How to Fix White Dots on Mitsubishi Tv

White dots on your Mitsubishi TV are a common problem. Sometimes they occur because of improper use, such as turning off the TV before it’s finished booting. Other times, these pesky little dots can be attributed to static electricity or an electrical issue with the screen. Luckily for you, we have all the information on how to fix white dots on Mitsubishi tv. You need to get rid of those white dots and enjoy your TV without any interruptions! 

White Dots On Tv

10 Reasons That Causes White Dots on Tv Screen

  • The first possible reason that causes white dots on the TV screens is incorrect installation procedures, such as improper screwing or putting a wrong screw into the parts. 
  • The second reason that causes white dots on Mitsubishi tv may be caused by improper use of the device, including too many movements in front of the TV screen, using strong cleaning products to clean it, and also explosions of electrical power surges. 
  • The third possibility that causes white dots on the tv screen is a lack of sufficient air supply to the TV, which can be resolved by opening some windows in your room where you place the device. This will allow fresh, cool air to enter the room, improving the TV’s cooling factor. 
  • The fourth cause of white dots on your screen is a lack of frequently cleaning it with some special products for cleaning devices’ screens. 
  • The fifth possibility that causes white dots on the Mitsubishi TV screen is the device’s installation problem. 
  • The sixth reason that leads to white dots on your tv screen can be regarded as “electrical interference,” which is most likely caused by devices placed near your Mitsubishi tvs, such as an air blender, a fan, or a radio close to the device. 
  • The seventh reason that causes white dots on tv screen can be caused by a problem with your power supply cord, which may be cracked or has some other issues inside it. You should try to replace it with another power cord from an extra piece of TV if you have one at home.
  • The eighth reason that causes white dots on tv screen may be due to some damage in the circuit, such as burnt wires or a short-circuit inside one of the TV’s boards. You should contact Mitsubishi servicing if you want to fix this kind of problem because it is dangerous, and you shouldn’t deal with it yourself. 
  • The ninth possibility that causes white dots on tv screen can be attributed to a lack of proper cooling, which may result in overheating the device and damaged the TV circuitry or caused by some other reasons (like power failure). 
  • Finally, the tenth reason why the Mitsubishi tv screen shows white spots may be a result of the aging process of the device. Usually, this isn’t a problem because you have to get another TV anyway. Still, if it is too old, you’ve got to consider that in some situations you may need to replace the screen and other parts instead of just fixing white dots on tv.
Explosions of Electrical power Surges

Instructions: How to Fix White Dots on Mitsubishi Tv 

Follow these 8 steps to fix white dots on Mitsubishi tv.

Step 1:

First of all, you should ensure that the device is not exposed to direct sunlight or any other source of extreme heat (such as an air conditioner) and be careful with rainwater exposure. Secondly, you should ensure that the battery is charged before using the device for a prolonged period of time.

Step 2:

You can use a kit for cleaning the TV screen, such as one of those shown in the image below. Some kits even include tools to help you remove dust and dirt from inside the device, along with other accessories that will come in handy during your repairs. 

Use a Kit for Cleaning  the Tv Screen

Step 3:

You can remove dust from your Mitsubishi tv screen with a vacuum cleaner and then clean the frame of the television with a soft cloth. If you think your Mitsubishi tv screen needs more attention, don’t hesitate to consult a professional cleaning service.

Step 4:

Inspect the back panel of your TV for signs of moisture or even small quantities of standing water that could be present inside it. This may cause electrical shocks when you turn on the device, and it may even damage your TV.

Step 5:

If you see any water damage or moisture inside your TV, take it to a repair guy or an official Mitsubishi servicing provider immediately. Don’t try to fix it yourself because this kind of task requires special equipment and knowledge that you don’t have.

Signs Of Water Damage

Step 6:

After that, you need to check your TV for any damage caused by a short circuit or leak in the power supply. You should make sure that the problem is not due to something else because fixing it will be much harder if it involves your electrical wiring or the circuit itself. ​ After you have checked the TV, you should also check the remote control. You can test the remote control by taking it apart and checking the batteries. If the batteries are fine, then you can put the remote control back together and see if it works.

Step 7:

If you’ve checked for moisture and power supply issues and saw nothing wrong with them, it’s time to check your device’s back panel for any damages. Usually, these issues are due to a problem with the back circuit board, which could get damaged by dropping the TV or other reasons. These kinds of problems affect your TV’s appearance and ruin the whole thing and may cause serious injuries if mishandled. So call for Mitsubishi servicing in this situation too.

Step 8:

If you’ve found out that your device is suffering from one of these issues, and you still want to fix white dots on the Mitsubishi tv yourself, keep in mind that you have to use special equipment and tools. Also, don’t forget to turn off the power supply and unplug it before starting any repairs. If you think that it’s too complicated, or you can’t do it by yourself, then we advise you to contact a qualified specialist who will carry out all the repairs professionally.

