easy access to everything inside.

Step Three:

Spray compressed air or use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and clean out any dust around the button area, especially on top of where each button is located as well as along both sides. Be careful not to let anything fall into your controller while cleaning!

Step Four:

Once you’ve cleaned it up nicely, take the toothpick and insert it between every individual button on your controller’s faceplate (except for L-trigger) from one side to another repeatedly until they’re no longer sticky. You can also do this with Q-tips but be gentle to not push too hard and break the plastic.

Take the Toothpick

Step Five:

Once all the buttons are no longer sticky, it’s time to put everything back into place. Take the controller and pop out any buttons or pieces of plastic that may have fallen in when you were taking it apart.

Pop all of the tabs back into a place where they belong, then insert the screws back onto their respective places with a screwdriver. Finally, put your battery pack back inside and snap on the button cover for more protection!

Step Six:

Take your controller and turn it upside down so that you’re looking at the bottom of where each button is located as well as along both sides again with a clear view of what you’ve been doing inside up until this point.

Insert the needle and thread through the hole in each button. Then take your pliers to make a small loop knot around the top of where you inserted the needle on one side, then do that for all buttons.

Step Seven:

Once all knots are made, it’s time to pull them tight! It may seem like they will break or be difficult to do so, but they should come out easily. If you’re satisfied that everything is cleaned out, re-sleeve your controller with fresh new stickers or put a stickerless skin on it for a custom look!

Step Eight:

After this is done, you’re finished! Now it’s time to try your controller and see if all buttons are sticky again or not. If it still doesn’t work, then you may have more damaged parts inside the controller that needs replacing.

Some Tips To Maintain Your Ps4 Button

Here are some tips on how to maintain your ps4 buttons so they won’t stick anymore:

  1. Check for dust or debris underneath the buttons and clean it off with a cloth.
  2. Take your PS button out of its housing and use rubbing alcohol to get rid of any dirt on the contacts inside.
  3. Ensure the buttons are not too tight and make sure that they have some room to move around.
  4. Spray compressed air into your controller’s contact points. This should help alleviate any dirt or debris on the contacts inside of it and let off any excess pressure from both sides, making movement smoother.
  5. Examine if there are torn rubber pads behind your pad, which can cause a sticky feeling when you press down on them (replacing these is relatively easy.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean a Dirty PlayStation Controller?

To clean the PlayStation controller, you need a towel and cotton swabs. You should put your fingers into the thumbsticks holes of the D-Pad to push down any dirt that might be there. Also, try using a paper clip or pen tip if needed. Afterward, rinse off with warm water, so it’s all good as new.

How to Clean a Dirty Playstation Controller

The next step for cleaning a dirty Playstation controller is by wiping away dust particles from around buttons and analog sticks, usually found on the corners of controllers.

What If My Playstation Select Button Is Not Working?

Try plugging your controller into another USB port on your computer. Make sure that it’s not plugged into the front of a case or desktop tower, as this will usually be too far away for gaming. Alternatively, if you have more than one controller and they’re both having issues with their buttons, try swapping them around so that each works properly with at least one other controller.

How to Find if Your Ps4 Button Is Sticky? 

It’s easy to check if your controller button is sticky, dusty, or has a problem. First, press the PlayStation Select Button and then push down on any of the other buttons. If they’re all responsive but one (for example, pressing PlayStation select will make it work), then that button may be dirty or in need of some air time!


If you have a PlayStation 4, it’s likely that the buttons can become sticky and difficult to press down over time- which is not ideal if you are in the middle of an intense game! Luckily there are some ways that will help to fix this problem for good, so you don’t need to worry about pesky button issues again. 

We have given step-by-step instructions in the article on how to fix sticky buttons ps4 so that you can unstick those adhesive build-ups and get more out of your PlayStation 4 controller.

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