How to Get Rid of a Pencil Tattoo


The pencil tattoo is the latest trend in body modification. But just because it’s a popular trend doesn’t mean that you should get one. In fact, many people are getting them without understanding what they’re actually getting into and have been finding out the hard way that it’s not as easy to remove as they thought.

How to Get Rid of a Pencil Tattoo

The pencil tattoo is not a tattoo done with an actual pencil or graphite but rather a semi-permanent dye that can be applied using felt tip pens, sharpie markers, or other similar devices onto the skin surface to create various effects of shading, gradients, etc. They can also be applied on top of tattoos for added effect and creativity (although this will fade over time).

Stepwise Guide on How to Get Rid of a Pencil Tattoo:

Step 1: Don’t Leave It Alone

This is a common blunder to avoid at any cost. Many people with art on their skin believe that it will disappear in the process of time or that they will be able to cover it up by wearing clothes over it. No – you can not do this! Pencil-type tattoos are meant to appear even when you wear the tightest shirt.

These blemishes are conspicuous and unsightly, so don’t waste your money and get rid of them before giving others a bad impression.

One reason why some people prefer this method is simply because getting rid of a pencil tattoo is quite expensive and painful. The alternative way would have been much better.

Don’t be one of those people who don’t know how to get rid of a pencil tattoo; it is not worth the pain!

Step 2: Always Wipe Them Off Before They Have Time To Scar And Don’t Leave The Area Red

If you want to avoid leaving a scar on your skin, then wipe off each pencil as soon as possible after you notice that they have started making an imprint on your skin. This way, you will tide over them before they have time to leave a permanent mark or scar in your epidermis layer.

The redness can also be avoided if you take care while cleaning up by wearing gloves and using cold water instead of warm stuff, making your blood vessels open even wider, thus letting the red color seep out even more.

Step 3 : Don’t Rush Into The Tattoo Removal Process If You Are Not Sure

There Are Plenty of Ways to Remove a Tattoo

There are plenty of ways to remove a tattoo from your skin, but if you don’t know which one is safe and reliable, then it is better not to do anything at all because you might make things worse than they already were.

Avoid messing with proven unsafe methods for your skin type, especially if you have sensitive or blemish-prone skin. It might land up, leaving an ugly scar on your body forever. What’s worse than having a pencil forehead tattoo? That would be having one that has left an unpretty scar right in the middle of your forehead!

You can afford to be patient and wait for the right time to get rid of a pencil forehead tattoo. It might not even be that painful if you can afford to spend some extra cash!

Step 4: Find Out What Caused You To Get This Fat Head Pencil Tattoo

This is also another significant step that holds no room for error. Getting rid of a pencil tattoo is not just about getting it removed from your skin but also knowing what caused you to get it in the first place.

Most people with tattoos on their body with a pencil or Sharpie pen usually do so because they are either drunk out of wits or are using such pens as an act of defiance against someone else’s request or opinion.

The former category includes those who just can’t stop drinking alcohol and those who are naturally drunkards. It could also be a consequence of you being underage and trying to prove a point against the law!

The latter category includes those people who are very much in love with someone else or think that they are so much in love with someone else that they want to get their names tattooed on their body as evidence of it.

The Latter Category

The important thing here is not the type of mistake that led you to get such a tattoo-type art on your forehead but more about why you would do such a thing in the first place. You might have felt like proving yourself right or wrong by doing so, but then what really matters, in the end, is how you feel about the tattoo and not what other people think of it.

If you have learned that your actions were wrong from the beginning, you should take the necessary steps to avoid making such mistakes again. This is because people don’t usually get pencil forehead tattoos just for fun or for no reason at all, but because they want something more than the appearance of having a normal brow-like structure on their forehead, which refuses to go away even after washing; off cosmetics like face foundation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Pencil Marks Never Go Away?

There are many reasons why pencil marks never go away.

1. The pressure from the pencil is too great for the paper, pushing the paper’s surface to a point where there is no more paper left to push against.

2. The mark is made on a waxed surface which makes it difficult for the mark to be removed because of its stickiness, and then when you try to remove it, you end up tearing through the entire sheet of paper instead of just lifting it off one side.

3. If your writing is too dark or hard-pressed into the paper, it will leave permanent impressions that can’t be erased by erasing with a pencil or pen.

How Long Do Pencil Marks Last?

Pencil marks can last from a few hours to days, depending on the surface. On average, marks made with a ballpoint pen or pencil will last about an hour. Marks made with a sharpie marker will last for three to four hours. Markers applied with water-based paint may only last for about half an hour before fading away completely.

Will Pencil Lead Come out Of Skin?

It is very unlikely that pencil lead will come out of your skin. However, this can happen if you wear a pencil skirt or pants which are tight enough to push the lead against your skin.

If you are wearing a loose-fitting shirt, there is no chance that the lead will come out of your skin because it cannot push into the fabric.

What Happens if Graphite Gets in Your Blood?

Graphite is a black, metallic mineral that is a member of the minerals known as carbon. It is one of the most common substances on Earth, and it’s used in some industrial processes.

If you get graphite in your blood, you may experience an allergic reaction or develop lung problems from breathing it in.

Is Graphite Poisonous if In Skin?

Graphite is a type of black pigment used in pencils and crayons. It is made from pure carbon.

If you are not wearing gloves, it may be possible to absorb some graphite on your skin while drawing with a pencil or painting with graphite paint. The amount of exposure depends on the level of contact between the skin and the material.

However, most people who come into contact with graphite would not experience any problems unless they are allergic to the substance.

Exposure Depends on the Level of Contact


I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to get rid of a pencil tattoo. Thank you and have a nice day!

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