How to Get Beetroot Seeds

Beetroots are seasonal plants that you can use for cooking and making delicious foods. You can eat beets in various ways, and they are quired popular around the world. But buying them every time for a dish seems like a tough task if you have the option to grow them in your backyard. Before you do so, you need to learn how to get beetroot seeds.

Surely, you can buy beetroot seeds at your local stores and plant your beetroots from them. But if you have some beetroot lying around, you can also get your seeds from there. All you have to do is learn the proper way of how to get beetroot seeds from the plant.


How to Get Beetroot Seeds

Before you can get the beetroot seeds, you need to know where and how they grow. You will find beetroot seeds on the plant itself, but precisely what part of the plant is the seed can be tricky.

Take a beetroot plant on your hand if you have some around. You will see that there are some flowers on the plant. The seeds that you are going to use for planting beetroots are flowers of the plant melded together.

So, the seed made by a flower will contain three- four seeds on them that you are going to plant. So, how to get beetroot seed from these flowers to be able to plant?

The first thing you have to do is slowly pluck those flowers by cutting the stem’s roots. You do not entirely pluck the flower. Instead, keep them attached to the stem. The stem should be three to four inches long.

Now that you have the parts, you need to set them up in a pleasant atmosphere for them to dry. You will have to dry them for two to three weeks. Without drying the seeds, you will not be able to use them for planting beetroots.

Once you see them properly dry, you will find that the seeds are slowly separating themselves from the flower. The dried seeds are easy to separate.

After the seeds are separated, you are done with how to get beetroot seeds. All you have to do now is plant the trees.

You can take those dried seeds and set them in the proper soil to start the plantation process. Once you sow the seeds, they will begin to grow as beetroot plants in no one.


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Final Thoughts

That was all from how to get beetroot seeds. After you learn to get the seeds properly, you will have no problem planting your beetroot plants. It is much easier to do as you will get endless supplies of beets. You can store them for future use and use them whenever you want. Beets are natural plants to take care of, and you will not have trouble growing them. After they are fully grown, you will never have to go to the supermarket to buy the seeds as you will have them at your hand all the time.

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