How to Get Motor Oil Out of Trunk Carpet

Motor oil can be a mess to clean up, and it can be tough to get rid of it if it spills in your car. In this post, we’ll show you how to get motor oil out of trunk carpet so that you can keep your car looking its best. Follow these simple steps, and your carpets will be good as new in no time!

If you’ve ever spilled motor oil on your trunk carpet, you know how difficult it can be to remove. The oil can leave a nasty stain that is hard to get rid of. In addition, motor oil can be a messy substance. If it happens to spill on your trunk carpet, it can be difficult to remove.

However, you can clean up the oil and restore your trunk’s appearance with the right steps. Read on to know more!

How to Get Motor Oil Out of Trunk Carpet

10 Ways on How to Get Motor Oil Out of Trunk Carpet:

1. Absorbent Pads

Motor oil can be easily removed with the help of absorbent pads. All you need to do is place the pad over the affected area and wait for the oil to be absorbed. Then, repeat as needed until the carpet is clean.

2. Paper Towels

Another way to remove motor oil from the trunk carpet is to use paper towels. All you need to do is place the towel over the affected area, apply some pressure and wait for the oil to be soaked up. Continue this process until the oil is removed.

3. Cleaning Paste or Powder

One of the easiest ways to get motor oil out of the carpet is to use a cleaning paste or powder, easily prepared at home. Mix one part detergent and two baking soda with water to create a thick paste. Apply the paste to the affected area and sit for a few minutes. Then, use a brush or broom to scrub the paste into the carpet. Finally, vacuum up the residue.

4. WD-40

WD-40 is a multipurpose lubricant that can remove motor oil from the trunk carpet. All you need to do is spray some WD-40 onto the affected area, let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe the area clean.

5. Dish Soap

Another easy way to remove motor oil stains from your carpet is to paste using dish soap and baking soda. Mix equal parts of each (about one tablespoon each should do) and apply to the affected area. Let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing it in with a brush or broom. Vacuum up the residue when you’re finished.

apply to the affected area

6. Ammonia

Ammonia can also be used to remove motor oil stains from carpets. Mix one-part of ammonia with three parts of water and apply it to the affected area of your carpet. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes before blotting it up with a clean cloth or paper towel.

7. Mineral Spirits

To remove motor oil using mineral spirits, first, soak up as much of the oil as you can with a paper towel. Then, pour some mineral spirits onto a clean cloth and blot the area until the stain is gone.

8. Alcohol

Alcohol can also be used to remove motor oil stains from your carpet. Pour some onto a clean cloth and blot the area until the stain is gone.

9. Dry Cleaning Fluid

Another way to remove motor oil from your carpet is to use dry cleaning fluid, found at most grocery and hardware stores. Apply the fluid to a clean cloth and blot the affected area until the stain is gone.

10. Detergent Solution

You mix dishwashing detergent with hot water to create a cleaning solution that you can use to remove motor oil from your car’s trunk carpet. Pour some of the solutions over an absorbent pad and then place the pad over the affected area, applying light pressure to soak up the oil. Continue this process until the carpet is clean, then allow the area to dry.

Step by Step Guide: How to Get Motor Oil Out of Trunk Carpet 

Step 1:

First, remove the motor oil from your trunk using a rag. The best method for this is blotting because you do not want to submerge the fabric in water and cause it to warp.

The Best Method for This Is Blotting

Step 2:

Mix a solution of two parts Dawn dish soap and one part hydrogen peroxide in a bucket that will not be used again to clean anything else.

Step 3:

Dip the rag into the soapy mixture and blot the area where the oil is located.

Step 4:

Let the area dry completely before putting any weight on it (like your luggage). If you don’t, the oil could seep through to the other side of the fabric.

Step 5:

If the area is still wet, wipe it again with a clean rag to dry it more.

Step 6:

Once it has dried completely, sprinkle baking soda over the area and let it sit overnight before vacuuming everything up in the morning. This will help neutralize any odor that may have seeped into your floor carpet. If there are any oily spots remaining, repeat the previous steps.

Step 7:

Once the area is arid, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any baking soda residue. Then you can treat it with Armor All or another vinyl protectant if you’d like. Then place your luggage back in the trunk without fear of ruining anything else!

Some Tips and Suggestions:

1. Any cotton towels or rags used should be thrown away immediately. They can not be washed and reused like paper towels because of the possibility of rag mites (a microscopic bug that makes tiny holes in your, you guessed it, rags/towels). They are great at making nests in your carpets and bedding and will drive you crazy.

Try Using a Dry-cleaning Solvent

2. If the oil has pooled on the floor and is not too deep, try using a dry-cleaning solvent like Afta or K2r to clean it up. Pour some of the solvents onto a cloth and blot at the oil for a small area. Be very careful not to saturate the carpet with the solvent you only want to clean the oil off.

3. If you cannot remove the excess motor oil with a solvent like mentioned above, try using some kitty litter to sop up as much as possible. Once your cats are done with their task, sweep up the litter and discard it in the trash.

Also remember to wipe down the area where you spilled the oil, don’t just leave it there because it is impossible to clean up thoroughly after.

4. If neither of these methods worked for you, try using dish soap (such as Dawn). Mix some water into it to make a soapy solution and sponge it onto the oil. Do not scrub at the area, as this can damage the carpet fibers. Instead, rinse with more water and blot dry.

5. If you have an oil stain that will not go away no matter how much you clean it, you may need to resort to hiring a professional carpet cleaner. They will have the tools and know-how to get that stain out for good.


In this article, we have gone through how to get motor oil out of trunk carpet. The best way to get motor oil out of the car carpet is by using a degreaser. It will dissolve and break down any oily substance, including motor oil. You can use this product with your vacuum cleaner or steam machine for added effectiveness.

We recommend you choose one that has citrus extract as an active ingredient because it helps cut through greasy substances like oils, fats, and waxes more effectively than other types of cleaners. When choosing which product to go with making sure they are fragrance-free, so it doesn’t hinder the smell from dissipating over time after cleaning up the spillage.

Next time you spill some motor oil on your trunk or into your garage floor, try this simple trick!

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