Use a Spray Clener

Some Affordable Solution to White Death Problem

  • Before buying a new screen or repairing this, test your Mitsubishi TV with another power supply and if the issue persists. Please do not disassemble the screen by yourself because some parts are costly and they may cost you more than the set when you have to replace them all. 
  • You can try cleaning the screen as well, using a microfiber cloth and a commercial solution, following the instructions of use. But be careful with cleaning liquids because they may contain chemicals that are harmful to your TV.
  • Usually, the replacement of these parts costs you more than a new one as well. It will cost you around $200-300 for a 22″ screen and almost double that amount for a 37″ display or bigger TV.  
  • There is an affordable solution, which is the replacement of the DMD chip. The cost of this process is around $50-70 for a 22″ TV, which is a reasonable cost for a DMD chip, and for bigger screens, it may be a little bit more.
  • We have to emphasize again that you need to use an authorized service center to perform this operation correctly; otherwise, there’s a risk that your set will not work after the repair.
Cleaning Tv By Using Microfiber Cloth

Should You Clean Mitsubishi TV DLP Chip

There are two reasons why you should clean the DLP chip in your Mitsubishi TV. One of them is to avoid defects on the screen, and the second one is that it can extend its lifetime. The first thing you need to do before cleaning this part is to unplug the device.

After that, you can clean it with a microfiber cloth and some cleaning solution to remove all dust and debris from your TV. Since this is an electronic component, it should stay clean at all times because any dirt or debris may cause troubles during maintenance or when using your device regularly. Also, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove more debris or small particles.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a White Spot on a Tv?

If you have a white spot on your television, the most common solution is to replace the TV part in which the dot is located. The average cost to fix a white spot on TV is $190 for an LCD flat-screen and $180 for plasma. However, because labor usually accounts for 80% of tv repair costs, the total could be above $500. You can also remove a white spot from your television if you are willing to spend some time and effort on this complicated process.

If you have a white spot on your LCD screen, there might be a problem with the liquid crystal display (LCD). The LCD panel contains three main layers. These include an outer layer called the polarizing film, a middle layer called the liquid crystal, and a backplate that holds it all together. When your white spot appears on your tv, this usually means there is a problem in the liquid crystal layer, as this is the part of the panel where images are displayed.

There are two main reasons why there could be a problem in this layer: dead pixels and screen burn-in. Dead pixels affect small clusters of pixels that do not glow when they should, while screen burn-in is permanent damage to your television due to constant exposure to the same image. Both dead pixels and screen burn-in are common in LCD television screens, but you can fix this problem if it happens to your model.

 Use a Tv Screens

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes White Dots on Mitsubishi Tv Screen?

This is usually caused by a manufacturing defect in the TV. The manufacturing defect can be caused by many things, such as:

• The LED backlight unit is not working properly, and it is emitting light unevenly.

• some loose parts inside the TV have fallen out of place or become disconnected from the circuit board.

• There may be dust on the backlight unit or broken pieces of plastic holding the LED backlight in place.

Can a Dlp Chip Be Cleaned?

The DLP chip is a photoreceptor that projects an image onto your projector screen.

It is used in projectors to produce images with exceptional clarity and contrast, making it ideal for presentations and commercial use.

A clean DLP chip will show a crisp image when the light from the projector hits it, but if there are any stains or dust on the surface of the chip, then you will see a blurry image or no image at all.

To clean a dirty DLP chip, you need to remove any dust particles that are stuck on its surface. This can be done using compressed air or blowing on it gently with your mouth. If these methods don’t work, then try wiping off the dirt with a soft cloth before applying another cleaner solution such as alcohol wipes or glass cleaner liquid.

Do Dead Pixels Spread?

Dead pixels are pixels that are no longer operational, they can be caused by a number of things. The first thing to check is if the power cord is plugged in properly. If it is not, then the screen will not turn on. If you have tried this and still have dead pixels, it could be an issue with the backlight or inverter board that would need to be replaced.

Why Is There a White Spot on My Monitor?

There are a few possible causes for this. The first is that your computer screen has been damaged and needs to be replaced. This can happen if you have spilled liquid on the screen or the screen was hit by something hard, like a rock.

Another cause is that there may be some debris inside your monitor, and it’s blocking the image from reaching the viewer. This could also be caused by dust particles or an insect crawling across the surface of your monitor.

A third cause is that it could be static electricity, which happens when air particles come into contact with a conductor such as metal, glass, plastic, or cloth and create an electric charge in that conductor. In other words, static electricity can create light on any material (like a computer monitor) when those materials are connected via metal parts such as wires or cables within them.


If you have white dots on your Mitsubishi television, this could be a sign of screen burn. Screen burn is an issue that causes images to remain permanently in the same spot on a TV’s surface. It can happen when there are long periods of time where nothing else has been displayed onto the screen, and it becomes embedded into the pixels and thus cannot be removed or fixed by any external means, such as cleaning.

To reduce the chances of this happening with your new purchase, don’t leave static screens without refreshing them for too long! If you want to know more information about this, then read the full blog post on how to fix white dots on Mitsubishi tv. This will give you some insights into the problem. Let us know your thoughts about this issue.

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