How to Get Rid of Fang Teeth

If you are looking for a way to get rid of your fang teeth, you’ve come to the right place. Fang teeth are sharp, pointed teeth that extend beyond the normal length of our incisors. They can be a nuisance to us and make it difficult for people to chew their food. Fang teeth are commonly found among populations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

How to Get Rid of Fang Teeth

If you have fangs or want to know how to get rid of them, this blog post is for you! Fang teeth are usually only found in older children and adults, but they can be removed if desired. There are several ways that this can be done, depending on how severe the case is. In these blog posts, we are going to share how to get rid of fang teeth.

10 Reasons Why Should Get Rid of Fang Teeth:

  1. Fang teeth can be dangerous to your health! Many diseases and injuries are caused by fangs that need to be removed as soon as possible.
  2. Fangs can grow into the gums and cause infections and tooth loss! Get rid of those teeth before it’s too late!
  3. Fang’s teeth are more likely to decay than regular teeth.
  4. Fangs can grow into the roof of your mouth! If this happens, you may need surgery to get them removed.
  5. Fangs are more likely to break.
  6. The enamel will wear off of fangs faster, causing cavities that need to be filled.
  7. Fangs are often discolored or stained by food particles, leaving unattractive teeth that can ruin anyone’s smile! Get your perfect smile today with Teeth Whiten Pens!
  8. Fangs can get in the way of flossing, leading to dental plaque build-up that causes tooth decay and gum disease!
  9. Fangs are hard to clean and can cause cavities in the gums, known as periodontal disease!
  10. Fangs have a higher risk of tooth decay due to plaque buildup, which leads to teeth falling out in chunks in what is known as a toothpaste problem!

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10 Ways on How to Get Rid of Fang Teeth:

1. Get Braces:

Getting braces is definitely one of the most common ways to get rid of fangs, especially in adults. Braces will put little metal brackets around each tooth and across the top and bottom teeth, creating a different surface on your lower canines. This way, when you smile, there’s less jaggedness, and the teeth line up better with all of your other teeth.

2. Get Surgery:

If you really don’t want to get braces, there are ways you can get rid of fangs with surgery alone; unfortunately, fangs cannot be removed from the gum line because the root of the tooth is still intact, but many orthodontists can shave down a tooth’s surface enough to make it appear smaller.

Get Rid of Fangs With Surgery

3. Get Crowns:

Another option is getting veneer crowns on the teeth. This will be more expensive than getting braces but can provide a nicer result. Veneers are porcelain shells attached to the front of your teeth to change their appearance or lengthen their appearance.

4. Get Tooth Extractions:

Another solution is to get all of your teeth pulled and get dentures or bridges (or both). Getting a bridge involves putting an implant where the tooth used to be and then gluing another fake tooth onto your implant. This way, you’ll only have one gap instead of two.

5. Get Plastic Teeth Implants:

A more expensive option is getting permanent plastic implants that are made to look like your natural teeth. These do not require any other dental work done, but they can be pricey and will need to be replaced after a while. Your dentist should be able to give you an estimated time frame for replacement.

6. Eat Your Food Deeper in Your Mouth:

Another option is to take smaller bites and eat your food deeper into your mouth so that your fangs don’t stick out as much (or at all). This may mean you take a little longer to eat, but it can definitely make a difference!

7. Eat More Slowly:

Another way to do this is to eat more slowly to have more time for your teeth to break down the food in your mouth. For example, if you take 10-20 bites per minute, try taking at least 30 or 40 bites per minute instead; it’ll make a difference!

8. Chew Gum:

Chewing gum can also help break down your food and make it easier for you to swallow. This is especially effective if you tend to eat quickly or talk a lot because it will help ensure that you take smaller bites and chew more thoroughly. So eating slowly or chewing gum after every meal may be helpful in the long run!

Chewing Gum Can Help Break Down Food

9. Avoid Thin Foods:

Avoid eating thin foods like soup or spaghetti with a fork because it will be easier for your fangs to stick out and stab the sides of your mouth. Instead, consider using a spoon to eat a thinner meal if possible so that you don’t need to worry about piercing yourself again! Maybe you can use the old-school method of eating spaghetti by twirling it around your fork so that you get a nice ball to eat.

10. Use Your Silverware More Effectively:

Another option is to use your silverware more effectively! Using utensils like spoons and forks will help prevent you from stabbing yourself with your fangs. For example, if you use chopsticks, it might be better to switch to a fork because the chopsticks will not have as wide of prongs and may be more likely to stab your fangs.

Final Thoughts:

Fang teeth are usually removed with braces, but if you want to get rid of them before getting braces or without the help of a dentist, these methods may work. However, you must be careful when using any method for removal so as not to harm yourself in the process!

The article has given you some valuable information on how to get rid of fang teeth, and we hope that this post will help alleviate any pain caused by these pesky little dental problems. For more information about how to remove your fang teeth safely and easily, contact us today. We will give you all the information on what type of materials are necessary for each procedure and then some!

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